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Where to stay in Taormina

What is the best area to stay in Taormina?

As soon as you arrive at Taormina , you realize that you are in a special place, with a magical and mythical atmosphere.Located on a hill of Mount Taurus, Taormina is a unique viewpoint that combines the views over the Mediterranean Sea with the views over the Etna volcano, one of the most active volcanoes in Europe and often covered with snow.And all this in an environment full of beautiful gardens and imposing historical remains such as the Greek Theatre. It is not surprising that great celebrities like Truman Capote, Francis Ford Coppola, Greta Garbo or Woody Allen have spent their holidays in this Sicilian jewel.

And since we are in a dream destination what better than to look for the best location to stay. The best thing is to stay in the historical centre , in the upper part of the city, in a hotel that has a view of the bay and Mount Etna.The historical centre is a pedestrian area with a main street that concentrates all the commercial and nightlife activity.To access the beaches we can take a bus or get off at the funicular that takes us to the beach of the Isola Bella.

In the map that shows the historic center of Taormina are located the best hotels to stay .

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Where to sleep near Taormina

If we want to visit Taormina and at the same time enjoy the beach we have several interesting options less than 30 minutes away among which are

  • Mazzeo: Just 15 minutes north of Taormina is Mazzeo beach, a large beach with all the services, including the rental of deckchairs, but with the disadvantage of pebbles.A good option to stay by the sea.

Hotels in Mazzeo

  • Letojanni: another option to sleep in a hotel in front of the beach is the town of Letojanni next to Maezzo.The beach is the same as Maezzo but the town is larger offering more accommodation and dining options.

Hotels in Letojanni

  • Mascali: another beach destination 30 minutes from Taormina in the direction of Catania is the town of Mascali.Unlike the beaches north of Taormina the pebbles give way to coarse sand which makes bathing more pleasant.

Hotels in Mascali

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