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Where to Stay in Catania

Which is the best area to stay in Catania?

Catania is a good base to explore Sicily because it has an airport, a good hotel offer and the proximity to Mount Etna, one of the most active volcanoes in the world that is almost in permanent eruption.

The best area to stay in Catania is its historical centre. The Piazza del Duomo, which houses two of the most visited attractions of the city, the Duomo (the Cathedral) and the sculpture of the elephants, is the most central point and the one we have to have as a reference to know if our hotel is located near the city centre.

Via Etnea , with a view of the volcano on clear days, is the main shopping street that crosses the centre of Catania.via Fiorintina is the street with the highest concentration of restaurants of all kinds, although it is not difficult to find bars and restaurants to satisfy our appetite in the entire central area.

The central station of bus and the main station of train are also in the centre, so if we want to visit other parts of the island it is very convenient.Also the bus stops in the centre and goes to the airport .

In the map that shows the historical centre of Catania there is a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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Where to sleep near Catania

If we are en route through Sicily and do not want to enter and stay in Catania we can stay in one of the villages in the Gulf of Catania bathed by the Ionian Sea, or at the foot of Mount Etna if we want to go up to explore it.

  • Aci Castello: just 20 minutes from Catania in the direction of Taormina we can stay in the small fishing village of Aci Castello, whose attractions are the castle built of black basalt, the crystal clear waters and the restaurants serving fresh fish.

Hotels in Aci Castello

  • Acireale: past Aci Castello in the direction of Taormina you will find the village of Acireale, 17 km from Catania, full of history and charm, with a wide range of accommodation and a picture postcard fishing village (Santa Maria La Scala).

Hotels in Acireale

  • Nicolosi: if we are going to visit Etna, a good option is to stay in Nicolosi the village at the foot of the volcano from where the cable car goes to visit it.Nicolosi is about 30 minutes drive from Catania

Hotels in Nicolosi

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