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Where to stay in Burgos: The best places

To speak of Burgos is to refer to a city full of history, the cradle of very important characters in Spanish history, this city on the Castilian plateau has an impressive cultural and monumental heritage.If you are going to visit it, you should know the the best places to stay in Burgos.

Let\’s know a little more about the city and its tourist attraction before talking about the best options of accommodation in Burgos .

The attractive old town, excellent for a walk, is especially marked by the most famous monument of the capital of Burgos: the Cathedral of Santa Maria . Declared World Heritage Site , this temple whose construction began in the thirteenth century is an icon of Gothic architecture.Its elegant and peculiar silhouette has made many consider it the most beautiful Gothic cathedral in the world and to contemplate it illuminated at night is a unique vision.

In its surroundings, walking through cobbled streets that evoke remote times, currently full of lively bars and places of tapas and wines , we will find buildings that are worth visiting.

Among these buildings we can highlight the Monastery of Las Huelgas, the Convent of Santa Clara or the Church of La Antigua , as well as emblematic places such as the famous Arco de Santa María , one of the ancient gates of the wall and, of course, the Castle , restored as part of a charming park.

The gastronomy of Burgos is another of the enormous attractions for its visitors. There are many typical dishes, but the winter cold has made the most characteristic ones the pots, pans and hot stews, made with first quality raw material.

It is enough to mention the Castilian soup, the rotten pot and the excellent roasts of piglet, kid or lamb to recognize the unique personality of Burgos .We cannot forget a product as typical as the rice black pudding, known in the world as “de Burgos “.

Knowing and enjoying Burgos is a pleasure at any time of the year, but as in all cities, there are special moments, more emotional.The Holy Week processions, such as the Encounter and the Way of the Cross , are overwhelming, but the San Pedro and San Pablo festivities , at the end of June, are much more festive and joyful, when the city is full of cultural events and street activities.

Are you going to travel to this city and looking for accommodation?net we inform you about all the options to get good accommodation in Burgos at a good on and discover what you are interested in.

Accommodation in Burgos

Burgos is a small city that has a good number of accommodation options in relation to its size.its tourist attraction and its status as provincial capital favours a good variety and quantity of accommodation.

Our market leading partner offers you the largest selection of accommodation on the market You will find a wide variety of accommodation from small family run bed and breakfasts to exclusive apartments and luxury 5 star suites.

If for any reason you cannot travel or you find a hotel that you like better, you can cancel your reservation completely free of charge in most of the hotels. The reliability, flexibility and security of our partner makes it possible to find and book hotels in Burgos

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The best areas to stay in Burgos

Most of the options to sleep in Burgos are in the old town and there are also some options in nearby areas such as the University area.

Burgos Old Town

When looking for the best areas where to stay in Burgos you don’t have to make a big deal out of it, just choose any area in the old town.The old town is small and compact and you can reach all its points by taking a short walk.

In this area you will find most of its tourist attractions and a good offer of shops, bars and restaurants. If you want to sharpen your game any area between Burgos Cathedral and Plaza España and surroundings is perfect for staying in Burgos.

– Hotels in the old town of Burgos

University area of Burgos

Normally you will find accommodation in Burgos in the old town without major problems.However, if you want another alternative near the centre to be near everything you can check the hotels that are in the area of the University of Burgos.

– Hotels in the area of the University of Burgos

Cheap accommodation in Burgos

If you are travelling with a group of friends or you are travelling alone and you have a low budget you might want to stay in a hostel or other cheap accommodation in Burgos

If so, in this portal you may find cheap options where to stay in Burgos or in the region that fit what you are looking for:

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Apartments to rent in Burgos

Staying in an apartment can be a good alternative to hotels .It is possible to find very interesting prices, and enjoy more space and the benefits of an apartment.

Take a look at the available apartments for sleeping in Burgos You may find better prices and facilities than hotels for your dates:

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