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What is the best area to stay in Palermo

The best area to stay in Palermo to be near everything you have to visit is the downtown .The centre of Palermo can be divided into two well differentiated areas: the new and elegant centre, which would be the area of the Via Ruggiero Settimo between the Teatro Polietama and the Teatro Massimo, and the historical centre which is the adjacent area to the south where the Via Ruggiero Settimo becomes the Via Maqueda.Most people prefer to stay in the elegant centre because the narrow streets of the historical centre are a bit scary but there is no problem in staying in the old town near Via Maqueda.

By staying in the centre of Palermo we can reach the main attractions on foot: The Norman Palace, once the seat of the kings of Sicily and the Sicilian Parliament, the Church of Santa Maria del Almirante, commonly called the Martorana and the Cathedral, impressive for its mixture of architectural styles.

Via Ruggiero Settimo is the main shopping street in Palermo.In the historical centre there is the train station of Palermo, and the buses that can take us to the airport or to the beaches have stops both in the new centre and in the old town.

On the map that shows the centre of Palermo there is a selection of the best hotels to stay in ,

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The areas in the centre of Palermo

La Kalsa

The Mandamento Kalsa, also called Tribunali, is the most extensive of the four neighbourhoods in the old town of Palermo and is the result of the fusion of the largest Arabian quarter of Silicia, the Kalsa, and the area of the is located near the port and is perhaps the most authentic and picturesque area of Palermo.It is located near the port and is perhaps the most authentic and picturesque area of Palermo. staying in the Kalsa means being able to soak up the rich history of Palermo unfolding like an open book before our eyes. full of impressive churches, medieval buildings with beautiful facades, palaces, small streets, colorful squares, museums and antique shops, the area allows you to walk through the beauty of past centuries while enjoying the vast pedestrian areas. 20 years ago it was considered an unsafe neighborhood, but now it is the fashionable neighborhood, full of charming hotels, restaurants and bars.

In Kalsa there is a wide gastronomic offer with a multitude of taverns where you can enjoy a glass of prosecco or taste delicious dishes of Sicilian cuisine. Moreover, in the summer months, the district hosts an annual festival with artistic light shows in its historical streets, closed to all pedestrian traffic until midnight for about eight warm weeks each year.

Hotels in La Kalsa

Castellammare Vucciria

The Castellammare area, around the Vucciria market, is adjacent to La Cala, the old port of Palermo, where Amalfi, Catalan, Genoese, Pisan and Venetian artisans and merchants have had their lodges since the 12th century.Within the area you will find beautiful buildings such as the Palazzo Mazzarino, or the Palazzo Gravina Filangeri, and within walking distance, a number of historical monuments located in the adjacent neighborhoods of La Kalsa and Monte di Pieta.

Hotels in Castellammare Vucciria

Monte di Pietà

In the heart of the historical centre, the area of Monte di Pietà, also known as Seralcadio, is full of monuments and emblematic buildings such as the Palermo Cathedral, the Diocesan Museum, Palazzo Branciforte, the Massimo Theatre and Porta Carinni.The neighborhood is also colloquially called Il Capo, due to the bustling market of the same name inside.

Hotels in Monte di Pietà


The Albergheria is a popular quarter where the sumptuous buildings of Via Maqueda, such as Palazzo Santa Croce, contrast with small streets with the still present trace of the bombings of the second world war.The area is home to the University, the Ballarò Market, the Palazzo Reale and beautiful monuments such as the church of Casa Professa, with its spectacular interior, and the north-west corner of the Albergheria is bordered by two of the city’s most beautiful buildings: San Giovanni degli Eremiti and the Palazzo dei Normanni.

Hotels in Albergheria

Borgo Vecchio

If you prefer to stay in an area far away from the hustle and bustle of Palermo’s historical centre and the hordes of tourists, the hotels in Borgo Vecchio are usually quieter and quieter, although you should bear in mind that it is a more neglected and unsafe neighbourhood than the previous ones.Although it’s only a few steps away from the Politeama and Libertà neighborhoods with their prestigious Art Nouveau buildings, Borgo Vecchio is a district with high unemployment and low schooling rates where organized crime is rampant.

Borgo Vecchio Hotels

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