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Where to stay in cinque terre

What is the best place to stay in Cinque Terre?

The Cinque Terre is a very special place where the capricious orography of the area has made its own and has created a charming and unique place.

It is named after the 5 villages that form the Cinque Terre area, a stretch of cliffs bathed by the Ligurian Sea, in the Province of La Spezia (Italy).

Monterosso al Mare is the biggest village and the one with the best beach and the biggest hotel offer, then we have Vernazza , surely the most picturesque village for its natural harbour and its steep streets, Corniglia , land of vineyards and it is the only region that does not connect directly to the sea. Manarola , is famous for being the oldest town and for its colorful houses and Riomaggiore , is also well known for being located within the protected territory of the Cinque Terre National Park. La Spezia , capital of the province, is a very common choice of accommodation near Cinque Terre, for its greater hotel offer.

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The best villages to stay in Cinque Terre

Monterosso al Mare

This village is the most western of the Cinque Terre and without a doubt, the most touristic of all Its spectacular beach is the longest of all the villages and is perfect for a family or couple trip.This place is fully equipped for leisure, with a large number of hotels and guesthouses, restaurants and craft and wine shops. It is very pleasant to walk in the afternoon through the narrow streets of the old town, known in Genoese as “carruggi”.

The castle and the promenade are other places worth visiting.Don’t forget to try the famous “focaccias” , typical of this region, and the delicious white wine produced in these lands.

Of the five towns that form the Cinque Terre Sea, the one that offers the greatest number of hotels is Monterosso al Mare, and in particular the residential area of Fegina.’, ‘The hotels in this area are not very modern but they keep a very peculiar charm and air to the beautiful Italy of the 60s.

Hotels in Monterosso al Mare


The history of Vernazza goes back to the Roman period and it has always been, thanks to its natural port, one of the richest towns of the Cinque Terre.

The picture of this place could not be more picturesque, all its houses are painted with very bright colors The locals call them “Tower Houses”, because of their steep streets, the houses have different entrances depending on the level on which the floor is.This is a very quiet fishing village with a great gastronomic offer, with several restaurants run by the fishermen’s families themselves and where you can eat a delicious fresh fish of the day.

If you wish to stay in Vernazza you will find a large number of small but charming hotels .You will find it very authentic to stay in old guesthouses or if you prefer in fully equipped apartments, in Vernazza you will also find other types of accommodation for rent in private houses, which will always be cheaper.

Hotels in Vernazza


Situated right in the middle of the Cinque Terre , it is the smallest of all the villages and has a lot of personality, as it is the only one that is not directly connected to the sea but is located on a hill about 100 meters above it.From this point it is possible to see a spectacular panoramic view of the other 4 villages, so Corniglia is the great terrace of the sea of the Cinque Terre. Another very distinctive fact of this area is that to access this village it is necessary to descend a long staircase, known as Lardarina, composed of 33 sections and a total of 377 steps, or to follow the road that leads to the village from the railway.

Corniglia is a land of vineyards , so if you are a lover of the terroir and good wine you can get lost in this place and make a different oenological journey.’, ‘This is a place to disconnect and rest without worrying about anything.

It is recommended to stay either in rural houses, rent a room from a local or go to a B&B. It is not a hotel area since the great offer is concentrated in Monterosso al Mare, Levanto or La Spezia, although these two places are not in the heart of the Cinque Terre, like the other mentioned towns.

Hotels in Corniglia


The oldest town of the Cinque Terre is Manarola and for many people it is also the most beautiful .Situated 70 metres above the sea, the “Tower-Houses” of this beautiful place are located at the edge of the cliff. The fishermen of the town value the trigonometric symbol of the white pyramid that lives between their houses and another point of interest for the tourists.The main tourist attractions are its square, the parish church, the oratory and the bell tower.the town has a large number of restaurants where you can eat seafood and fish of the day.for those who love hiking there is a simple route, the famous Via dell’Amore, which connects to Riomaggiore.

Manarola was later discovered by tourism so it is the quieter place of the Cinque Terre villages It is not an area of big hotels, it is recommended to stay in apartments, hostels or B&B.

Hotels in Manarola


It is situated in the most eastern part of the Cinque Terre and is the first village you will find arriving from La Spezia The houses are also painted with the typical colours of the Ligurian region, and are organized in the form of a “Tower-House”, at different heights.In this town, the most important tourist attractions are the Church of St. John the Baptist from the 12th century and the remains of the Castle from the 15th century.

In this area, it is very popular to stay also in apartments, hostels or pensions.There is only one hotel, with incredible views but not suitable for all pockets. We recommend to stay in the area of La Spezia or Levanto as you will find a great hotel offer, with all kinds of accommodation and prices and very well connected to the Cinque Terre.

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