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Where to Stay in Malt

What is the best area to stay in Malta

If you think of a holiday in the middle of the Mediterranean on the paradisiacal island of Malta , you will have the doubt of which is the best area to stay . Malta is an island country of the European Union of only 316 kilometers and your choice of where to stay will depend largely on whether you are looking for a trip to relax and rest on the beaches or to party until dawn.

St. Julians and Paceville are the areas with the best party on the island, however, Paceville can be too noisy even for the partygoers who at some point will want to rest a bit. That’s why St. Julians is a perfect spot among the fun but with good hotels.

For those who want a quiet holiday the best will be Sliema and la Valletta , the capital of Malta.

Malta is one of the preferred summer destinations of the British so the range of accommodation is very complete going from the most luxurious hotels to hotels designed for a mass audience on an all-inclusive basis.

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Best places to stay in Malta

Saint Julian’s

Saint Julian’s is an outstanding holiday destination on the coast of Malta.This small town perfectly combines the charm of its fishing village with the tourist centre, Latin architecture such as the Spinola Palace, built in 1688, and the Old Parish Church are well known historical buildings, and divers will enjoy exploring the wrecks with the Divewise Dive Centre Malta.The revitalized Paceville district, formerly a military retreat in the 1930s, is now the centre of Saint Julian’s nightlife and has a wide range of restaurants, bars and clubs.

The accommodation on offer in Saint Julian’s is one of the largest on the island along with Sliema and La Valletta, with tourist apartments abounding.


Sliema is a major tourist attraction on the north east coast of the beautiful island of Malta where visitors will find a wealth of relaxing activities, as well as restaurants, shops and a good nightlife.

One of the characteristics of Sliema beach is that it does not have sand, but rocks, and another detail is that its waters never have a temperature lower than 16 degrees centigrade and are among the most transparent and clean of the Mediterranean.

Visitors to Sliema can also enjoy the elegant shops and restaurants as part of their stay here.For those interested in architecture and history, there is the Stella Maris Church, also known as the Mother of Tas-Selima Parish Church, which dates back to 1878.If you prefer to stay in Malta in a quiet but easily accessible place, the best option is undoubtedly Valletta, the capital of Malta, where it is more difficult to find hotels and cheap accommodation in Malta, as Valletta is a bit of an elite area in Malta, but it is a really nice place to stay.

Some of the main attractions are the Auberge de Castille, the GrandMaster’s Palace and the Armoury Museum.When most shops close for the day, and office workers leave the city to return home, Valletta takes on a more distinguished air.In the relative quietness, far from the main roads, you will be able to appreciate more of what Valletta is really like for the locals.

But if at first glance you might have the impression that the city is asleep, you are wrong, there are restaurants and bars that serve their customers, there are clubs and cinemas, there are performances at the Manoel Theatre, the St. James Cavalier Centre for Creativity, the Mediterranean Conference Centre and other places.Under the weight of the cruise terminal, there is the Valletta Waterfront with its open-air restaurants and magnificent views.

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