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Where to Stay in Ljubljana

The best area to stay in Ljubljana

Ljubljana is the capital of Slovenia, a small country situated on the northern, southern, eastern and western borders of Europe.The numerous tourist attractions of Ljubljana , the enormous historical importance of the city and the friendliness of its people are just some of the reasons why this beautiful city is increasingly appreciated among travelers.

Although there are many places to visit around the city, most of the most interesting ones are located in the Old Town .In the historical centre of the city we find all the most important tourist attractions, but also bars, restaurants, accommodation, shops, and everything else the visitor needs to have a lovely travel experience.

As Slovenia is a small country, staying in Ljubljana also allows you the possibility to visit other parts of the country.The most popular day trips are Lake Bled, the impressive cave Postojna or relax in the beautiful Mediterranean city of Piran .

Although the best area to stay in Ljubljana is the historical city centre, there are also other interesting areas, not far from the centre, which are also worth considering.Some of them are Trnovo , Poljane and Krakovo .

On the map you can see the best area to stay in Ljubljana and access to the best located hotels.

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Other areas to stay in Ljubljana

Besides the Old Town of Ljubljana there are other interesting areas to stay in:


One of the best areas to stay in Ljubljana is Trnovo. Trnovo is a quiet neighbourhood located just south of the city centre.From Trnovo, you can reach the city centre in just 10-20 minutes on foot. Accommodation in this part of the city is cheaper, compared to some of the city centre, and if you arrive by car you will find many places to park, which is not the case in the city centre where car parks are expensive and difficult to find.

Trnovo is famous for its beautiful church, gardens and attractive traditional houses with a back garden. Trnovo has an alternative attraction in town, the Sax Pub, where locals enjoy live jazz music every night. If you fancy a good dinner, there is also an extensive list of good restaurants in Trnovo.’, ‘Some of them are Jakob Franc gostilna, Dežela Okusov and Gostilna Pod vrbo.


Another interesting area to stay in Ljubljana is Poljane.Poljane is a district located in the south-east of the historical city centre, its most northern area being the main market of Ljubljana.The main market and the Castle Hill, located right in the south-western part of the quarter, make Poljane an ideal place to stay. There is a wide range of accommodation in Poljane, most of which is cheaper than in the city centre.

The walking distance to the Old Town is only a couple of minutes, This is what makes Poljane a popular area with tourists, this area is a little more crowded due to traffic, but still has a couple of interesting restaurants and bars in the area, the most recommended restaurant in Poljane is Hiša Pod Gradom, the cozy Kavarna pod uro, is another place to sit with a good cup of coffee and talk for hours.


A good place to stay in Ljubljana is the Krakovo district, which is unique and special in Ljubljana.You can’t escape the charm of the area as you walk through it, that’s why they still call it “the town of the town”. The area is extremely quiet. There is no traffic in Krakovo and there are still many garden areas where the locals grow their vegetables.

Staying in Krakovo is a good choice for visitors who want to enjoy the atmosphere, but also want to be close to the historical center, which is only a two minute walk away.there are no restaurants or shops in Krakovo, but the traveler finds everything he needs just two streets away, in the historical center.

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