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Where to Stay in Lake Garda

What are the best places to stay on Lake Garda?

Lake Garda is home to 25 picturesque villages, all linked by the Gardesana State Road and accessible by road, rich in historical monuments, castles and fortresses.

But, Lake Garda is not only for writers and artists, it is the perfect holiday destination for families, honeymooners and lone travellers who are looking for a mixture of history, culture, delicious food, a place to relax, and above all, a breathtaking landscape that starts with Desenzano with its flower-lined lakeside promenade and mild climate.The breathtaking panoramic views and nightlife of Sirmione make it extremely special, while Riva del Garda exudes Mediterranean style and culture.

On the other hand, Lazise , welcomes you with a colourful harbour and from where you can easily access other cities.Finally, Bardolino is where you will find some of the most sought-after wines, as well as hiking options to make your stay at Lake Garda memorable.

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The best places to stay on Lake Garda

Desenzano del Garda

Desenzano is a small tourist town on the southern shore of Lake Garda, in northern Italy, with a population of about 25,000.Today, thanks to its lakeside walks lined with flowers, its port, its impressive Venetian-style buildings and its landscape, cultural and architectural treasures, Desenzano is one of the most sought-after holiday destinations.

The climate of this coastal town is mild with pleasant temperatures and makes it ideal for exploring the historical area of the town: small squares and ancient buildings, each with its own story to tell.Naturally, you’ll find more than enough restaurants, bars and ice-cream parlours to satisfy your cravings for Italian food.

Desenzano is probably the right place for a short stay that includes exploring the local nightlife.Being close to Milan makes this (oddly enough) a destination among locals for a night out, so if you’re looking for something with a lively nightlife, then this is the place for you.

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Sirmione is a tourist town on the southern shore of Lake Garda in northern Italy and is known for its thermal baths.A part of Sirmione is located on the peninsula, which extends for about 4 km in the lower parts of Lake Garda, in the province of Brescia.

Sirmione is a pleasant place to stay, with many hotels, some in the city centre, while others spread over the peninsula.these beautiful buildings are designed to provide a relaxing stay, with terraces, swimming pools or private beaches.the city itself is a great place for short walks, with a couple of tourist attractions and views of the lake.

The historic centre of Sirmione is pedestrianised, its narrow winding streets are filled with tourists and it can be quite an experience if you are not used to seeing so many people in one place, but it does help that this town is so picturesque, which attracts many tourists to the castle and Roman ruins.

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Riva del Garda

Riva del Garda is another glorious tourist town in Northern Italy, on the northern shore of Lake Garda.The “Pearl of Lake Garda” is a Mediterranean oasis at the foot of the Dolomites, with a mild climate and white gravel beaches, clear blue water and a cool breeze that gives the town its distinctive charm.

The town centre of Riva del Garda offers many things to see and attracts visitors who appreciate art and architecture with signs of ancient history and a rich cultural past.And as well as being a renowned windsurfing spot, Riva del Garda is the place for those who enjoy walking some of the most spectacular trails in Europe.

Unlike some of the picturesque resorts on the lake, Riva del Garda is definitely a real town.It is a place to be visited exclusively and can keep the whole family busy for days. Younger travellers will find bars and the lively nightlife you would expect from a tourist town of this size.

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Located on the east coast, it has a beautiful lakeside promenade and a medieval historic centre full of shops and pastel coloured buildings resembling a city on the Riviera.The colorful port still houses fishing boats and pleasure craft, and here you can rent a boat or take a ferry to other cities.

The small beaches and green areas on the lakeside promenade are good for people watching or swimming, and there is a beautiful lakeside promenade for walking.the square,paved chessboard style,is a popular meeting point, and the city has a lot of shops,restaurants and cafes for your enjoyment.

Lasize, like most other towns on Lake Garda, is perfect for a honeymoon or family holiday, with hotels in and around the town centre and numerous campsites set up along the promenade south of Lazise.

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Bardolino is one of the most important tourist destinations on Lake Garda and is located on the eastern shore of the lake, about 30 km from Verona, the provincial capital.It is not only known for the production of the famous red wine Bardolino or Rosé Chiaretto, but also for the beauty of the old town with its alleys, the numerous shops, the typical restaurants and the walks along the lake.

Bardolino is isolated from the industrial zone and the traffic of the area, so it is an ideal place for a stay where you are looking for relaxation, but the city is also lively, with many cafes, restaurants, shops and clubs.In the hills, you’ll also find many activities, such as hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking.

This classic Italian-style town is the perfect place to end your trip on Lake Garda: it’s a good choice for families as well as for solo travelers.The many outdoor activities and sights, combined with incredible accommodation options, are sure to create lasting memories of your stay.

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