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Where to Stay in Benidorm: The Best Places

Benidorm is one of the most popular tourist spots on the Spanish coast and if you are thinking of spending your holidays there you should know which are the best areas to stay in Benidorm .

Benidorm is a traditional tourist destination in Spain, as well as receiving many visitors from the rest of Europe.

Benidorm is called the Spanish Manhattan It is a coastal city whose main engine is the beach and leisure tourism.more than 5 million visitors a year endorse their proposal.

It is a city that knows how to combine an offer of services related to leisure that allows any pocket to enjoy it.It is normal that this city of the Costa Blanca is an ideal destination for those who want to have a night party, tapas, paella, beach and leisure in different facets.

One of the first things to do when arriving in the city is to choose between taking a dip in the beach or tasting a tasty paella in one of its many restaurants.Then we can take for a walk through the old town and visit the churches of San Jaime and Santa Ana, enjoy the views of the Mirador del Castillo in Benidorm and go on an excursion to the Island of Benidorm.

We have a wide range of leisure parks available , with the famous Terra Mitica at the head, or special water fun facilities for the little ones (and not so little ones).The famous discos are still there to keep the party going, as well as a large number of different styles of venues that liven up the night.

The gastronomic offer is extremely varied , with restaurants from almost anywhere in the world, as well as the local culinary offer led by the famous paella and seafood dishes.In short, Benidorm is a huge holiday resort and ready to satisfy almost any tourist profile, not in vain have been many years in the gap and has been a city that has managed to adapt to the times it has been living.

The hotel and tourist apartment plant is one of the largest in Spain.In fact is the third Spanish city after Madrid and Barcelona with the highest availability of tourist accommodation .There are many hotels aimed at family tourism, hotels only for adults, both cheap and super luxury hotels, and a wide range of tourist apartments that are a very popular option.

The best areas to stay in Benidorm

The vast majority of tourists who visit the city do so to enjoy the sun and its magnificent beaches so the best areas to stay in Benidorm are undoubtedly its beaches or near them.

The city is divided into two large beaches: Levante and Poniente, both separated by a strip of land in which you will find the small cove of Mal Pas. Basically you can say that Levante is the preferred one for young people as it is very lively and has nightlife, and Poniente is the one chosen by families and people looking for a little more relaxation.

In addition to these two beaches other very interesting options are Benidorm’s city centre , which allows you to be close to the beaches, the Mal Pas cove, or the Rincón de Loix neighbourhood .

1.Playa Levante, one of the most popular areas to stay in Benidorm

The bustling Playa de Levante is one of the two great beaches of Benidorm, it is a beach of very fine golden sand, just over 2 kilometres long and 55 metres wide on average It extends from Sierra Helada to Punta Canfali.

It is an excellent beach that has all the services available to spend a good day at the beach, it has a huge number of hammocks, a great offer to practice water sports like skiing, paragliding, or diving among others, and also playgrounds for children with swings, slides, and trampolines.

Along the beach there is a promenade very crowded with restaurants, bars, shops and all kind of shops that give you a lot of life.

Although is the beach preferred by young people to stay in Benidorm , welcomes all types of tourists The accommodation offer is overwhelming as in the rest of the city, however if you want to be near the beach should be booked in advance as the hotel rooms fly in this area

– Hotels in Levante beach

2.Playa de Poniente, excellent option to sleep in Benidorm

The Poniente beach with its more than 3 kilometers long and an average width of 75 meters is the longest beach in the municipality, like the Levante beach is an excellent beach with all the tourist services possible also has a promenade with good restaurants and bars.

has a much more peaceful and relaxed atmosphere than Playa Levante, it is visited by a higher proportion of national visitors and families than its neighbour and has a wide and varied offer of hotels and tourist apartments

3.Cala Mal Pas, between the two main beaches

Cala Mal Pas is situated on the stretch of land that separates the Levante and Poniente beaches.It is a small and quiet cove with an extension of 120 meters long and 30 meters wide.

– Hotels in Cala Mal Pas

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4.The centre of Benidorm, lively shopping area

The city centre area is another excellent option to stay in Benidorm The proximity to both beaches, its commercial and lively character, and the savings in accommodation prices compared to hotels on the seafront make this area an option to consider.

To find your way around, bear in mind that the historic centre, where it developed into a small fishing village, is located in the area between the two large beaches In this area you can visit the Castle, the Punta Canfali viewpoint, the Callejón area, the parish of San Jaime, the Port and the Cala del Mal Pas, among other things.

– Hotels in the centre of Benidorm

5.Rincón de Loix, the favourite place to stay in Benidorm among the foreign night owls

This neighbourhood situated towards the end of Playa Levante is another interesting option for to stay in Benidorm .It is an area that is characterized by its high buildings in which there are homes, hotels, and tourist apartments.

Welcomes a very international tourism , and in it are the parks of Aqualandia and Mundomar.

– Hotels in the Rincón de Loix

Cheap accommodation in Benidorm

If you are on a tight budget and can’t find anything to suit your needs, on this website you also have a wide range of cheap accommodation options in Benidorm:

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Flats for rent in Benidorm

Accommodation in Benidorm in an apartment is a classic.The city is full of flats for rent aimed at tourists and it is an option that can allow you to save money and in the case that you are travelling with your family or in a group it can be much more interesting than a hotel.

On a platform specialised in renting out apartments you will find flats for rent in Benidorm at interesting prices.

What is the best area to stay in Benidorm?

Benidorm is a city created and thought for tourism, so any area of it has all the services that the tourist demands. However, if we go to Benidorm we will surely want to enjoy its more than 6 kilometers of beaches, so the best area to stay in Benidorm will be in the seafront .

Benidorm is essentially divided into these two parts: Poniente , which is the most family friendly area, and Levante , the party area par excellence and always full of young people.visitors looking for fun 24 hours a day can opt for one of the many hotels in front of the popular Levante Beach which also has all kinds of services.If you are looking for a quieter environment, the beach of Poniente is the right choice. Between these two beaches is the small cove of Mal Pas and, in front of it, the island of Benidorm, a paradise for scuba diving lovers.

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Lodging in Benidorm

Benidorm is a Spanish city in the province of Alicante, located in the Valencian Community.It is known as the “New York of the Mediterranean” for being the city with the most skyscrapers per inhabitant in the world and the one with the highest concentration of visitors in all of Spain.

It is a tourist destination par excellence, in the summer it reaches almost half a million visitors, when normally it has less than 100 thousand.It basically consists of two beaches (Poniente and Levante) and 3 coves: La Almadrava with fine sand and crystal clear waters, perfect for scuba diving; the Ti Ximo located between steep cliffs that will allow you to rest away from the areas full of tourists; and the Mal Pas cove that separates Levante and Poniente and is ideal for scuba diving.

The Levante beach is the most popular and the favorite of young people, since it has a good atmosphere all year round. it is more than 2 thousand meters long, bordered to the north by the Sierra Helada and to the south by Punta Canfali. it is so popular that in high season it has more than 5 thousand hammocks. on this beach you can do water sports, such as skiing, paragliding or scuba diving.Despite being considered the beach par excellence for partying and youth, it also has areas for families, for example has a playground with swings, trampolines, rafts and slides.

Levante is bordered by the promenade which is full of bars, cafes and other entertainment venues.It has all the services that the bather may need and it is also adapted for people with disabilities and has maritime surveillance.

The Poniente beach, with a more familiar atmosphere, is more than 3 thousand meters long, it borders on the north with the marina and on the south with the Tossal.If you travel with your family, besides being able to enjoy this beach, you will also find other entertainment options that go beyond the famous bars and discos. For example, in Benidorm you will find the Terra Mítica theme park, with more than 25 attractions and set in 5 cultures: Egypt, Rome, Greece, The Islands and Iberia.

For the little ones there is 4kwatro, a park with games for children, for those who prefer water attractions there is Aqualandia, the water park for the whole family and Aqua Natura Benidorm, with more than 320 thousand square metres of surface area and four thematic areas.If this is not enough there is also Terra Natura Benidorm where you can see more than 1,500 animals of 200 different species, 50 of which are in serious danger of extinction, and more than 2,500 specimens of more than 160 species of trees, shrubs and upholstery from these regions.another option is Mundomar Benidorm, a park with sea animals.

For those who are looking for the famous entertainment of Benidorm’s nights they have to go to the Levante beach, zone 9 and the old town.In total the city has a variety of trendy clubs and more than 160 pubs of all styles, many of these are concentrated in the Paseo de Levante: KM Playa, Penelope Playa, KU Playa, Bay Beach, and the Richard New Look Playa club, one of the advantages is that entry to these places is free, also in the city we find the Benidorm Palace, a proposal that combines dinner with a show like Las Vegas or Benidorm Mediterranean Casino with games in its more than 3,600 square meters.

Without a doubt its beaches and fiestas are what attract most visitors, but there are many other offers, such as doing sports or some cultural activities organised by the Department of Culture or visiting historical places such as the Mirador del Castillo or Balcón del Mediterráneo or the Church of San Jaime, built in the 18th century for the patron saint of the city.

Benidorm has a wide range of hotels to suit all tastes, with hotels for adults only standing out in the opinion of users.This type of hotel, so fashionable these days, is especially aimed at those who are looking for a relaxed holiday, if they can spend a holiday away from all the hustle and bustle of Benidorm.

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