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Where to Stay in Cordoba, Spain

What is the best area to stay in Cordoba?

What better than staying less than 5 minutes walk from the Mosque on our visit to Cordoba!In Best Location Hotels we have selected 7 hotels in the heart of the historic center of Cordoba , in the wonderful Jewish Quarter.

The Mosque of Cordoba is one of the most visited monuments in Spain and a must if you visit this historic Andalusian city.Together with the Alhambra in Granada, they are the highest expression of Andalusian architecture, carried out by the Muslims and therefore very different from the great cathedrals that can be found in the rest of Spain.

The Jewish Quarter is the other must visit in Cordoba.Beyond its cultural interest with all the vestiges of its Jewish past, the neighborhood is a charming maze of narrow streets, where flowers give color to the patios and white facades of its houses and palaces full of history.The main attractions of the Jewish quarter are, besides the Mosque, the Synagogue, the Hospital of Cardinal Salazar, the Roman Temple and the Minaret of San Juan.

Also not to be missed the Roman Bridge which crosses the Guadalquivir and the site of Medina Azahara , located 7 km from the city.

In Cordoba there is no doubt that the best area to stay is the historic centre near the Mosque .

In the map that shows the historical centre of Cordoba , there are the best hotels to stay in .

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Cheap accommodation in Cordoba

As the graph shows the evolution of prices during a year in a hotel in Cordoba, the cheapest periods to visit Cordoba are winter and summer.

It is not surprising that we can find the cheapest hotels in the summer as Cordoba suffers from an unbearable heat of up to 40 degrees that does not invite you to go outside.spring and autumn are undoubtedly the best times to visit it.

If the hotels seem expensive we always have to keep in mind other cheaper options that Cordoba offers, from apartments to hostels and pensions, through B & B and beds in private homes.

Where to sleep near Cordoba

If we are travelling around Andalusia by car and we want to sleep near the capital city of Cordoba to save money or because we don’t arrive on time, these are the closest cities where we can stay:

  • La Carlota: located just half an hour by car from Cordoba on the A-4 towards Seville, La Carlota has no special charm or much choice of hotels, but it is close by.
  • Montoro: a more attractive option if we go down by car from Madrid is to stay in Montoro, just 35 minutes from Cordoba. Montoro, with its white houses looking out over the Gualdalquivir, is one of the most picturesque villages in the province and a pleasant and peaceful place.
  • Lucena: if you are coming from Malaga on the A-45 the best place to stay is in Lucena, about 50 minutes drive from the capital.Lucena is worth a visit for its rich historical and artistic heritage of an important Arab, Jewish and Christian past.we recommend staying at the beautiful hotel Santo Domingo Lucena located in an old convent.

What is the best area to stay in Cordoba?

The best area to stay in the city is the Nueva Cordoba neighbourhood. This area has a stately architectural is the most cosmopolitan neighbourhood located in the heart of the city and next to the historical is the fashionable area of Cordoba where you can find independent design shops, antiques and art.In this neighborhood we can walk through the Patio Olmos, where the main commercial center of the city is located with movie theaters, food court and fashion shops.

In the center we find most of the tourist attractions , like the San Marin Square or the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, known as The Capuchins.Next to it is the Paseo del Buen Pastor where we find the most varied and exclusive gastronomic options.

Another option to stay is the Gûemes neighborhood , one of the oldest in Cordoba, a few meters from downtown and Nueva Cordoba, known for its cultural movement.It has its epicenter in the Paseo de las Artes that summons, Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, people of all ages who tour the cultural Güemes with shopping galleries, fairs, art bars, restaurants and places with musical shows

In the map that shows the Nueva Cordoba neighborhood are located a selection of the best downtown hotels where to stay .

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Accommodation near Cordoba

If we want to enjoy the overflowing nature that characterizes Cordoba but we do not want to leave the capital, we have good alternatives less than 1 hour drive away.

  • Villa Carlos Paz: Only 36 km away from the capital, Villa Carlos Paz is a tourist town very visited by the people of Cordoba and that is why it has a wide range of accommodation. Located on the shore of San Roque Lake and crossed by two rivers, it is very popular in summer for everything related to water: fishing, water sports or simply bathing in the river or lake.
  • Alta Garcia: If you like history, Alta Garcia is the ideal place to stay near the capital, only 38 km away from the village where the mythical Che Guevara grew up and where the master Manuel de Falla died.
  • Villa General Belgrano: Not so close (85 km), but a must if we spend a few days in the province, Villa General Belgrano can be our option as its popularity makes it have a wide range of accommodation as the capital itself.Its architecture and customs contributed by German, Swiss and Austrian immigrants are its main charm.

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