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Where to Stay in Siena

Best area to stay in Siena

Siena is a must on a visit to Tuscany, the Piazza del Campo is the most beautiful square in Europe and therefore one of the most beautiful in the world The city of Siena is not very large so the location of the accommodation is not as decisive as in the big cities .

Declared a World Heritage Site in 1995, Siena’s Historic Centre is a lively recreation of an Italian medieval city, and the Piazza del Campo is the main attraction of the city.Siena’s other main attraction is its Cathedral (Duomo) , a representative example of Italian Gothic architecture.

If you are travelling through Tuscany on the train , you will have to take a bus or a taxi from the Siena station to the centre.If you arrive in Siena by car you should know that the centre has restricted traffic so it is better to leave the car in one of the nearby car parks and walk 10 minutes to the centre.

On the map showing the historic centre of Siena you will find a selection of the most central hotels to stay in.

If you are interested in knowing where to sleep in Siena , you may also be interested in knowing where to sleep in Florence.

Where to sleep near Siena

If we are travelling through Tuscany or Italy by car we may choose to stay near Siena if our itinerary dictates it.Tuscany is one of the most touristic regions of Italy and Europe so we can find tourist accommodations in almost every village. If we want to go for sure we recommend to stay in San Gimignano, Arezzo or Montepulciano.

  • San Gimignano: obligatory stop for every visitor of Tuscany, San Gimgnano is a good option to stay if we are on our way to Siena from Pisa or from Florence.Located an hour’s drive from Siena, in San Gimignano you can either stay in a charming hotel in the historic centre or in a farmhouse on the outskirts.
  • Arezzo: a little over an hour away from Florence and around the west is the historic city of Arezzo.a bit forgotten on tourist routes in Tuscany, Arezzo is well worth a stop, and has a good offer of accommodation.
  • Montepulciano: if you are coming from Rome you can stay in Montepulciano, which is an hour’s drive from Siena.

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