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Where to Stay in la Spezia

What is the Best area to stay in La Spezia?

La Spezia is known as the gateway to Cinque Terre and the Gulf of the Poets.the provincial capital and guardian of one of the great ports of Italy, is the starting point for the ferries that run through Cinque Terre, as well as the nearest large city.a must if you want to visit the region enter or by car, its wide range of accommodation makes it a good place to establish our base.

The best area to stay in La Spezia is the small historical centre next to the port. The historical centre, with its pedestrian streets, is the unattractive one that this great port capital has addition to the pleasant atmosphere, other advantages of staying in the centre are the proximity to the train station and the port that will take us to Cinque Terre.the buses that take you to the most beautiful villages of the Gulf of the Poets, Lerici and Pontevenere also have their starting point here.

The main street that vertebrates the historical center is Via Prione, a pedestrian street that goes from the train station to the port, full of small shops, cafes and restaurants where we can begin to immerse ourselves in the culture of La Liguria.

On the map showing the historical centre of La Spezia , you can find a selection of the best hotels to stay in .

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Stay close to the train station

As we can see on the map the train station is located north of the historical centre in the Quartiere Umberto I.\xa0 It is only a 15 minute walk from the historical centre so unless we are short of time it is not necessary to stay in this area.

The train station of La Spezia is the main arrival point for visitors to Cinque Terre.Riomaggiore, the first village of Cinque Terre, is only a 9 minute train ride from La Spezia.

Accommodation near the port

As you can see on the map the port is located right next to the historical centre of La Spezia, a 5 minute walk.The port of La Spezia, is an emerging cruise destination that takes visitors to visit Cinque Terre, Pisa and even Florence.

From the port also the ferry leaves that allows us to contemplate the beauty of Cinque Terre from the sea.The ferry takes us to the port of Manarola passing through and stopping at Portovenere.

So whether we are going to take a cruise or want to visit Cinque Terre by sea it is highly recommended to stay in the historic center.

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