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Where to stay in Bilbao: The best places

Bilbao is a cosmopolitan city, adapted to the new times, which mixes the Basque tradition with the new trends.If you are lucky enough to be able to visit it soon, you will be interested in knowing which are the best areas to stay in Bilbao .

For art lovers the city offers us multiple visits. The Guggenheim Museum is perhaps one of the most important.This avant-garde building was designed by architect Frank Gehry and opened in 1997.

Other buildings not to be missed are the Arriaga Theatre, the Alhóndiga, the Basilica of Begoña, the Town Hall and the Abando Train Station.

The Casco Viejo, or the 7 streets as it is also known, is home to the most traditional shops and the most traditional restaurants. While visiting the Cathedral of Santiago and the Plaza Nueva nothing better than tasting some of the best typical skewers And that’s another of the great attractions of Bilbao are its delicious food.many famous chefs have studied in their schools and it is not difficult to find a good restaurant among its streets.

And to have a general view of the city, there is nothing better than taking the funicular railway and going up to the Artxanda Viewpoint We can enjoy the views and take a walk in the park and then, when we have a rest, go back to Bilbao, as there are many secrets and corners to be discovered.

Bilbao is not a cheap city In fact, when it comes to real estate, it is one of the most expensive, but accommodation in Bilbao is still more affordable than in cities like Madrid or Barcelona.”, ‘

To give you an idea, the pensions and the basic hotels are situated around the 40 – 50 euros , the 4 stars hotels from 75 euros , and the 5 stars hotels from 100 euros .In high season if you do not book in advance these prices (which you should only take as a reference) are higher.

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The best areas to stay in Bilbao

The best areas to stay in Bilbao are Ensanche , with neighbourhoods like Indautxu and Abando , and Casco Viejo , both very central areas.

1.The Centre of Bilbao

Bilbao is not a big city so you can visit it perfectly on foot or by public transport without investing a lot of time.Its centre can be defined as the districts of Ensanche, Casco Viejo, and the immediate streets along the estuary of areas such as Deusto and Uribarri.

This whole area would undoubtedly be the best area to sleep in Bilbao You will be close to everything, you will have a huge commercial and catering offer, and it is where there is more atmosphere.

– Accommodation in the centre of Bilbao

2.El Ensanche (Indautxu and Abando)

El Ensanche is a very modern, clean and safe area and it would be what we could define as the centre of Bilbao .It is the most central area and from it you can reach the most important tourist attractions of the city, as well as the neighborhoods located across the estuary.

is the most commercial area of Bilbao, so you will not lack places to go shopping, and you will not lack bars, to go out for pintxos and zuritos, and good restaurants .

– Accommodation in the Eixample

3.The Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is one of the most popular parts of Bilbao for tourists It is the oldest part of the city and is characterized by its cobbled streets full of shops, restaurants and bars , and by the lively that it is.

In this neighbourhood you can visit places such as the Cathedral of Santiago, the Church of San Antón or the Ribera Market . You will be a step away from the train station and the Town Hall, and by walking around you can discover the streets of the Eixample and get to know emblematic places such as the Guggenheim Museum.

You will find hotels and apartments for all budgets, and if you are looking for cheap accommodation in Bilbao this area is a good choice.


The neighbourhood of Deusto, where the University of Deusto is located, is also a good option for sleeping in Bilbao. Any street near the estuary is very practical as it guarantees a very central location.

There is less accommodation available in than in the other neighbourhoods, mainly hotels, but there are some hostels and tourist apartments as well.

– Accommodation in Deusto


Uribarri is a highly recommended area to stay in Bilbao due to its proximity to both the Ensanche and the Casco Viejo.

– Accommodation in Uribarri

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Bilbao also has some cheap accommodation options.There are several hostels that offer beds in shared rooms The price per night is usually around 15 euros In addition there are some very cheap pensions with private rooms from 30 euros.

On this website you may find some alternatives to cheap accommodation in Bilbao or in the surroundings:

– Backpacker accommodation in Bilbao


The tourist apartments are an excellent alternative to traditional hotels for accommodation in Bilbao .It is an option that allows you more flexibility, space, and generally offers you better prices.

On a platform specialized in renting tourist apartments you can find apartments for rent in Bilbao at very interesting prices.

– Flats in Bilbao

Which is the best area to stay in Bilbao?

If we are going to visit Bilbao for tourism or business the best area to stay is the city centre If we look at the map of Bilbao’s centre, we see that from Plaza Moyúa to the Guggenheim museum it is an eight minute walk.With this reference we see that we can reach on foot all the points of interest: the old town, located on the other side of the estuary; the Fine Arts Museum; the San Mamés stadium and the Gran Vía, the main shopping street in Bilbao.

In the centre there is no lack of restaurants and bars to enjoy the typical Basque food.In the area of Indautxu the offer of bars and restaurants is endless, the area of Abando and the Casco Viejo are the best areas for bars

Transport is not a problem if we stay in the center.We have easy access to the Bílbao underground to visit the rest of the city and bus stops connecting us to the airport .

In Bilbao the 5 star hotels are relatively cheap compared to other big capitals, so a trip to Bilbao can be a good occasion to stay in our first 5 stars.

In the map of the best area to stay in Bilbao you will find a selection of the best hotels to stay .

If you are interested in knowing where to sleep in Bilbao , you may also be interested in knowing where to sleep in San Sebastian, the other great city on a trip to the Basque Country.

Other areas where to stay in Bilbao

Although the vast majority of accommodation is located in the Abando district, the most central district of Bilbao, there is also accommodation available in some of the other districts and neighbourhoods of the city.

  • Casco Viejo: located within the district of Ibaiondo, Casco Viejo is the other area with a better offer of accommodation in Bilbao.”, ‘

Hotels in the Casco Viejo (Old Quarter)

  • Castaños: located in the south of the Uribarri district, the Castaños neighbourhood has some hotels along the Paseo Campo de Volantín, for those who want to enjoy the Nervión estuary.
  • Other areas: in other well-known areas of the city such as Deusto or Begoña there is practically no accommodation on offer, so if you have a special interest in visiting them, it is best to stay in the central district of Abando and get there within a couple of metro stops.

Cheap accommodation in Bilbao

As the attached graph shows, the cheapest months to visit Bilbao are the winter and late autumn months, when the cold and the rain come down on the capital of Bizkaia.

In spring and summer the prices are more expensive, but not as brazenly as in other destinations, especially on the coast.

If the hotels in Bilbao seem expensive to us we always have the option of staying in other types of accommodation that offer cheaper beds.For the youngest people, hostels sharing a room are the most obvious, while if we are a group or a family, we will always find it more convenient to stay in an apartment.

Where to sleep near Bilbao

If you are visiting Bilbao, the province of Vizcaya or the whole Basque Country, a good alternative is to stay in one of the nearby towns and cities:

  • Getxo: located 20 kilometres from the centre of Bilbao, and bathed by the Cantabrian Sea, with a unique landscape dotted with beaches and cliffs that make it an exceptional destination.

Hotels in Getxo

  • Mundaka: this small town on the Biscayan coast has become world famous for its left wave, and it is no wonder that it is considered the best wave in Europe in this category of surfing.This influx of surfers means that Mundaka has a wide range of accommodation on offer and is only 37 km from Bilbao.

Hotels in Mundaka

  • Bermeo: close to Mundaka and only 34 km from Bilbao is the port city of Bermeo.It is not the most beautiful town in the Basque Country but it has a good offer of hotels.

Hotels in Bermeo

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