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Where to Stay in Sardinia

Which are the best coasts to stay in Sardinia

If you are looking for where to stay in Sardinia , below we suggest some of the best coasts and some of the best hotels.

Sardinia is considered one of the most beautiful islands in the world and has a lot to offer its visitors.In the north you will find the famous Costa Smerada with excellent beaches and the area with the most luxurious offer of hotels, restaurants and discos.On the west coast you will find the Costa Verde recommended for surfing as well as swimming in some of the best beaches, such as the Piscinas with sand dunes up to 50 meters high.

In the east you will find the Costa Rei , with its fine white sand beach of almost 8 kilometers long and the favorite place for those who practice diving and windsurfing.For those who want to visit the island, but not necessarily spend all the time on the beaches, there is the central-eastern area of the Nuoro , with the best scenarios for hiking and with interesting cultural variety.

To the south, Cagliari , being the capital and the cultural, educational, political and artistic heart of the island, you will find a little bit of everything: parties, beautiful beaches, surfing spots like Poetto, which has hosted competitions worldwide.

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Best places to stay in Sardinia

The Autonomous Region of Sardinia is the second largest island in the Mediterranean and the eighth largest in Europe.It is part of Italy and is located in the centre of the western Mediterranean Sea. 80% of the territory is made up of mountains or hills, it has over 1,849 kilometres of coastline and, if that is not enough, it is the Italian region with the largest forested area.Therefore, it is not surprising that many of its tourist attractions are related to nature, although history and culture also have their place.

Costa Smerada

For those looking to explore the most exclusive area of Sardinia they have to go north, where the Costa Smerada is located.It is an area with beaches and a system of villages (Arzachena, Olbia, Porto Cervo, Liscia di Vacca, Capriccioli and Romazzino) that have been built on the basis of a very detailed urban plan since the 1960s.For example every year some of the most famous boats in the world arrive here to take part in the Sardinia Cup sailing race, polo matches and a classic car rally are also held here, which is why many millionaires from all over the world decide to have their holiday homes in this area.

The largest town in this area is Olbia, which borders on the west with the province of Sassari and on the south with the province of Nuoro. For sea lovers the region is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in Italy, such as Liscia Ruja, the small beaches of Punta Capriccioli, Prince’s beach and Romazzino beach.

Accommodation in Costa Esmeralda

Costa Verde

ParaOn the west coast you will find the Costa Verde, famous for its spectacular beaches, in the province of Medio Campidano, 50 kilometres from the Costa Verde, part of which is made up of the Piscinas dunes, sand hills shaped by the Mistral that reach 50 metres in height, making them the highest in Europe and giving the impression of a beach in the middle of the desert.

Neighbour to Medio Campidano is Oristano, which has 90 kilometres of very varied coastline: low, sandy beaches alternate with limestone cliffs, rocky coasts with steep, high, continuous walls.

On the Costa Verde you will not find the crowds of tourists or the services that usually accompany them (resorts, discotheques or beach bars), you will find peace and quiet surrounded by nature.

Accommodation in Costa Verde

Costa Rei

One of the most popular areas in summer for travellers looking to enjoy the sea bed.It is recommended for diving and windsurfing.The best and most famous beaches of the Costa Rei are the one with the same name, long around the city, which is accessed by crossing the streets that branch off from the central Ichnusa Street; the beach of Cala Sinzias, about 1 km of fine and clear sand with the presence of dunes, the beach of Cala Pira, a small rocky cliff that flows into the sea, the beach of Capo Ferrato, also long and white, which ends in a small bay with the stones and the beach of Porto Pirastu, promontory of granite rocks with rocky bottoms and low and a large forest of pine trees, natural setting where the campsite is located.

There is not only beach in Costa Rei: there is no lack of archaeological evidence of ancient human settlements, dating back to the Neolithic period the megalithic complex of “Piscina Rei” with its 22 menhirs in original vertical position, whose function may be related to the increase and decrease of the position of the sun and the moon, which influences the expected benefits.Another important complex, the best preserved in the whole Sardinia, is the “Nuraghe Scalas”, 42 menhirs, of which 2 have an anthropomorphic shape.

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Province of Nuoro

If you don’t want your trip to be just a beach and you want to know the culture of Sardinia, the central-eastern area, where the city of Nuoro is located could be a good choice for your hotel.In this region there is a cathedral built in the middle of the XIX century, the Church of San Simplicio built between the XI and XII century, the Sanctuary and the Church of the Graces, the Deleddian Museum, the Museum of Art of Nuoro and the National Archaeological Museum.As the capital it has good communications with the rest of the island, as well as a particularly wide range of museums, restaurants, bars and all the necessary services of a city of more than 150 thousand inhabitants.

From here you can easily reach the most famous beaches of the island by car, but if you decide to stay here you will also find an interesting cultural offer, not very comparable with the rest of the island.

Here you will find the National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari – the most important in Sardinia -, the Stefano Cardu Civic Museum of Siamese Art, the Museo delle Cere Anatomiche Clemente Susini (Clemente Susini Anatomical Wax Museum), the Galleria Comunale d’arte (Civic Art Museum), the Collezione sarda “Luigi Piloni”, the Museo di Bonaria (Museum of the Basilica Church of Bonaria), the Museo del Duomo o della Cattolica (Museum of the Cathedral) and the Museo del Tesoro di Sant’Eulalia (Museum of the Treasure of Sant’Eulalia).

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