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Where to Stay in Alicante Best Areas

If you are looking for the best areas to stay in Alicante because you are going to visit, the best option to avoid many trips is the center (both modern and historical) If you are interested in doing a little sun and beach tourism, the accommodations on the coast have good prices in mid and low season.

It is good that you take into account that, in the summer season and during the San Juan bonfire festival, tourists invade the city and the hotels take advantage of this to raise their prices.if you prefer to investigate a little more, below you will find an analysis of each neighbourhood in Alicante, with its advantages and disadvantages when staying in each of them.

The best areas to stay in Alicante

1.Centro Moderno de Alicante, the best area to stay in Alicante

The Centro Moderno de Alicante is a neighbourhood adjacent to the Old Town and the port of Alicante, which reflects the most cosmopolitan and urban part of the city.

The main train, tram and metro lines pass through here.Alicante’s main station is part of this district and has suburban, medium and long distance trains. Here you can also find the different buildings of the public bodies, where the people of Alicante go to do their business.

In the Modern Centre you will not find as much accommodation as in the Old Town of Alicante, but there is more than enough to cover the needs of visitors.

It is a neighbourhood for shopping and for disconnecting from the tourist hustle and bustle of the busy areas. Many tourists take advantage of this to do their shopping and then visit the beach near the Modern Centre, the Postiguet.

Accommodation is not as expensive as in the coastal areas of Alicante or in the Old Town.In high season a hostel room with shared bathroom is around 30 euros and a 3 star hotel room is around 70 euros.

2.Plaza de los Luceros, the center of the center

The area of the Plaza de los Luceros is one of the most central of the city, between the Modern Center of Alicante and the Old Town.Near the Plaza de los Luceros you will find the train station, the Central Market, the San Fernando Castle and the palace of the Diputación de Alicante.

Accommodation in this area is ideal if you are looking for something central and that provides mobility by public transport or walking.However, as it is a central location, prices are not as cheap as in the suburbs.

The Plaza de los Luceros is quite quiet at night and here you will find several hotels and hostels to sleep in Alicante.

In high season, a room in a 3-star hotel goes up to about 80 euros a night, and it will be difficult to find hostels for less than 30 euros sharing a room.

Keep in mind that during the Bonfires of San Juan festival in June, a fireworks show is launched in this square at midday, so it is full of many curious people and it is impossible to move around the area until the show is over.

A 3-star hotel room for one night in the Plaza de los Luceros in the middle of the festival can go up to over 100 euros. Remember to book well in advance.

3.Casco Antiguo, next to the modern center the best zone where to sleep in Alicante

If you want to sleep in Alicante and to enjoy as well one of the most emblematic and tourist zones of the city, the Casco Antiguo is your better option.

It is one of the most popular areas with tourists due to its rich architectural heritage, the wide range of cultural activities on offer and the number of activities on offer.

The Old Town is home to the Basilica of Santa Maria de Alicante, the Cathedral of San Nicolas de Bari, as well as the City Hall, the remains of the ancient walls, the Art Museum of Alicante, the Main Theatre and the Plaza Puerta de Mar among others.

Staying in Alicante in the Old Town area is very comfortable, as you have everything at hand and can walk to the most interesting places. In addition, several bus and tram lines run nearby, not inside the Old Town, so it will be easy to move to other areas.

In the Casco Antiguo there are several restaurants and cafes where you can eat and drink something, the nightlife is also very lively and here you can find some of the most fashionable nightclubs, if you want to shop or buy a souvenir of your visit to Alicante, the Casco Antiguo has the most interesting shops in the city.

When it comes to staying in Alicante, you should bear in mind that the Casco Antiguo is not the cheapest area of the city. 3 star hotels in high season can cost you around 90 euros a night, but in low season it is different and you can find hostels for 15 euros a night in a shared room.And hotels for 60 euros a night.

The advantage of this neighborhood is that it concentrates the largest amount of accommodation in the city, although they are quickly exhausted in summer.


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4.Postiguet, my favourite to be next to the old town and enjoy the beach

The Postiguet neighbourhood is quite close to the centre of Alicante and has one of the urban beaches of the city , the Postiguet beach.The promenade of this beach, adorned by the unmistakable postcard palms, covers the entire port of Alicante to the district of Ensanche Diputación.

In the Postiguet there is much to do.

The Postiguet has several water sports clubs, always full of people willing to practice windsurfing or play a little volleyball.Here you will also find many restaurants, both traditional food with the famous paellas, as well as international food or luxury restaurants.

This neighborhood is well connected by tram and bus, like the other neighborhoods of Alicante. At night there is much atmosphere on the promenade and you will find many shops open, discos and pubs.

Several of the most expensive hotels in Alicante are located here, but it is also possible to find good prices per room.

Prices in low season are around 50 euros a night and in high season they go up to more than double if you don’t watch is one of the most expensive areas in Alicante along with the Old Town.


5.Albufereta, to stay in Alicante on the beach

Between San Juan beach and Vistahermosa is the Albufereta district, an area that has a small beach, a port and several viewpoints.Here you will also find several supermarkets and restaurants, although few of them are on the beach.

This neighbourhood is connected to other beaches and to the centre of Alicante by buses and trams.If you travel with children, you can take them to the Family Park, which is near the commercial area of the Albufereta.

The Albufereta of Alicante is not an area with many hotels and accommodations, so the offer is minimal and is not the most popular to stay in Alicante.

However, if you are interested in the different archaeological sites in the area such as the ancient Iberian-Roman city of Lucentum, then this neighbourhood is your ideal choice, as its remains are located here.

In high season, 4 star hotels are around 70 euros per night, an option to take into account if you want to enjoy quality accommodation for little money.In low season, prices drop to around 50 euros a night in 3 star hotels.the apartments have very varied prices.for eating, there are several restaurants scattered throughout the area, with affordable prices and variety of dishes.


6.Cabo Huertas – Almadraba, a quiet area

Just between the Albufereta and the beach of San Juan is Cabo Huertas and the Almadraba cove. Cabo Huertas has one of the nudist beaches of Alicante Its coasts are ideal for diving and snorkeling and here is the nautical club Alicante Costa Blanca.</ The gastronomic offer is not very abundant, but it is more than enough to cover your needs.

In this neighbourhood you will also find several coves such as Cala de los judíos, Cala Cantalares, Cala Palmera and Cala Almadraba; all very quiet and with different natural spaces.

If you are looking for a nightlife area, this is not the ideal one, unless you join one of the groups of young people who frequent the beach at night.On the other hand, this area of Alicante is connected to the centre and to other beaches by tram and bus.

In the area of Cabo Huertas and the Almadraba cove there are not as many accommodations as in the San Juan beach, but if you want a quiet and less crowded place, it will be a good option to stay in Alicante, as long as you book in advance.

You can get to stay in a 3 star hotel for 50 euros a night in the low season.In the high season the prices rise a little, reaching about 90 euros a night. As in other beaches, here too private apartments predominate over hotels at different prices.


7.Playa de San Juan, ideal to stay in Alicante for those who want to be in the beach

The beach of San Juan is one of the most popular places in Alicante.It is quite far from the city itself, located right next to Cabo Huertas and La Albufereta, but this is not a problem for a pleasant stay, as San Juan Beach has all kinds of services and amenities.There are also supermarkets, cinema, golf courses, shopping centres and souvenir shops among other services.

In some of the rice fields on San Juan beach you can taste the typical seafood paella made with fresh ingredients.

At night, there are several beach bars open throughout the summer season, with good music and good atmosphere.

There are also several discos in the area and the tram and bus arrive at San Juan beach from the city of Alicante, so you will have no problems getting to the city centre.There are also several hotels near the beach, at about 70 euros a night in the low season.

You can find some hostels nearby, with a price of about 30 euros in the low season. In high season prices go up quite a bit, from about 120 euros a night in a 3-star hotel.

Remind you once again that if you are going to travel to Alicante in summer, especially during the Hogueras de San Juan festival, the official festival of Alicante, at this time the accommodation is quickly sold out and occupancy is very high.

Many tourists choose to stay on the beach of San Juan to take advantage of their stay with a little sun and beach, while enjoying the local festivals.


8.Train Station, to be well communicated

It is very common for visitors to want to stay near Alicante train station if that is their way to and from the city or if they are going to visit nearby towns.

The train station of Alicante is located a few minutes walk from the city center, near the area of Benalúa, and has a good number of accommodations around it, in addition, from this station departing trains, medium distance and long distance.

As the station is so close to downtown, you will find all the services you need nearby.In the vicinity you will find several restaurants, cafes, a tram link, a bus that takes you to the port and the beaches, shops for shopping, museums and travel agencies, etc.

If you have chosen the area of the station to sleep in Alicante, you will find lower prices than if you were staying in the historic center. In high season you can find a room in a 3 star hotel for 50

The prices in low season are lower and if you want to save as much as possible, you can choose a hostel for about 20 euros a night, although somewhat away from the station itself.


9.Airport, if you have an early flight

The Altet Airport is the airport that serves the city of Alicante.It is located about 10 kilometres south of the city centre, so staying in the vicinity of the airport is not a bad idea, as you can be in the city of Alicante in a short time. There are several means of transport that take you from the airport to the centre.Near the Altet Airport there are several hotels and hostels, with lower prices than in the city, as they are not located in the tourist center of the city.

A night in a 3 star hotel in low season can cost you about 45 euros. In high season you will find a room for about 60 euros per night.You should bear in mind that the hostels in the area are not as cheap as those in the centre, but they offer a more complete service.

If you don’t want to run out of rooms near Alicante Airport, it is better to book in advance.

If your visit is short and you don’t want to waste time travelling to the city centre to eat, you can go to the Urbanova beach, right next to the airport and with a wide range of restaurants.

Moreover, as it is a beach far from the city of Alicante, it is not crowded and you can take advantage of it to go for a walk. The town of Torrellano is also near the Altet airport, with enough services to cover your stay.

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