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Where to stay in Cazorla: The best places

If you are going to visit the Sierras de Cazorla Natural Park you are interested in knowing the best options where to stay in Cazorla and have the best prices.The area has a good offer of traditional accommodation and also very cosy rural hotels.

The Parque Natural Sierras de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas is one of the most beautiful and impressive natural enclaves of the Peninsula.Located in the province of Jaén , it occupies a fifth part of it, it is an impressive green monument, but it is not only nature, the town that gives name to the park, Cazorla, is declared Historic-Artistic Site.

One of the most important visits, apart from enjoying the natural environment, is the visit to the Castillo de la Yedra de Cazorla At the beginning it was a Muslim fortress, but it was remodelled and finished by the Castilians, with a great gothic influence.

The castle has two sections: one with the history of the castle, located in the Tower of Homage, and the other with the Museum of Arts and Popular Customs This construction was eminently military, so its architecture is very sober and functional.Due to the environment where it was erected, the Castle of La Yedra is an imposing monument.

We can also visit The Ruins of Santa Maria , a church of the 17th century that unfortunately suffered the vicissitudes of the weather and the wars.

Also the gastronomy is another of the facets that we are going to enjoy in Cazorla, to a typically Andalusian culinary tradition they join the excellent quality of the olive of the land of the oil, and the candies and traditional confectionery.

Of course, the star activities that we are going to find are those of adventure . And it is that if you like the mountain, the nature, breathing pure and clean air, observing the animals in their environment (remember always to be very respectful), and definitively, to spend it of luxury stepping the earth, this is your destiny.

Special mention to the trail network , it is worth preparing in advance the routes and carrying them out. They are a great way to enjoy Cazorla both alone and in the company of friends or family.

Accommodation in Cazorla

In Cazorla you will find a good offer of accommodation which gives service to the visitors of this beautiful place.

The offer is varied and ranges from simple hostalitos to excellent 4 and 5 star hotels and the Andalusian region of Cazorla is characterized by its good rural hotels.

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The best areas to stay in Cazorla

Basically the best areas to stay in Cazorla include the town of Cazorla itself or some area around it if you are into rural tourism.In the village it doesn’t matter where you stay as it is small and can be reached on foot.

Cheap accommodation in Cazorla

You will have no problem finding cheap accommodation in Cazorla There are several cheap hotels where you can sleep for between 40 and 50 euros a night if you book in advance.

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Apartments for rent in Cazorla

Another recommended option for accommodation in Cazorla is to rent a flat or a cottage.This is especially interesting if you are travelling in a group or simply looking for more space for less money than a hotel room normally costs.

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