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Where to stay in Cuenca: The best places

The best areas to stay in Cuenca are in the historical center , where you can find the Cathedral and the Hanging Houses, but the new area of the city is also an excellent option because Cuenca is small and you can walk to all places

Cuenca is the capital of the province that has the same name.It is located in the community of Castilla-La Mancha , and is a very interesting tourist destination, perhaps the best known of it are its Hanging Houses and its walled city, the fortified city of Cuenca World Heritage Site since 1996

Within the walled city are the Intramuros, the Barrio del Castillo, the Barrio de San Anton and the Barrio Tiradores which is a delight to walk.We will find a very well conserved cultural heritage , especially in its old town, with its streets, its singular buildings, and its churches.

In addition the city gives us spectacular views with its viewpoints over the river Jucar. Casas Colgadas , buildings in front of the gorge of the river Jucar, whose balconies hang in the air.

The oldest buildings that we can visit include the Cathedral , of Romanesque and Gothic manufacture, where we will see the Chapel of the Knights, the Jamete or the Transparent.We can also see the ruins of the Castle, or the old court of the Inquisition, today the provincial historical archive. The Convent of La Merced, the Monastery of the Barefoot Franciscans or the church of El Salvador are also a must for those who like sacred art.

In addition to the artistic representations that its rich patrimony offers us, Cuenca offers us a natural environment to discover corners and to practice sports enjoying the open air, and a exceptional gastronomy .

In Cuenca there is a good variety of accommodation options: hotels, youth hostels, or even renting a flat are options you will have in this city.

If you look ahead you can find simple but comfortable two and three star hotels for 30 euros and good four star hotels for just over 60 euros.

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The best areas to stay in Cuenca

Cuenca is a small city where practically all the available accommodation is concentrated in its historical centre, or very close to it.

This city is divided into two clearly differentiated areas the old part and the new part The old part is located on a rocky hill bordered by the Júcar and Huécar rivers.

1.The historical center of Cuenca

The historical center is the most charming place for to stay in Cuenca In it you can find some of the best known tourist attractions like the Hanging Houses or the Cathedral among many others.If you want to find good offers in this area it is convenient to book in advance.

– Hotels in the historical center of Cuenca

2.The new area and the train station of Cuenca

The surroundings of the train station is an ideal option for to stay in Cuenca if you are looking for good connections.This is a practical option which also allows you to visit the city without having to move around too much.

Between the train station and the old town is part of the newest area of Cuenca.As the dimensions of the city are small any part of this area is suitable for to sleep in Cuenca

– Hotels in the new area and near the train station of Cuenca

3.The Enchanted City

The Enchanted City is not far from the capital, is an ideal place to get lost among its rock formations of karst modeling, and there are numerous offers for adventure activities that we can find.If you want to stay near the Ciudad Encantada you can choose the good rural accommodation in the area.

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Cheap accommodation in Cuenca

If your budget is tight and you can’t find anything that fits your needs, we propose an interesting solution.In this link you can find other options of cheap accommodation in Cuenca city and in other towns of Cuenca province.

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Flats and rural houses in Cuenca

Flats are an option that is more and more demanded and that has advantages that a hotel cannot offer you.In Cuenca there are also interesting tourist apartments as well as villas and rural houses in the surroundings.

You can see a good offer of the apartments and lodging in casas rurales de Cuenca in the following link:

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