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Where to stay on the amalfi coast for a sightseeing tour

What is the best place to stay on the Amalfi Coast?

The Amalfi Coast, situated south of Naples and bathed by the Tyrrhenian Sea, is one of the most beautiful areas of Italy.

In 1977, all the municipalities that make up the Amalfi Coast were declared World Heritage Sites for being one of the most beautiful coastal areas in Europe. The tourist villages that a visitor cannot miss and where it is advisable to stay to visit the Amalfi Coast are Amalfi, Ravello and Positano

In Amalfi you will find a wide range of tourist attractions, you can visit great architectural monuments and also rest on one of the beaches, so it is highly recommended to have your base camp in this area.And Positano , the jewel of the Amalfi Coast , where you will find the most luxurious face and the most exclusive hotels.

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Best places to stay on the Amalfi Coast


The charming fishing village of Amalfi is the main tourist centre of the Amalfi Coast, its history dates back to ancient Rome and it was also the capital in medieval times, hence the many beautiful ruins to visit.The most important monument is in Piazza del Duomo and is the Cattedrale di Sant’Andrea, which brings together different architectural styles, such as Sicilian or Arabic-Norman and was built in the ninth century.The imposing bell tower dating back to 1200, its doors and mosaics, Via Lorenzo d’Amalfi is very popular for its many fashion and souvenir shops.

The visitor cannot leave without buying a bottle of limoncello or a piece of pottery.The only beach in Amalfi is the Spiaggia Grande, but it is very small and always full, people usually swim near Corso delle Repubbliche Marinare or rent a boat that goes by Lugomarei dei Cavalieri.

Staying in Amalfi is a good choice if you want to make a route along the Amalfi Coast.You will find several 5 star hotels located on the cliffs with incredible views of the Gulf of Salerno, one of the most outstanding is a hotel that was once a convent and still retains its original style, there are cheaper 3 and 4 star hotels that do not enjoy such privileged views but have more accessible prices, renting an apartment or staying in a B&B is also a good option if you are traveling with friends.

Hotels in Amalfi


Ravello is situated 5 km from Amalfi and is one of the most popular and exclusive tourist destinations in Italy.It is a popular honeymoon destination for newlyweds who want to enjoy the good weather and a romantic getaway in the coastal area of Italy. The main tourist attraction is Piazza Duomo, where the cathedral built in 1086 presides.Today this town hosts several critically acclaimed classical and jazz music festivals every year.east of Piazza Duomo is Villa Cimbrone, built in the early 20th century.for many it boasts the most beautiful views in the world.

Ravello does not have a very extensive hotel has two majestic high class hotels situated on the cliffs.In this area it is very common to stay in the old restored villas.

Hotels in Ravello


The capricious orography of the Amalfi coast has made Positano a very characteristic and peculiar town.Its location, between cliffs and mountains, has meant that there are no conventional streets in the interior, but rather narrow streets and steps. The little houses of Positano are very popular for their pink, terracotta and peach colours. In Positano we can also find some of the best beaches on the Amalfi Coast.

A cliff divides the town into two halves and to the west is Spiaggia del Fornillo, from where you can see the three islands that make up the archipelago of Li Galli or Sirenuse, as legend has it that mermaids live there.On the other side of the cliff is the Spiaggia Grande and the centre of Positano, possibly the most exclusive and expensive area of the whole coast.

Normally both beaches are crowded and more so in the high season.we recommend renting jet skis or a small boat in Lucibello and setting off on an excursion to the island of Capri and visiting the beautiful Grotta dello Smeraldo.If you want to walk around the centre you will find the Duomo de la Chiesa di Santa Maria Assunta, many shops of the top brands and souvenirs, and in Positano there is a great nightlife, with a variety of restaurants with Michelin stars and a good selection of exclusive clubs, and from June to September this Italian village is full of wealthy people and creates a glamorous atmosphere not suitable for all budgets.

Positano has a very select hotel offer, with a lot of history and tradition but with modern facilities and rooms, all of them located in key points to have the best views of the coastline, usually with large botanical gardens and being very quiet.The hotels in Positano are characterized by luxury, exclusivity and hospitality.if you are traveling with your family or with a couple it is a good option to stay in a hotel in this area.if you are traveling with friends it is more advisable to rent a studio or go to a B&B.

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