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Where to stay to visit venice

Best area to stay in Venice

Venice is a true labyrinth of islands, canals, bridges and paths that will dazzle any visitor.During the day, enjoy strolling through the beautiful neighborhoods and fascinating museums that have made Venice a universal destination. At night, the city comes alive with lively wine bars and elegant restaurants serving delicious Venetian seafood. For the best views of Venice , head to Campanile di San Marco , a 318-foot high bell tower from which you can view the rooftops and canals of the city.

If you are looking for comfort and atmosphere, the best area to stay in Venice is the San Marco district, near its famous Piazza .At San Marco, you are within walking distance of many of the main sights, such as St. Mark’s Basilica , the Doge’s Palace and the Rialto Bridge or St. Mark’s Square .Hotels in Venice are very expensive so many people choose to sleep in one of the nearby cities such as Lido and Mestre, or choose to stay in hostels or hostels.

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Venice areas

Venice , the capital of the Veneto region, is one of the most valued cities in Italy, visited every day by approximately 20 thousand tourists looking to explore its small streets, its typical canals and its vast artistic heritage.

Administratively Venice is divided into 6 zones , however, for a visit it is important not to get confused and to look for a hotel within the zone of Venice, the historical city that is also subdivided in turn 6 districts or sestieres: Cannaregio, San Polo, Dorsoduro (including Giudecca and Isola Sacca Fisola), Santa Croce, San Marco (including San Giorgio Maggiore) and Castello (including San Pietro di Castello and Sant’Elena).

San Marco

Every neighborhood has its attractions, but without doubt the one that attracts most visitors is San Marco , where you can find some of the most outstanding symbols of the city, such as the Piazza di San Marco with its famous basilica and its bell tower.The Basilica of San Marco s, which was started in 832 to protect the body of San Marco, is a masterpiece of Byzantine influence in Veneto and is currently one of the most visited by tourists seeking to enter and see its 3 naves.

At one side of the Basilica, but independent, is the Campanile de San Marcos , a tower of 98.5 meters high, the highest in the city, which houses five bells.At the foot of the tower is the Doge’s Palace , where you can still breathe in the atmosphere of the city’s golden age.The Castello is a good area to stay in and it is connected by the Bridge of Sighs and it is located next to the San Marco district


There are important educational centres here, such as the Istituto Provinciale per l’Infanzia ‘Santa Maria della Pietà’ and among the main tourist attractions are the Museo Storico Navale and the Chiese Cattoliche Parrocchiali S. Pietro Apostolo.

Cannaregio and Santa Croce

If you are interested in being near Santa Lucia’s train station, the main railway station of the city, the neighbourhood of Cannaregio , where it is located, and the neighbourhood of Santa Croce , on the right, are a good choice. Cannaregio is one of the biggest and most populated neighbourhoods of the city, only after Castello, with five outstanding churches: Sant’Alvise, la Madonna dell’Orto, Sant’Ipi Duni, Santa Maria Assunta (les Gesuiti) and Santa Maria dei Miracoli.There are also two palaces, the Vendramin Calergi and the Serenissima, the Ca’ d’Oro, one of the most beautiful Gothic buildings in the city, and in Santa Croce there are also important attractions such as the Oriental Art Museum and the International Gallery of Modern Art.

San Polo

San Polo , the smallest of the 6 neighbourhoods, is also a very good area to stay, because of its central location and its geographical shape, it allows you to easily and quickly reach any other part of the city.It is one of the oldest parts of the city and is famous for hosting the main market of Venice since 1097.Other attractions are the church of San Giacomo de Rialto, the Campo San Polo , the House of Goldoni, the basilica of Santa Maria Gloriosa dei Frari, the church of San Roque and the Scuola Grande di San Roque.


Finally, the district of Dorsoduro with the Academy Bridge, the Guggenheim Museum of Venice and the Palazzo Dario, is a beautiful area to stay in Venice.However, it is important to consider that it also includes the island of Giudecca and Sacca Fisola, so we recommend that you look for your hotel in the main island part.

Without a doubt, the most popular festival in Venice is the carnival, so it is highly recommended to visit the city during the first weeks of February.

Staying in Venice is expensive but it is certainly worth staying at the side of the Grand Canal or near St. Mark’s Square to enjoy all its magic.

Staying near Venice

Staying in Venice is expensive so many people choose to stay in some nearby cities. Lido is the most popular choice, located only 15 km from Venice and well connected by ferry to the island of Venice, the city is a beach resort with good hotels, some of them with private beach. Mestre is the cheapest option Located on the mainland Mestre is a large city with a variety of accommodation and is well connected to Venice with frequent bus and train services. Murano just 1 km from Venice is the most authentic option but the least expensive.the island of Muranao, famous for its glass crafts, has its own charm with canals and Venice-style palaces.


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