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Where to stay in Bucharest: The best places

In this guide about the best areas to stay in Bucharest you will find everything you need to know about the most recommended areas in the Romanian capital.choose the right neighborhood according to what you are looking for to make your stay perfect.

There are several theories about the origin of the city of Bucharest.One of them states that it was created by a certain Bucur, who is said to have been from a beggar to a prince. Some also associate it with another mythical character: Ebukrais, leader of a tribe called Benikureis.

Beyond these and other theories, from a historical point of view, the first time the city is mentioned is in 1459; although already as a city, so its origin is earlier.

Since the 16th century, Bucharest has been the capital or residence of the region’s rulers.Vlad Tepes, prince of the region of Wallachia and better known as Vlad the Impaler, chose it as the main city of his principality.from that moment on, under Ottoman, Greek, Austro-Hungarian or Soviet rule, Bucharest has been the most important city in the region.

Its urban and social development has been on a par with other European capitals, and it has even been compared to Paris, although it lost its former splendour in Soviet times, something that began to be recovered in 1989 after the Romanian Revolution.Since then, the number of hotels, hostels and apartments to stay in Bucharest has not stopped growing.

Today, the city has almost two and a half million inhabitants and is the cultural and economic center of Romania. It is also the most visited, both as a tourist destination and as a base for visiting other places such as the Carpathians, in the north, or the coast, in the east.

Divided into 6 sectors, dotted with lakes and crossed by the Dambovita river, it is one of the most visited destinations in Eastern Europe, thanks to its wide avenues, three metro lines and its surface tramway or STB, the city can be easily visited.

The best places to stay in Bucharest

Nowadays, there is a wide range of accommodation to stay in Bucharest, with a majority of one, two and three star hotels, hostels and aparthotels.

1.Old town

Crossed from north to south by the avenues 5 and 6, the old town is a mixture of architectural styles: from the classic Renaissance to the more concise Soviet character, however, the city is constantly changing and the historic center is one of the areas where more remodeling is taking place.

This can be seen in the mix of residential areas with other more tourist-oriented areas, especially the area west of the Grand Avenue, where the density of sleeping accommodations in Bucharest is higher.

The place of greatest interest in the old town and from which to start any touristic route is the Sfantu Gherohe Park.Here you can also find the square of the same name with St. George’s Church in its center, one of the most important temples in Romania.

Also in the square you can find the monument to the «Kilometer 0» of the city and a statue of Romulus and Remus suckled by a she-wolf.south of Sfantu Gherohe Park, it can also be interesting to visit the Jewish Quarter, where there are several synagogues and a Holocaust Museum.

In the western part of the historical centre there are other places of interest such as the Orthodox Church of Sant Anton, the small monastery of Stavropoleos and other temples.

There are also several museums, such as the National History Museum, the Modern Museum or Curtea Veche (Old Court), located in the 15th century palace of Vlad Tepes, better known literally as «Dracula».

In terms of shopping, the old town of Bucharest has many bookstores with a special design, one of which is the so-called Carousel, located in a beautiful building of several floors with a cafeteria.As far as clothes shops and stores are concerned, the southern area of Avenues 6 and 5 has Zara type shops, as well as the Boulevard Corneliu Coposu, in the southeast area of the old town.

To taste the local cuisine, Macca Vilacrosse street is one of the best places to eat, it is a narrow covered street with many cafes and restaurants, besides this street there are other famous restaurants like Caru Cu Bere, in Stavropoleos street 5, where it is essential to make a reservation, or Hanu Lui Manuc, both specialists in local food.

And for enjoy the night , the west side of the old town has the best places: Bordello Bar, Nomad Skybar or Club A, frequented by young people and students.


2.Piata Unirii

It translates as Union Square and is located just south of the old town. It is one of the largest squares in the city and is crossed by the river Dambovita.It is one of the largest squares in the city and is crossed by the Dambovita river. several avenues converge here, such as Bulevar Unirii, which connects the square to the west with Constitution Square.

Besides being well connected by streets and avenues, the square has an underground station and several bus lines. its good connections and proximity to the historical center make it an excellent choice for accommodation in Bucharest.

To the north of the square there is a park where you can rest, take a walk or contemplate the great fountain that dominates the centre of the place.To the northwest, outside the park, it is interesting to visit the Church of Domnita Balasa, one of the first Orthodox churches in the city built between 1743 and 1750 by Balasy Brancoveanu.To make a bigger shopping, the northeast area of the square has the Unirea Shopping Center, with many clothes shops, restaurants and so on.

Back to the south area, near the mentioned bookstores, there is a local cuisine restaurant: Narguila Grilla & Bar.

As for sleeping accommodations in Bucharest at this point, they are spread out to the south, and already to the north in the old town.


3.North Bucharest (sector 1)

Sector 1 occupies a large part of the northern area of the city, from the limits of the old city itself. It includes 16 districts and neighbourhoods. It is, without doubt, the area of Bucharest with the highest level of economic and industrial development..The whole Sector 1 is very well communicated by avenues, bus, subway and tram lines.

The options to stay in Bucharest in this area are abundant in neighborhoods like Pajura, Aviatorilor or Dorobanti, as well as areas further south like Piata Victoriei, which we talk about in a few paragraphs.

A very interesting place to relax is the Regele Mihai I Park, several kilometers from south to north and reaching several districts, including Baneasa, next to the airport.This large park is ideal for hiking as well as for cultural visits to places such as the «Dimitrie Gusti» National Village Museum.

At the southern entrance to the park you will also find the large Arc de Triomphe and, to the east, the Spring Palace, the residence of the last communist leader Ceausescu.Further south, towards the centre, there are also other places of interest such as the Calinescu Museum, the Map and Old Books Museum, the Bucharest Dynamo Stadium and the Metropolitan Circus.

North of the Piata Victoriei there are more museums such as the Geology, Ethnographic and Natural History Museums, as well as the Kiseleff Park.A little further west, in the vicinity of the Central Train Station, besides the Museum of the History of the Train of Romania, there is a large market: the Matache, one of the largest in the city and selling fresh products.

In addition to this market, in the easternmost part of Sector 1 there is the great Promenada Mall, a huge shopping centre in the Aviatiei district.

Given the dimensions of Sector 1 and its many neighbourhoods, it is difficult to choose the best restaurants.However, the best ones are the ARC Bakery, near the Arc de Triomphe; Zex Brasserie, near the Aviatorilor metro station; the Spanish Restaurant Pata Negra, or the Japanese Edo Sushi.

Now to enjoy the night: Romanian Craft Beer, Ryan’s Irish Pub, Happy Pub and Panik & for discos, we recommend Player Club Bucharest, near Regele Mihai I Park, or Face Club Bucharest, a little further north.

4.Boulevard Dacia (Sector 2)

Northeast of the old town, this boulevard starts almost at the Piata Romana and ends at the big avenue E85.It is a very dynamic avenue at business level, like most of Sector 2. It also has completely residential sections with small villas and blocks of not much height, as well as several embassies.

As in the rest of the city, elegant classical buildings are alternated with more austere ones and others that need some remodeling.One of them is the Elvire Popesco Cinema, one of the best cinemas according to the local population, facing the cinema, south of the avenue, there is an access to the quiet Loani Romulus Park.

A few meters to the southwest, you can enjoy Persian food at Dario Restaurant, another restaurant is Casual Pub, at number 104.And to enjoy the evening, to the east, at number 99, is the Club 99 or Club of the Comedy, where the best monologues of the city meet (unfortunately you have to understand Romanian).


5.Universitate – Piata Romana

Universitate is the district at the northern boundary of the old city and where General Gheorghe Magheru Boulevard begins and ends in Piata Romana to the north.

On the boulevard as well as on the adjacent streets you can enjoy many attractions. Around Universitate Square there are two parks: TNB and Coltea. Also on the square there is a large university complex with several faculties.

The square itself, during different times of the year, hosts all kinds of celebrations and events such as a large Christmas market.The university buildings and other buildings surrounding the square make this one of the most attractive places in the city at an urban level.

If you continue through General Gheorghe Magheru towards the Roman Piata, there are other places of tourist interest such as the small Italian Catholic Church of Bucharest.Further north there is the Nottara Theatre and the Esua Tova Synagogue, almost in Piata Romana, which has several places of interest such as a park of the same name and many shops.However, the most lively area is in the Piata Universitate, where there are also bookstores, elegant restaurants like La Mama or places like The Pub.


6.Calea VictorIei (Avenida VictorIei)

Just north of the Universitate district is this great avenue that ends at the Plaza Victoriei, northwest of the city.

Along the avenue and nearby streets, there are also places of cultural interest such as the Museum of George Enescu, the Museum of Art Collections, the National Art Museum of Romania, the Museum of National History of Romania or the Romanian Athenaeum.The best shops are also concentrated in the southern part of Calea Victorei: Emporio Armani, Elysee Gallery or Helvetia Luxury watch shop.

You don’t have to go far from this area to eat well either, as there are a few restaurants and pubs where you can spend the day, the most recommended place is the Victoria Passage (covered by colorful umbrellas).

Cozy, it has restaurants like Centru and clubs to go out at night like Route 66.Also from the middle north of the avenue, there are other restaurants like Primus, Coolinart or Za Lokal.



Neighborhood that part of Sector 6, is to the East of the city and on a is a residential neighborhood, but it has many tourist attractions, especially in terms of its monumental heritage.It is connected to the central area by the E81 Avenue and Splaiul Independentei, which run along the Dambovita River.

Along these avenues there are several metro, tram and bus stops.

A large part of Bucharest was for a long time covered by forest and Cotroceni was one of the last central districts to be urbanized.

Moreover, the neighbourhood is mostly made up of terraced houses and villas with many gardens and small parks.

In the neighbourhood there are also other places of interest such as the National Museum of Cotroceni, located in the Palace of the same name; a university complex, the Bucharest Opera House or the Church of St. Elefterie.

In the east, on the border with the old town, it is also interesting to visit the surroundings of the Palace of Parliament (former Parliament of the communist government), surrounded by a large park with forest included.

As for shopping, given the residential character of the neighborhood, there are not many shopping streets, except Izvor Street, especially in the south area.However, in the western part of the neighbourhood, there is one of the biggest shopping centres in Bucharest: the AFI Cotroceni, with a skating rink inside, several floors, an IMAX cinema, restaurants and hundreds of shops.In the north-west, near the Eroilor Park, is Bocca Lupo.

A little further south, it may also be an option to visit the Museum Restaurant, at the foot of the Dimitrie & Aurelia Ghiata Memorial Museum, or extend the evening at the Café 35 pub, a quiet place with a terrace and south of the Eroilor Park.


8.Baneasa and airport

The last place to recommend is the airport district, southeast of the airport and north of the area of the great lakes of Bucharest.Although the neighborhood already had some villas in the 30’s of the last century, it is from the year 2000 when it is developed urbanistically.

It is worth mentioning that the city has two airports located in the same direction from the center, the main one Henri Coada and the smaller one of Baneasa.It is in the area of the latter where there is more interest from the visitor’s point of view.

It is mainly residential and its southern area is occupied by the large Regele Mihai Park, which also houses one of the large lakes in the area.The prices, however, are slightly more expensive than in other areas of Bucharest.

The main attraction of Baneasa are its natural areas, which have not changed much from when Bucharest was more forest than city. In this green area, besides being able to take long walks, there are also places for entertainment such as the small Copillor Amusement Park, located on a small island.

Baneasa is also a place for shopping in its northern area, east of the airport, in fact, one of the reasons for the growth of this neighborhood was the construction of the Baneasa Shopping Center, with large dimensions, all kinds of shops and restaurants, and to the northeast of the shopping center we must also highlight the Bucharest Zoo, already at the edge of the city.

Along the wooded areas surrounding the lakes you can also find quite a few restaurants, such as Herastrau, opposite the island mentioned; Cherhanaua Ancora to the south of the last one mentioned and specialized in fish, or Clubul Diplomatic, to the north and on the opposite side of the island, where, by the way, there is a golf course.

Also, just south of the airport there are numerous restaurants on Bulevar Ion Ionescu de la Brad, such as Cocosatu’s Place or Capricciosa.

What is the best area to stay in Bucharest?

Bucharest is a city full of history and culture, it is the capital and the most populated city in Romania, and also the most important in terms of trade, industry and culture.

The best area to stay in Bucharest is undoubtedly the city center , due to several reasons: First of all, it is here where we will find practically all the monuments and emblematic squares of the city that are worth knowing.And secondly, it is in the centre where you will find the biggest offer of hotels, restaurants and bars of the city. Lipscani street is considered to be the heart of this charming old quarter, and on it you will find a huge variety of bars and restaurants with a lot of atmosphere, as well as several good hotels at more than reasonable prices.

The centre of Bucharest is small compared to the tourist centre of other European cities, which makes it easier and faster to know and understand.Its narrow streets have a lot of atmosphere and charm, while the buildings are mostly very old, somewhat neglected, but very picturesque.

Among the attractions of the city that are located in the center, are the Palace of Parliament , the Macca-Villacrosse Passage , the Stavropoleos Monastery , the Church of St. Petersburg , the Church of St. Petersburg , the Monastery of St. Petersburg and the Monastery of St. Petersburg , and the National History Museum , among others.

In the map that shows the best area to stay in Bucharest are located a selection of the best hotels to stay .

If you are interested in knowing where to stay in Bucharest you may also be interested in knowing where to stay in Bratislava, Budapest or Vienna.

The best areas to stay in the centre of Bucharest

Old Town

The best hotels in Bucharest are in the Old Town, especially around Piața Unirii, where you can find one of the main metro stops, the RATB bus link station and a tram terminal, making it a particularly privileged location to travel to other parts of the city easily by public transport.

A large part of what used to be the old town of Bucharest was destroyed to make way for large modern buildings, but the few streets that remain intact have been closed to traffic and now offer a vibrant atmosphere with excellent restaurants and pubs, all kinds of shops and a lively nightlife.Although this is the most touristy area of Bucharest, the prices of both accommodation and restaurants are quite affordable so it’s worth taking advantage of the opportunity to enjoy luxury accommodation at permissive prices.

Hotels in Bucharest Old Town

Victoriei Avenue

Victory Avenue (Calea Victoriei) is the most important artery in Bucharest and also the oldest one.

On Victoriei Avenue you can find some of the most representative buildings and places of interest in the city, such as the Romanian Athenaeum, the National History Museum, the Cantacuzino Palace, the Cec Palace, the Revolution Square or the Telephone Palace.In addition, from Victroriei Avenue it is easy to take taxis or public transport to the centre and other areas of the city.

Hotels in Victory Avenue

University of Bucharest

Only 15 minutes walk from Piața Uniri is Piața Universității, surrounded by numerous hotels with excellent locations.The University Square is surrounded by some of the main tourist attractions, such as the Ion Luca Caragiale National Theatre București and a sign at the foot of the National Theatre that marks the «0 kilometre» of Romania.

The luxurious Athénée Palace Hilton and the Hotel InterContinental Bucharest, one of the tallest buildings in all of Bucharest, and of course the University, are located on this square.Thanks to the wonderful architecture that surrounds the area it is possible to take a walk around the square, ride a bike through the adjacent streets or visit the different food stalls and shops that are located around the Square.

Hotels in Bucharest University

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