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Where to Stay in Lake Como

What is the best area to stay in Lake Como?

Lake Como is a holiday destination par excellence, situated in the north of Italy, a few kilometres from Milan, and has been one of Italy’s star attractions since ancient times, where personalities, writers and world celebrities such as George Clooney have decided to buy a farm or a holiday home.It is an outstanding tourist and industrial centre with impressive landscapes, old mansions and picturesque villages and towns that border the lake and that you can visit along the coast through its roads or by ferry.

The first choice of accommodation for views of the Lake area Como is the same city as Como , the main city with a wide variety of accommodation options, historic buildings and attractive cafes and restaurants. For those looking for a romantic and historic town, Bellagio , with its spectacular Villa Serbelloni, is the best option.For its part, Menaggio is the ideal area to stay if you want to go hiking and for its good connection with the other villages; but if you prefer to enjoy the spectacular views at the shore of the lake, we recommend Cernobbio and Tremezzo , while Varenna is the ideal choice for those who want to stay in a traditional village with colorful alleys and old fishermen’s houses.

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Best places to stay on Lake Como


Como is the main city and is located on the southwestern edge of Lake Como, the best area to stay on Lake Como for its strategic location, surrounded by majestic mountains and within walking distance of all the activities that Lake Como has to offer, the main point of interest is the Piazza del Duomo, the heart of the city and a few steps from the lake.There you will find great historical sites such as Broletto, once the seat of the city council in the 12th century, which today houses the city’s Archives, and next to Broletto is the Cathedral of Como (Cattedrale di S. Maria Assunta), commonly described as the last Gothic cathedral built in Italy, a Catholic cathedral dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary with three centuries of history, its construction began in 1396 and ended in 1740.In the surroundings you can also find other tourist attractions such as the Basilica of San Fedele, Porta Pretoria and Porta Torre, the latter located in Piazza Vittoria.

During your visit you should stop at Piazza Cavour, the main square of Como and one of the most important points of the city, from where you can appreciate the dazzling views of Lake Como and contemplate the Voltian Lighthouse in the distance.In the surrounding area, there is a vibrant culture of cafes and seafood restaurants leading to a lively promenade. Sit down on a terrace and enjoy a pleasant time in the best Italian atmosphere! In Piazza Cavour, there are also craft fairs, concerts and local markets.If you are looking for a relaxing time, you can go to the pier and watch the boats sailing to the villages of Tremezzo and Cassago Brianza.

In Como we find the largest offer of accommodation where we can stay, besides hotels of all types and prices, we can find a variety of Bread and Breakfast, very popular in Italy, and a wide offer of apartments.

Accommodation in Como


Also known as the “Pearl of the Lake”, Bellagio is one of the most beautiful villages on the shores of Lake Como, located at the point where the two lower arms of the lake meet, with a curious inverted Y shape, with narrow steep streets, flowery balconies, medieval houses on the hill and facades of houses with pastel walls.Many of the shops and cafes are located on the main street, Via Garibaldi, which leads to the main square of the town (Piazza della Chiesa), where you can visit the Church of San Giacomo, take a break on the terrace of any cafe or taste some of the regional cuisine.In Bellagio, you can also visit the beautiful gardens of Villa Serbelloni, which dates back to the 18th century and has now been converted into a hotel and the beautiful Villa Melzi, a luxury house built on the shores of Lake Como, with large English style gardens, a wide variety of trees and Egyptian statues.

In addition to hotels in the centre of the village or overlooking the lake, at Bellagio we can rent a whole house for ourselves in the surrounding area so that you can enjoy a long stay like at home.

Accommodation in Bellagio


Menaggio is a small and beautiful village situated in the central area of Lake Como.It is a popular area to stay at Lake Como for those visitors who want to enjoy the hiking trails because it has countless hills. There is also a wide variety of leisure activities such as water skiing, mountain biking and hiking.Menaggio offers many ways to move around Lake Como; in fact, it is considered the strategic epicentre of Lake Como transport, with numerous boats arriving from the north and south and buses travelling on well maintained roads to and from Lake Lugano.

Accommodation in Menaggio


As you leave Como and take the state road Regina, the first village you come across on the way is Cernobbio, situated on the banks of the lake at the foot of Monte Bisbino.Cernobbio is one of the most attractive areas to stay during your stay at Lake Como because it has breathtaking views of the lake, an attractive tree-lined promenade and narrow streets that are lined with shops, cafes and seductive restaurants.

Cernobbio is known for its 19th century villas, among which Villa Bernasconi, Villa d’Este and Villa Erba are open to the public.Some hotels are also housed in old villas with lush gardens and there are good transport and boat connections between Cernobbio and the other villages and towns on Lake Como.

Accommodation in Cernobbio


Situated on the western shore of Lake Como, near Lenno, Mezzegra and Ossuccio, Tremezzo is a good starting point for exploring Lake Como and its surroundings.It is surrounded by great natural beauty and offers good transport connections by road and by boat. In Tremezzo you can walk to the wonderful Villa Carlotta, which dates back to the 17th century and is one of the most outstanding tourist attractions of Lake Como.Its interior and elegant gardens carpeted with brightly coloured flowers captivate hundreds of visitors every year.

The accommodation offer in Tremezzo is small compared to other villages but it is worth mentioning the presence of one of the most luxurious hotels on Lake Como; the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.

Accommodation in Tremezzo


One of the best areas to stay in Lake Como is Varenna, located on the eastern shore of the lake.It is an old fishing village that dates back to the 11th century and is one of the main tourist resorts as well as a place of inspiration for artists and writers, and is home to Villa Monastero and Villa Cipressi, both from the 19th century with botanical gardens that are open to the public.In Varenna you can walk to the main square where the Church of St. George is located or to the Castello di Vezio, which offers unbeatable views of the lake.

The choice of hotels in Varenna is small, but we have a wide range of apartments where to stay.

Accommodation in Varenna

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