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Where to stay in amsterdam for a sightseeing tour

What is the best area to stay in Amsterdam?

The Amsterdam center , clearly delimited by the four parallel channels that form a semicircle, is the best area to stay on your trip to the capital of the Netherlands. Dam Square , the most central point of the city, houses the Royal Palace and is the place from which we can start our sightseeing tours, so if your hotel is in its surroundings it will be well located.

In the centre we will find some of the main tourist attractions of Amsterdam: The Anne Frank House, The Red Light District, The Joordan District, Leidseplein Square or The Resistance Museum which covers the history of the five years of Nazi oppression during the Second World War.

Even from here you can easily access the museum area with the famous Van Gogh Museum and the Rijksmuseum or National Museum of Amsterdam. The alternative to the popular Dutch bicycle or walking, is to use the extensive tram network that will bring you to any point of interest.

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The centre of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, founded in the 12th century as a small fishing village, is now the official capital of the Netherlands and one of the country’s most vibrant cities with about 1.5 million inhabitants.

It is best to start your visit in the historical centre , where you should also find your accommodation.the Dam is the centre and birthplace of Amsterdam.the dam was built here, which cut the river Amstel and led to the rapid development of a small fishing village.over the years several monuments were erected on the square: the Royal Palace, the National Monument and the New Church.Now, as then, this irregular square is the place for a lot of activity, crowded with passers-by and tourists. In this area you can also find the Amsterdam Central Station.

Inside the center we find the famous Red Light District, full of curious tourists who are distracted by the beauties that are exposed in the windows in underwear: The Red Light District is, along with the museums dedicated to Van Gogh and the Rijks, the most visited place in Amsterdam.The neighbourhood is defined by two streets and in the middle by a canal crossed by bridges where the dealers bet, both streets are flanked by dozens of windows illuminated by neon red where they advertise the prostitutes, of different races and many very beautiful.”, ‘

Despite the presence of a few drug dealers, the massive presence of the public makes the place less dangerous, just be careful, as in many tourist places, with the gangs of drunk tourists, the only ones who usually give the unpleasant note in the nights of Amsterdam.The Red Light District also concentrates the famous coffeeshops, sex shops, a wide variety of restaurants, pubs and more.

In the center we also find the neighborhood of El Jordann , which is a consequence of the urban expansion of the eighteenth century and the need to concentrate manufacturing industries and stores in an area that was working until the post-war.Today it is the district of the bohemians and picturesque places, originally a neighborhood with a good number of warehouses, now converted into apartments and breweries.

In the Jordann neighborhood is the house of Anna Frank With the German occupation of Amsterdam, his family and four friends (in total eight people) were hiding in the attic of the house, which was accessed by a false bookstore.The hiding place has remained and has been faithfully reconstructed, as a testimony of the barbarism to which human beings can arrive and, it is supposed, with the wish that it never happens again.

Another of the main squares and where we can find a lot of atmosphere is the Leidseplein square .This crossroads of streets and canals, is one of the meeting places for tourists and young people in Amsterdam, is a 10 minute walk from Dam Square and is one of the central points in the city, since in its adjacent streets, especially those leading to the Prinsengracht, cheap restaurants abound Argentine, Indian, Indonesian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, and so on.

This is one of the best areas to stay if you are looking for a good atmosphere and party, there are bars with live music some nights, some coffeeshops, like the famous and tourist Bulldog, and the mythical nightclubs Paradiso and Melkweg.

The Museum District

The Museum District, as its name suggests, is the cultural centre of Amsterdam, where you will find important museums such as the Van Gogh Museum.It contains nearly 200 of the immortal painter’s paintings and 500 drawings, as well as his own works from his art collection and his most famous works, such as Room in Arles, The Harvest, The Sunflowers, his self-portraits and his dark period, before his arrival in Paris, where he was dazzled by the impressionist trends of those days.

You will also find the Rijksmuseum or National Museum of Amsterdam and the Stedelijk Museum of modern art.The Stedelijk Museum has a collection of paintings by Kazimir Malévich.

Where to stay near Amsterdam

If you are en route through the Netherlands by car and do not want to enter Amsterdam by car, we have alternatives to stay nearby and that will surely be cheaper.These are the destinations with the highest availability of accommodation:

  • Zandvoort: located one hour away from the centre of Amsterdam by car, Zaandvoort is the main beach destination in the Netherlands.Its long beaches, sometimes sheltered behind impressive sand dunes, make the city a regular summer resort with a wide range of accommodation.
  • Bergen: 50 minutes north of Amsterdam we find the city of Bergen, another city with a wide range of accommodation due to the attractiveness of its beaches.Bergen also has a great cultural activity that attracts artists from all over Europe.
  • Utrecht: if we come from the south we can consider the possibility of staying in Utrecht.Utrecht is only 50 km from Amsterdam and has a varied offer of accommodation with cheap hotel chains such as the Ibis hotels.
  • When making a decision about where to stay in Amsterdam you have to take into account several things, the most important is that its hotels are among the most expensive in Europe and do not have exactly the best quality price, it is also essential to know a little bit their areas and know where to get the best prices

    Amsterdam is a hyper tourist city, sometimes its center gives the feeling of being a theme park of the large number of tourists there.To accommodate so many people the central areas have a huge number of hotels

    However, despite the number of hotels, those in the center fill up quickly, especially in the months of good weather, at that time is necessary to book as far in advance as possible if you want to find availability in some area more or less central.

    Unfortunately, if the hotels in Amsterdam are known for anything, it is because they are of the most expensive in Europe .

    The simplest options in the center are over the 80 euros per night , and if you want something at least comfortable prepare a budget from 100 euros per night .A central hotel of 4 stars will cost you from 200 euros .

    On the other hand, the prices of the hotels located in neighbourhoods farther away s from the centre offer much better prices , especially in the months of low is an option to consider since some of these neighbourhoods like the area of the Estación del Sur have excellent communications with tram and underground with the centre.

    The best areas to stay in Amsterdam

    The best areas to stay in Amsterdam are those that are within the ring of canals that make up the city center.Most tourists look for these areas.

    The enormous demand makes their prices sky high and depending on the dates there is little is absolutely necessary to book in advance in this area.

    Besides this area, which is the most expensive, there are others that are close to it like Museumplein or Pijp which are also an excellent option.

    Since the prices of hotels in the center of Amsterdam are somewhat exorbitant, it is also a good option to check out more remote neighborhoods where you can find much more competitive prices.The city has very efficient public transport that allows you to get to the centre quickly and comfortably.

    1.Central Station

    The Amsterdam Central Railway Station is the city’s main transport hub, connecting all parts of the country by train, and the main international lines depart from here.

    It is also the main bus and tram hub.

    Its central location makes it one of the most sought after places to stay in Amsterdam .The area is one of the busiest and liveliest in the city and is full of shops, restaurants and bars.

    Another great advantage of this area is that it has a wide variety of hotels from the most luxurious to modest options.”, ‘

    – Central Station Accommodation

    2.Dam Square

    Dam Square is the historical centre of the city, where Amsterdam was founded. 10 minutes walk from the Central Station along Damrak Street, one of the main streets of the city, is next to this street one of the most touristic and frequented areas.In this square you can find the Royal Palace and the National Monument.

    Here you will not miss anything although everything is more expensive than normal Bars and restaurants are quite expensive compared to other areas.

    Dam Square is one of the most popular places for to stay in Amsterdam .In and around the square there are several luxury hotels and a few mid-range options. In general accommodation is really expensive It is certainly not suitable for modest pockets.

    – Dam Square Accommodation

    3.The Red Light District

    The Red Light District is one of the main tourist attractions of Amsterdam.It is a small area with several streets full of shop windows and bars with girls, sex shops, coffee shops, and bars.

    At night it is a very busy area, especially on weekends when it is really crowded.

    In the red light district itself there are hardly any hotels on offer and what there is is of low quality As you move away from its streets there are more possibilities of accommodation.

    – Accommodation in the Red Light District


    With the permission of Rembrandplein and the Red Light District is the area where concentrates the largest supply of nightlife in the city If one of the main reasons for visiting the city is to go out, Ledseplein is the best option for to stay in Amsterdam .

    The whole area is very lively and infested with bars, clubs, restaurants, fast food outlets, and various shops.there is a good amount of accommodation on offer in all ranges , also in the more modest options.

    The popularity of this area makes it one of the most sought after places to stay in Amsterdam among people who come to have fun at night.

    – Accommodation in Leidseplein


    Rembrandtplein is another popular area for going out In this square and in the surrounding streets there are many discos, some of them the biggest and most famous, bars, some restaurants and quite a few hotels.

    This is one of the favourite options for to stay in Amsterdam among the young, and not so young, people who are looking for nightlife.

    Most of the hotels in the area are luxury or mid-high range.despite being quite close to Leidseplein is a slightly more expensive area than this one.’, “

    – Accommodation on Rembrandtplein


    Museumplein is the most interesting area of Amsterdam for museum going , although it is very near Leidseplein , it is a very quiet area , especially at night.

    is a good option for to sleep in Amsterdam has the advantage of being quiet and close enough to the areas with more nightlife, it has hotels of all types from the most expensive to simple options.

    – Accommodation on Museumplein


    Jordaan is a neighbourhood located west of the city centre .Its boutique shops, good restaurants and bars, its art galleries, and the fact that it is a 10 minute walk from the center attract many walkers.

    It is an ideal alternative to other areas of the center for to stay in Amsterdam as it is well located and has a very interesting local life .Boutique hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, guesthouses, and rental apartments are more common.

    – Accommodation in Jordaan

    8.De Pijp

    This neighbourhood is located in the south east of the centre just outside the inner canal ring.It is one of the most recommended areas for to stay in Amsterdam when it is not possible to find a hotel that fits our needs and budget in the more central areas.

    Here you won’t find the hordes of tourists that suffer in other areas. In de Pijp you can have an authentic local experience, and at the same time be close to the center, especially the best areas for going out for a drink like Leidseplein.

    One of the best things about this neighborhood is the many bars, cafes, and restaurants that have kitchens from all over the world.

    – Accommodation in de Pijp

    9.Other districts further away from the centre

    The accommodation possibilities in Amsterdam are not limited to the more central districts, there is also a huge number of hotels in other areas that border the city centre area.

    Although these districts are somewhat far away from the centre, some of them have excellent connections by public transport that allow you to reach the centre in 10 minutes.

    The great advantage of to stay in Amsterdam in these more remote districts is the important savings that you get with their hotels.their prices are really much lower than the some cases you can find hotels for the same category at half price.

    One of these districts that we most recommend is Zuideramstel.In this area, especially if you stay in near the Estación del Sur , you will have the metro, tram and buses that will drop you off in the centre in 10-15 minutes.

    In the surroundings there are hotels of different categories with a significantly better price-quality ratio than those in the centre.

    – Accommodation near the Estación del Sur

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