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Where to stay in Sardinia: The best places

Do you know the best places to stay in Sardinia? South of Corsica and with its capital Cagliari, it is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

The best areas to stay in Sardinia

The options to stay in Sardinia are diverse and of high quality with boats, villas, hotels, apartments and up to 40 camp sites.000 accommodation options for sleeping in Sardinia with prices for all budgets from 15 euros in a hostel to more than 400 in a five-star hotel.

In addition to the accommodation options the variety of locations is also wide.Lively places, quieter places, city and villages, beach towns and inland options, here is a list of some of the best places to stay in Sardinia

1. Cagliari

Capital of Sardinia, the most populated city of the island and the most touristic one, with airport, regional train station and a big port where many ferries dock.It also has the largest number of accommodations to stay in Sardinia.

Surrounded by lakes and bays, Cagliari is a dynamic city with a great archaeological and historical heritage.800 years of history; the Bastion of San Remy, which can be reached by an elevator that starts in Piazza della Consituzione; the Tower of the Elephant, which gives access to Via Il Castello, the heart of the old town, or the Tower of San Pancrazio, one of the symbols of the city.

Also don’t miss the Beach of Cagliari or the area of the port and the surrounding neighborhood called Marina.

It is precisely in Marina where you can do the best shopping, specifically in Via G Manno, or as the locals know it: “Costa”, or you can go to the San Benedetto market to buy fresh food.

The Marina district also has some of the best restaurants such as Stella Marina Di Montecristo, a seafood restaurant with a great reputation, or Sa Domu Sarda, which specializes in traditional Sardinian cuisine.Other famous restaurants are Lapola and Antica Cagliari, also in the area.

Like all capitals, Cagliari has a wide offer of night clubs, especially pubs. In the Marina area we recommend you to visit the Caffè Librarium Nostrum, which also has tapas; the Moonshine pub, Beer Garden or the famous Old Square, Irish pubs where you can spend the night.



Small and quiet village east of Cagliari and famous for its natural richness, it is connected to the main highway by regional roads and is a place where you can find good prices to stay in Sardinia.

Its origin is the Phoenician settlement of Cuccureddus, hence the archaeological museum, the town is famous for its cliffs and beaches, such as Porto Giunco and Simus, where there is a lighthouse, and a protected marine area.



It has its own airport and is connected to the rest of the island by several highways and by train.The options to stay in Sardinia in this city are varied but with high average prices, above all in the old town.

Founded by the Carthaginians, its name means Happy City.

We recommend you to visit the Basilica-Cathedral of St. Simplicius, dating back to the 11th century, on top of a Roman necropolis, from which there are still some visible tombs from the time of Diocletian and the entrance to the temple of the Goddess Cerere.These remains are kept in the Archaeological Museum, located on an isthmus in the port and where you can also take a tour of the history of the city.

Three more places not to be missed are the Castles of Padres and Sa Paulaza, and the beach/cove of Brandinchi.

As for shopping, the most sold product in Olbia are the sheep’s wool carpets, woven in a traditional way and sold in shops in the town centre.There are also more modern shops in streets such as Aldo Moro or the centrally located Corso Umberto, not forgetting the Auchan Olbia Shopping Centre, to the east of the city.

In restaurants we must highlight the traditional Italian food of the old town: Giro Pizza, next to San Simplicio; Dolceacqua, specializing in Ligurian and Sardinian cuisine, or Trattoria Il Gambero, a seafood restaurant.

The nightly entertainment is also centralized in the central area.You can enjoy the views of the port on the terrace of Café Bellavista, quiet music in the My Soul American Bar or a little late at night in the Rock’n Roll Party.


4.Porto Cervo

The last place in Sardinia we recommend is Porto Cervo, a very touristic and exclusive place, so it has the highest prices to stay in Sardinia. The town has been developed around a small bay and its marina.

Porto Cervo is considered to be the heart of the Costa Smeralda, so you will enjoy quality beaches like Giglio, a yacht club where small luxury yachts dock and the promenade area is ideal for shopping.

As for restaurants, you will also find some near the port like You Sushi and Italian or a little more inland the Clipper seafood restaurant.and for a drink in the evening, the best place is the Lord Nelson pub, in the middle of the promenade.


5.San Teodoro

A few kilometres from Olbia, San Teodoro is a very touristy fishing village and well connected to the rest of the island.

In San Teodoro there are beaches, a big lagoon and the Tavolara Marine Park with its rich aquatic fauna, a museum, the Sea City, where you can learn more about the biodiversity of the area, and good restaurants like the Beach Bar, on the coast and night clubs like Bal Harbour or the Luna Glam Club.



Also called Oristan, the city is located to the west, in front of the big pond San Giusta, which they called “pond of gold”.It is located between two highways and is also connected by train to the rest of the island.

Although it is a tourist place and is close to the coast, you will find in Oristano tranquillity and a tourism more oriented to enjoy its heritage.

One of the most curious places in the area is the Lake of San Giusta, where the roe of mujol, the “gold of Oristan”, is produced and whose price is quite high.

Two places of interest are the Tower of St. Christopher, from the 13th century and the church of Santa Chiara, from the 15th century and managed by Franciscans.

In Oristano you will have many opportunities to shop. If you prefer more traditional shops, in the old town, in the streets Tharros, Tirso and Umberto I there are a few.

Also in this area you can find most of the good restaurants, like Cocco & Dessi Restaurant, specialized in Italian food; La Trattoria Portixedda more specialized in Sardinian food, and La Grotta\’s Pizza.

As for nightlife, you always have the option of the Irish pub.The most popular in Oristano is the Old Town Pub Guiness, another option is the Temple Wine Bar, a cozy cocktail bar or the Meet Lounge Bar, a more informal bar for young groups.



It is located in the east of the island and also gives name to a gulf famous for its beaches.Like the other towns we have recommended, it is well connected by motorways but there is no train.6000 people live in the whole municipality.

Accommodation in Sardinia is easy because of the number of accommodations but with a little bit of a high price.Orosei as a town is a couple of kilometres away from the coast and has the Cedrino river.

The whole municipality of Orosei and the gulf are famous for their beaches, some of them very long and difficult to reach, which can be enjoyed by renting a car or going along the coast by boat and enjoying the beautiful coves, such as the beach of Marina di Orosei, Sur Barone, Osalla or Cartoe.

Back in the village of Orosei, it has cultural attractions such as the Casa Soddu Museum or the Santa Maria De Mare Church, on the outskirts and across the Cedrino river.

However, the biggest attraction is in the coastal area, where there are some restaurants such as Lungomare or Osalla Beach Garden.These establishments and Orosei’s own coastline offer a very quiet tourism to rest and disconnect.


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A few kilometers from Porto Torres, Sassari is one of the most visited cities on the island.It is very well connected by several highways and train, it also has some of the best accommodations to stay in Sardinia, although it is not in the first line of the beach, it is not more than 10 kilometers away from the Costa Smeralda.

The first thing that stands out in Sassari is its cultural offer and its heritage.

There are other places you can’t miss like the Doge’s Palace and the Rosello Fountain, one of the symbols of the city.

The old town still preserves places like La Marmora Street, one of the most luxurious in previous centuries and with houses and mansions standing since the 17th century.If you want to know the city even more in depth, then we recommend a visit to the Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum.

The old town is the best area for shopping, with streets like Vittorio Emanuele II.Outside the old town there are also several shopping malls like La Piazzeta or Luna E sole II Vecchio Acquedotto Sri.

As far as gastronomy, you will find in Sassari a great variety.You can try the Japanese cuisine in the Hokkaido; the Italian cuisine in the Spaghetteria S’Artea or have a luxury dinner in Il Giamaranto.

And for a night out, outside the hull, we recommend the popular cocktail bar called Carhiba di Nora di Francesco or in the hull the Birreria di Nord Ovest.


9.Porto Torres

In the north of Sardinia, like Olbia, it has a large port and is connected by train and road to the rest of the island.Thanks to the port and its beaches, it is a very popular tourist area to sleep in Sardinia, which also offers prices in accommodation slightly cheaper than Olbia.

It is located in one of the most beautiful gulfs of the island: Asinara.Porto Torres evolved from an ancient Roman city and there are still remains such as hot springs and the Roman Bridge over the river Manu.

Other places of interest are the Archaeological Museum of Porto, the ancient church of San Gavino a Mare, from the 11th century, or the beaches of Balai and Scoglio Lungo.A good way to get away from it all is by boat to Asinara Island, a natural paradise.

For shopping, south of the city there is a shopping centre called Granai Turismarket, or you can get lost in the streets and buy fresh fish in fish markets like Giovanni Rivieccio or try it cooked in restaurants like Il Mare.We also recommend Steak House Piazza Garibaldi and the pastry shop Cristallo.

And to spend the night, not far from the port, you can have a drink in pubs like Bar Sport or Gatto Nero.



Somewhat quieter than the capital is this fishing village south of Porto Torres.Well connected by three motorways, it also has a large port where ferries dock. Unlike Cagliari, sleeping in Sardinia in this town is somewhat cheaper, with hostels for around 30 euros per night.

Alghero had its moment of great splendour under the reign of Aragon.In fact, the Iberian kingdom turned this small fishing port into a great fortress.

From that time there are still numerous remains such as its great wall that still protects much of the city.To enjoy the most medieval aspect of the city, we recommend you to visit the Humberto Street and Doria Street.

In this area you can also find the Curia Palace and the Misericordia Church.another important sacred building is the San Francisco Cloister, from the 13th century, and the Alghero Diocesan Art Museum.As for the beaches, there are many inside and outside the city, such as Lazareto and Della Speranza,

Let’s go shopping.

Also, if you leave the old town, there are other streets like Via XX Settembre with more modern shops of clothes and accessories.

The best gastronomy you will find in the old town, in restaurants such as Nautilus Alghero, a seafood restaurant with a beautiful view of the port; the Pizzeria Lu Furat, for some the best in the city, or the Trattoria Marco Polo, in the western area.Close to this restaurant there are also pubs such as the Irish Pub or L’Anfora, and outside the town centre, the cocktail bar with terrace Blau Skybar.



In the north of the island, Castelsardo is a typical Sardinian village, built around a castle in the 11th century, with good communications and a good offer of accommodation.We also recommend you to visit the Cathedral of San Antonio Abate.

The most interesting area for shopping and tasting the Sardinian gastronomy is in the north of the village or the old town, where you can sit and contemplate the sea in restaurants such as La Guardiola or Spaghetteria Aragona.


12.Santa Teresa de Gallura

In the north of Sardinia, you will find a traditional fishing village with beautiful coves, great natural environment and also some history.The communications are not so fluid by road and there is no train station, but there is a good offer of hotels to sleep in Sardinia.

One of the symbols of the town is the Spanish Tower or Longosardo, built in 1577 and served as a watchtower and the west of it is the beach of Santa Teresa, wide but somewhat crowded in the summer months.

In the surroundings of the Church of Santa Teresa you will find the best restaurants such as Pappa e Ciccia, the seafood restaurant da Thomas or the Rena Bianca Beach Bar, where you can eat cheaply.


13.La Magdalena

La Magdalena is part of the archipelago of the same name that is located in front of the north coast of Sardinia.It can be reached by boat from the town of Palau and the two main islands (Maddalena and Caprera) are connected by the Moneta Bridge.

The archipelago is a heavenly place with magnificent beaches and coves, some of them totally virgin.

It is also interesting to visit the town of La Magdalena, where there are places of great historical interest such as the Parish of Santa Magdalena or the Central Square, where you can find the Column, a monument that honors the victory of Garibaldi against France in the late eighteenth century.

As for gastronomy, in the town of La Magdalena, we recommend the oyster bar Il Refugio and the pizzeria Sergeant Peppers, and if you want to change islands, you can go by bus or car to the neighboring island of Caprera and try the paninis in the Mille Bar with an authentic Sardinian beer.

The options for accommodation in Sardinia in this area are centred on the town of Magdalena.



In the centre of Sardinia, Nuoro represents the most Sardinian culture. In the mountains, you will find a rural environment but also a well equipped city for tourism.

Nuoro offers you a good historical heritage such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria delle Nieves and the Church Della Madonna Della Solitudine, and in civil heritage, you can learn about the history and customs of the region in the National Archaeological Museum, the Museum of Art or the Ethnographic Museum Deledda’s.

In between walks, you can pass through the central area, specifically the pedestrian street Giusseppe Garibaldi, where there is a shopping centre. In this street and its surroundings you can also taste some typical Sardinian dishes in restaurants such as Monti Blu, the popular Il Rifugio or the Trattoria S’Hostera Nugoresa, famous for its homemade dishes.

Those who choose this area to stay in Sardinia will find an offer based on small hotels, Bed & Breakfasts and rural houses.


15.Sant’ Antioco

Another great island in the south of can reach it by car through an artificial isthmus.given its great cultural interest, it has a good repertoire of options to sleep in Sardinia in the area.

The town was formed on a Phoenician-Carthaginian settlement that was later occupied by the Romans.if you visit the Ethnographic Museum you can learn about its history.there is also a paleochristian church from the Roman period with catacombs.

Other places of interest are the Su Pisu Fort, megalithic buildings such as the Sui Para menhir, the Sa Mongia tower or the Su Nidu tombs.In addition, in the artificial isthmus there is a bridge from the Roman period: the Ponti Mannu.

To the cultural richness is added the gastronomic one in restaurants such as the seafood restaurant La Sulcitana or the Restaurant Del Passeggero.

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