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Where to Stay in Cáceres: The best places

Cáceres is the capital of the province of the same name, in the Community of Extremadura, a classic destination for national and international tourists due to its varied attractions.

Visiting the old town and strolling through the streets of this environment declared World Heritage Site is a trip to the medieval past, because its excellent state of preservation has earned it a place among the the best European historic centers .

You only have to go beyond the walls by the famous Arch of the Star or any of its gates to go through a labyrinth full of mansions, stately palaces and buildings full of history, witnesses to the splendour of ancient noblemen and legendary conquerors.

The view is continually taken by monumental buildings, from the imposing mansion and tower of the Pulpits , to the palaces of Hernando de Ovando , the Bishop\’s palace, the Golfines de Abajo with its plateresque facade and many more.

In the Plaza de Santa María , the heart of the city, is the church of the same name, the most recognized temple of Cáceres and the real mausoleum of the most prominent noble families.Right there is the famous statue of San Pedro de Alcántara, with the bronze of his feet worn out by the popular tradition of rubbing them to get wishes.

Cáceres has a lot to do and to taste, with a varied gastronomy in which the ham of acorn , «pata negra», is the biggest treasure.Ingredients such as paprika from La Vera mark its various soups, stews and casseroles, including the famous migas from Extremadura and one of the most exquisite cheeses of our country, Torta del Casar.

The city today moves between its stately past and a present that does not renounce to modernity, as it is visible in its festivals. On the one hand, it recalls its tradition with events such as the Medieval Market of the Old City , which for a few days is exchanged in a wandering of characters and scenarios of the Middle Ages.

On the other hand, the city becomes the annual stage of the WOMAD , a music festival that gathers performances by top artists from all over the world.

Accommodation in Cáceres

Cáceres is a city that has a good number and variety of accommodation .The establishments in this provincial capital of Extremadura have a good quality/price ratio.

It is not usually an expensive city, but quite the opposite.You can find hotels in Cáceres with a certain level of comfort from 45 euros , and 4 star hotels from 60 euros.

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Where to stay in Caceres Capital

Caceres is a small city that can be visited on foot.

Cheap accommodation in Caceres

Finding cheap accommodation in Caceres is not difficult at all There are several basic hotels that offer rooms from 35 euros a night and if you go up to 45 or 50 euros you will have a significant jump in quality.

On this website you can find some options at a good price in Cáceres and its region:

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Apartments in Cáceres

Apartments are becoming more and more fashionable and many people prefer to sleep in apartments rather than in hotels, especially for long stays.They are also an excellent option to stay in Caceres , which has an interesting offer of apartments for travelers.

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