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Where to stay in Conil de La Frontera: The best places

The Costa de la Luz in Cadiz has as one of its references Conil, a typical fishing village whose tourist attraction is undeniable.

Not only will we find fantastic beaches , but also culture and art that fill its streets. At all times you can breathe the Muslim past, with beautiful whitewashed houses of a radiant white dotted with geraniums and pots of colorful flowers.

The historical center so typically Andalusian , houses churches such as Our Lady of Virtues, sixteenth century, or the Mercy, seventeenth century.if you like the chapels of the sea, do not miss the Hermitage of the Holy Spirit.

Of course, the gastronomy Conil’s seafood is a luxury for the palate.

If you are into sports and adventure , you are in luck, diving, surfing and water sports are the unquestionable protagonists with the ocean in the background, hiking in the surroundings and discovering coves and beaches is also a great option.We can go from Conil to the Tómbolo de Trafalgar and visit the beach of El Palmar. In short, enjoying this town will be very easy.

Accommodation in Conil de La Frontera

Conil is a charming tourist destination that has a wide range of hotels, apartments and houses to rent.In this town you will find from very simple hotels for just over 30 euros to fantastic resorts of 4 and 5 stars.

As in all the coast of Cadiz you have to consider that in the summer months the prices go up a lot and the hotel beds are filled with several months in can find the best prices of hotels in Conil de La Frontera on this website:

– Accommodation in Conil de La Frontera

The best areas to stay in Conil de La Frontera

The three main areas to sleep in Conil are the area of the village itself, Fuente del Gallo Beach, and Cabo Roche

The village of Conil

In its small town is where most of the accommodation of Conil de la Frontera is concentrated .By staying there you will be able to enjoy a select destination for sun, beach, cultural and gastronomic tours, as well as a good atmosphere for your nights.

– Hotels in the centre of Conil de la Frontera

Cabo Roche

Cabo Roche is a very natural area of great beauty with beaches such as the Playa de Roche , very little frequented, and the well-known Calas de Roche. These are beautiful coves located on the cliffs of Roche and where there are usually not many people because they have a somewhat complicated access, you have to go down long and steep stairs, which makes many people desist from visiting them.

The area of Cabo Roche is a good option for to stay in Conil for those who seek tranquility and enjoy a wild and beautiful coast without having to suffer the burden of masses of tourists.

– Hotels in Roche

Fuente del Gallo Beach

Fuente del Gallo Beach is an excellent beach of more than 1000 meters long and 25 meters wide, with crystalline waters and fine golden sand, it has little depth which makes it a very good option for to enjoy it with children .

It is characterized by its famous Three Stones which can be reached by swimming at low tide and it is a very popular beach for the practice of wind-surfing

In this area there are also some hotels and it is very popular to rent apartments or private houses.

– Hotels in Playa Fuente del Gallo

Cheap accommodation in Conil

If you are travelling with a group of friends or you are travelling alone and you have a low budget you might want to stay in a hostel or other cheap accommodation in Conil de La Frontera .

In winter you can find with some luck some youth hostel with beds in shared rooms from 15 euros , and several cheap hostels with double rooms from 25 euros In summer the prices increase significantly.

Take a look at the possibilities this town offers and also in the surroundings on this website:

– Cheap accommodation in Conil de La Frontera

Apartments and villas in Conil de La Frontera

Apartments are becoming more and more fashionable and many people choose to stay in apartments instead of hotels, especially for long stays.

Renting an apartment or a house in a beach area is an excellent idea because of the independence it gives you, and of course it is a good idea for to stay in Conil de La Frontera where there is already a wide range of this type of accommodation, and where every year the offer grows:

– Apartments for rent in Conil de La Frontera

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