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Where to Stay in Asturias

5 Recommended places to stay in Asturias

Asturias is the most mountainous province of Spain and the second of the peninsula with more kilometers of coast.this combination makes Asturias a wonderful destination for nature lovers.if we add its rich history, culture and cuisine, the incentives to visit Asturias are irresistible.

The accommodation options in Asturias are diverse, both in its urban areas and in its beautiful villages. Its capital, Oviedo , is an elegant city full of history.The extensive Asturian coast offers an unbeatable list of fishing villages among the most picturesque in Spain. Llanes , Ribadesella and Luarca are the three most interesting options with a good offer of accommodation.

Finally, we must not forget that the interior of Asturias offers fantastic routes for lovers of forests and mountains. Cangas de Onís is not only a historic town but is also in an unbeatable location for exploring the Picos de Europa.

From hotels to rural houses in spectacular locations, the accommodation options in Asturias are both varied and of high quality.

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5 Recommended destinations to stay in Asturias


The capital of the Principality of Asturias is a stately city with a beautiful old town.Its location in the centre of the province makes it an ideal starting point for exploring Asturias.

Due to its long history it is considered a pre-Romanesque city.The series of monuments from this period that it boasts are unparalleled. In its urban centre are the churches of San Tirso El Real and San Julián de los Prados, as well as the Holy Chamber, created by the Asturian King Alfonso II.On the slopes of Monte Naranco you can admire two other jewels of this period: the churches of Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo.

The Plaza del Fontán is the nerve centre of Oviedo, an area with a great atmosphere and close to the Plaza de Abastos and the Town Hall.For art lovers, both the Fine Arts Museum and the Archaeological Museum offer extensive collections of great artistic value.

Hotels in Oviedo


Perhaps the most visited town in Asturias, Llanes has everything you would expect from a fishing village on the Cantabrian coast: beautiful architecture, idyllic beaches and delicious cuisine, all within easy reach of the Picos de Europa, making Llanes an ideal place to stay to discover eastern Asturias.

Llanes has a historic centre, declared a Historic-Artistic Site, bordered by a 13th century wall.

The Paseo de San Pedro, on the cliffs of Llanes, is a privileged place from which to contemplate the spectacular Asturian coast.Asturias has a wide range of rural accommodation, one of its attractions.

Hotels in Llanes

Cangas de Onís

One of the gates to the Picos de Europa National Park, Cangas de Onís was the cradle of the Reconquest and the first city and court of the Asturian Monarchy.

Its inland location, between the western coast of Asturias and the Picos de Europa, makes Cangas an exceptional place to stay and from which to discover the natural wonders of this part of Asturias.

Don’t forget that Asturian cheeses are some of the best in the country and Cangas is the ideal place to taste and buy them. Finally, if you can, don’t miss the traditional Sunday market.

Hotels in Cangas de Onís


At the mouth of the River Sella you will find one of the most emblematic towns in Asturias.Ribadesella combines history with a natural beauty strongly marked by the river that divides it. The International Descent of the Sella is the only Asturian festival declared of International Tourist Interest. It is a descent in canoe that is celebrated annually on the first Saturday of August.

In the vicinity of Ribadesella you will find the Cave of Tito Bustillo, a prehistoric cave declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to the importance of its cave art.

In addition to the river and the cave art, the old town and the Indian houses are a reflection of the historical importance of Ribadesella. A beautiful port and beautiful beaches such as Santa Marina and Atalaya make Ribadesella a perfect destination to stay in this part of Asturias.

Do not forget that as a fishing town, Ribadesella offers a wide range of restaurants to please the palate.

Hotels in Ribadesella


Staying in the beautiful fishing village of Luarca is one of the best options when it comes to exploring the beautiful west coast of Asturias.

Its Indian houses are the confirmation of the history of Luarca, whose inhabitants emigrated to America and on their return used their fortune to build these mansions.

We also recommend a stroll through El Cambaral, the fishermen’s quarter, as well as a walk along the river Negro and the seven bridges that cross it.Like any Asturian coastal town, the beaches around Luarca are beautiful, especially those of La Cueva and Otur.

Hotels in Luarca

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