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Where to stay in Fuerteventura: The best places

Discover the best areas where to stay in Fuerteventura , a wonderful island that stands out for its spectacular beaches, some of the best in the Canary Islands, and for its beautiful natural landscapes.Divided in the regions of Jandia and Maxorata (term that gives name to majorero or gentilicio for the inhabitants of Fuerteventura), is the second largest island of the Canary archipelago , after Tenerife, and the most extensive in length.

Thanks to the fact that in 2009 UNESCO declared the island completely Biosphere Reserve , staying in Fuerteventura has been very much regulated in order to bet on sustainable tourism.

With its capital in Puerto del Rosario, Fuerteventura is the closest island to Africa and, together with Lanzarote, the most arid and full of extensive plains with few mountains, being the Pico de la Zarza, with 807 meters, the highest on the island.

On the other hand, of its 326 kilometres of coastline, almost half is made up of white, golden and black sand beaches, which has served to make the number of accommodations where you can sleep on Fuerteventura numerous and with sufficient resources.

Finally, it should be noted that Fuerteventura, apart from being visited for its beaches and tourist areas on the coast, also has a special attraction from a natural point of view.On the one hand, the island has 24 boilers, volcanoes or vents , and on the other hand, there are 8 protected natural areas , among which are the Natural Park of Jandia, the Rural de Betancuria, the Natural Park Corralejo and the Mountain of Tindaya.

Thanks to its international airport and its connections by ferry, Fuerteventura is a very accessible tourist destination with millions of visitors a year.

The best areas to stay in Fuerteventura

Having a rough idea of which are the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura and how they are will help you to choose the ideal area for your travel expectations.


Corralejo is a of the most touristic areas of Fuerteventura.It stands out for its natural attraction as it has a Natural Park with dunes like the Moor and even a volcano: the Red Mountain . It is one of the most popular options to stay in Fuerteventura.

Also noteworthy is the Island of Lobos , in front of the town and can be visited by boat, family leisure areas such as the Baku Water Park, and its magnificent beaches from almost the port to the south of the city.

In terms of restaurants, Corralejo was originally a fishing village so there is a long culinary tradition based on fresh fish and seafood , to which we can add a multitude of restaurants and bars of international cuisine, many of them located on the beachfront.

Well connected to the north and east of the island, many visit Corralejo to do shopping in their clothes shops, bazaars, jewellery shops and supermarkets.Finally, given its international and touristic character, Corralejo also offers a good repertoire of bars and some discotheques.

– Accommodation in Corralejo


Also in the northern area and a few kilometres from Corralejo, Cotillo is the most touristic point of the west coast but with much less touristic influx than the eastern areas of the is a fishing village with good gastronomic offer in fresh products and good restaurants in the area of the port and Playa de la Concha.

But, above all, Cotillo stands out for its beaches of white sand and clear turquoise water The most recommended are Los Charcos and Los Lagos, in the north, and Piedra Playa in the south.

Neither should we miss the visit to the old defensive tower El Tostón , from which you will have good views of the area.For nightlife and shopping, although there are some shops, it is best to go to Corralejo, well connected by the road that runs through Lajares.

– Accommodation in Cotillo


Lajares is another point of interest in the north of the island and much less tourist where you can learn about the lifestyle of the majoreros or buy local crafts in their small shops.You can also take the opportunity to visit the Ermita de San Antonio and two nearby mills, or try the local cuisine.

Other activities of interest include following a volcano route from Lajares itself to Corralejo, or going south to another inland village of interest: Oliva.

As far as accommodation options are concerned, in the last few years some rural houses have been opened by the local population, although the atmosphere is still purely that of an inland village. As you can imagine it is not a very popular place to stay in Fuerteventura.

– Accommodation in Lajares


Oliva, which gives its name to the whole municipality, has in the Parque Malpaís de la Arena its great natural attraction, and in the handicraft museum “La cilla”, the one of the Traditions and the Centre of Canarian Art or Casa Mané the same on a cultural level.

In addition, there are other historical buildings such as the church Nuestra Señora de la Candelaria and the Ermita Nuestra Señora de Puerto Rico.

As for shopping, restaurants and leisure, the city does not have many resources except for small shops and the museums themselves where you can buy some souvenirs.Like Lazares, the type of accommodation is rural house or room rentals in houses.

– Accommodation in Oliva

5.Puerto del Rosario

In the central area, on its east coast and near the international airport is the capital of the island Puerto del Rosario.It is the most populated city, with a large port and where the largest services on the island are concentrated.

Its cultural offerings stand out with centres such as the Museum of Modern Art and the Miguel de Unamuno Museum; buildings such as the Nuestra Señora del Rosario Church, or its more than 100 open-air sculptures.

As for shopping , the city has two streets where most of the shops are concentrated: Calle 1 de Mayo and León y Castillo, to which we must add the Las Rotondas Shopping Centre, the largest on the island with more than 100 shops, and supermarkets such as Mercadona and Lidl.

Among the city’s beaches, Playa Blanca , 800 metres long and with golden sand.And to enjoy the gastronomy of the city, the area around the Av.Reyes de España has the best offer of local and international cuisine.this area also has the highest concentration of pubs and there are a couple of discos, although in general it is a quiet city.

– Accommodation in Puerto del Rosario

6.Costa Antigua

If you want to enjoy a really quiet holiday one option to stay in Fuerteventura is Costa de Antigua, located south of the airport in front of a coast without beach, has a wide range of bungalows and aparthotels.It is rather an option to have it as a base camp and move around the island by car

The environment is quite international as many of the residences belong mostly to British and German In any case, it is well connected to the north with the capital and south with Caleta de Fuste.

– Accommodation in Costa Antigua

7.Caleta de Fuste

Caleta de Fuste is a much more lively area which has large hotels but above all numerous bungalows and apartments of second residence, which has generated a more family type of tourism.

has a large beach with very little waves as it is protected by an inlet; entertainment areas such as the Oceanarium Explorer, diving clubs and a wide range of water sports ; historical heritage like the San Buenaventura Castle and Hornos de Cal de la Guirra, and an important amount of restaurants mostly of international cuisine.

In matters of shopping , there are two HiperDino supermarkets, the big Centro Comercial Atlantico, to the south, with all kinds of shops and some Yelmo Cineplex cinemas; a golf course and for night entertainment, although there are no big discos, there are numerous pubs , mostly with international atmosphere.

– Accommodation in Cala de Fuste

8.Gran Tarajal

The Gran Tarajal being a fishing village offers a good gastronomic offer based on fish and seafood prepared in a majorero style in restaurants such as the Cofradía Pescadores Gran Tarajal, in front of the port of the city.

This does not mean that there are no other types of kitchens, such as international restaurants (especially Italian food) in front of the large beach of the city , east of the port.

For shopping, the city centre is well supplied with small shops with all kinds of products, from fishing equipment to clothes and sports equipment, and the nightlife is concentrated around the city’s large beach with several pubs and some discos.

Although has a little bit of everything is not a very touristy place like Corralejo but more a town that has developed around the port and with a local gastronomy of great quality.

– Accommodation in Gran Tarajal

9.Costa Calma

Costa Calma is a town prepared for tourism.It has a couple of kilometres of beaches with shallow water and among which the Playa de Sotavento stands out, home to international water sports competitions.

Its popularity for the practice of water sports has favoured the proliferation of shops selling sportswear, sailing clubs and a surf school.To all this, of course, we must add several shopping areas such as the Palmeral, a large bazaar where you can buy perfumes, fashionable clothing or souvenirs of the island.

Here you will find numerous restaurants , mostly international cuisine: German breweries, English pubs, pizzerias, Indian restaurants, and some local restaurants such as the Obrador Majorero with menus of Canarian cuisine.

As for the nightlife , besides the pubs, there are beachfront clubs like Coco Beach or small discos like DVN Fuerteventura in the Centro Comercial Bahía Blanca.

Costa Calma you will not lack anything.

– Accommodation in Costa Calma

10.Morro del Jable

Morro del Jable, although it was populated by fishermen in the first half of the 20th century, its development as a tourist centre dates back to the 1960s.In this area you can find some of the best beaches of the island, and it is an ideal environment to make excursions as it is surrounded by the Jandía Natural Park .

As a tourist area, it has in the surroundings of the Tofio pedestrian street the highest density of shops and restaurants of international cuisine, especially, in front of the beach of the Tomás Grau Gurrea Avenue.

To the west of this one, we recommend a visit to the Mirador Aussichtsplatform , from where you have very good views of the coast. If you want to try the local cuisine, the best thing to do is to go to the port, where there is a restaurant of the Fishermen\’s Guild.

To the east, on the sides of the FV-2 motorway you will find the best hotels and aparthotels , the Jandía beach and the Morro Jable lighthouse, opposite the Matorral beach where there are several beach bars.

Its beaches, the Jandía Natural Park, its gastronomic possibilities and its enormous offer of leisure activities, to which we can also add a wide range of accommodation, make one of the best areas to stay in Fuerteventura .

– Accommodation in Morro del Jable


Fuerteventura has a wide variety of hotels between one and five stars.

Corralejo to the north; Castillo de Caleta de Fuste, to the south of Puerto del Rosario; Costa Calma and Jandía to the south, and the capital itself are the areas with the largest hotel offer, all on the east coast of the island.

As for the prices for to stay on Fuerteventura , the inland areas of the island have considerably cheaper accommodation , especially in the north, around the Natural Park Malpaís de la Arena, with prices that can fall below 30 euros per room.

In relation to the most popular places, Corralejo offers the best quality/price ratio in both hotel accommodation and holiday apartment rentals, which does not exclude that better offers cannot be found in the other popular areas.

As with the rest of the islands, the climate of the Canary Islands favours tourism during all year round , so the separation between low and high season is not as clear as in the Spanish mainland tourist areas.

In the months of May and June is when the affluence of tourists is lower, being also the time with the most economic prices. On the other hand July, August and October are the months of high season when the prices by room or rent of apartments are something more expensive.

– Accommodation in Fuerteventura


Sleeping in Fuerteventura does not have to be expensive, However, it must be said that the island does not have many hostel-type accommodations, so the most economical option is still the rented apartments in flats converted into accommodation or apart-hotels.

Another aspect that influences the price is the time of year in which they are rented, being the months of lower occupation, May and June, when the cheapest rates can be obtained.

A third aspect that influences the price when looking for where to stay in Fuerteventura is the distance from the hotels or apartments to the most sought-after areas on the seafront.

In the case of Corralejo, three-star hotels in the month of April can offer prices as different as 170 euros if it is on the seafront, or up to 40 euros if the accommodation is on the outskirts and far from the beach.

Notwithstanding the above, if you opt for a hotel, a very popular option is the “all inclusive” which sometimes means a saving not so much on accommodation but on food, snacks and drinks, as many hotels have their own pubs and have offers for their customers.

– Cheap accommodation in Fuerteventura


A very popular option to stay in Fuerteventura are the tourist apartments or the villas.

What is the best place to stay in Fuerteventura?

If there is one thing that characterizes Fuerteventura is its wonderful beaches and the wide range of water sports that can be practiced, so if you are a sea lover, this is your destination.

If you are considering traveling to the island, the main hotel and tourist areas, where to find accommodation are: Corralejo, Cotillo, Caleta del Fuste, Costa Calma and Morro Jable

Corralejo is a very complete area in terms of accommodation and leisure, both day and night, although if the visitor wants to disconnect from the tourist areas and stay in a quiet place, without doubt, Cotillo is your place. Caleta de Fuste is also an area of tourist movement and has some very well equipped hotels and resorts. In the south of the island there are Costa Calma and Morro Jable which combine a hotel zone and another one with apartments and a great offer of leisure.

If you are interested in knowing where to stay in Fuerteventura , you may also be interested in knowing where to stay in Lanzarote, where to stay in Gran Canaria and where to stay in Tenerife.

The best places to stay in Fuerteventura


At the most northern point of the island is the municipality of La Oliva.The most important tourist centre of this area is Corralejo, a fishing village with a lot of tradition and where you can taste the main dishes of the Canarian gastronomy; its cheeses, the wrinkled potatoes, fresh fish of the day, at very affordable prices. This beach area is perfect for families with children, because they have all kinds of facilities and above all because of its crystalline waters and white sand.From this point you can also take a ferry trip to Lobos Island, an ideal destination for scuba diving lovers.

Another obligatory stop is the Natural Park of the Dunes, a magnificent place to contemplate the beauty of the golden sand.In this area you will find all kinds of accommodation, from the most luxurious 4 and 5 star hotel complexes, fully equipped, right on the seafront, with large swimming pools, private beach areas, all kinds of leisure activities for guests, etc… to more basic pensions and hostels but with everything you need to have a good stay.

In general, this part of the island combines a very family oriented tourism and an area of extensive beaches where you can practice all kinds of water sports such as KiteSurfing, Surfing and Windsruf.

Hotels in Corralejo

Caleta del Fuste

This area is located on the east coast of the island, just 5 minutes from the airport and 10 minutes from the capital, Puerto del Rosario.Its location makes it an ideal place to stay, since both the northern (Corralejo and El Cotillo) and southern (Costa Calma and Jandia) sites of interest are at the same distance.’, ‘Caleta de Fuste has become the town with the greatest tourist and residential projection, thanks to its infrastructures of leisure and sport, it concentrates the greatest hotel offer, practically of the whole island…

In addition, Caleta de Fuste also offers a great commercial and leisure offer for the whole family, friends or couples, it has commercial centers, bars and restaurants, shops, cinemas… Surely its greatest attraction are the beach areas, very protected from the waves and wind and with all kinds of amenities for families, sunbeds, parasols, showers, etc.The marina is fully equipped for those who are looking for fun with water sports: canoe rentals, boat trips, submarine trips, diving and windsurfing schools, jet skis, a wide range of activities for all ages, and this area of Fuerteventura is so complete that the nightlife is also assured; bars and pubs, restaurants of various nationalities, discos, etc.

Hotels in Caleta del Fuste

Costa Calma

Costa Calma is situated in the southern part of the island and belongs to the municipality of Pájara, very popular for being the area of Spain with the most kilometres of beach.Costa Calma has more than 50 hotels and apartments, being one of the main tourist areas of Fuerteventura.

Costa Calma is divided into two parts: next to the beach we find the best hotel chains and inland, are mainly the area of apartments.

In addition to the beautiful beaches, visitors have nine shopping centers, supermarkets, medical center, etc. For all its facilities and infrastructure is a very complete area to stay.

Hotels in Costa Calma

Morro Jable

In the south of the island we find Pájara, one of the most extensive municipalities of Fuerteventura.The German tourist is a regular in this part of the island, but in summer there are a good number of Spaniards who also come to enjoy these magnificent beaches.

The area of Pájara is divided into two well-defined parts, on the one hand Jandía where you can find the largest range of hotels, equipped with shopping centres, pubs and bars, beach bars and a beautiful promenade.It is a very lively place both by day and by night, so the nightlife is also assured. In Pájara, you will find a very interesting hotel offer, especially on the main avenue (Avenida Saladar).’, ‘It is an excellent area to travel with the whole family because of the great amount of services that there are. On the other hand there is Morro Jable, a small sailor village with a lot of charm, which has a great promenade, a great variety of restaurants and an impressive sport and commercial port.

Hotels in Morro Jable


Very close to Corralejo we find El Cotillo, if the visitor wants to disconnect from the tourist areas and stay in a more quiet place, El Cotillo is the perfect place.It is a small fishing village where it seems that the time has not passed, its gastronomic offer is outstanding especially in fish, recently they have made their first constructions of accommodation for tourists, it is a very authentic and almost virgin area, its tranquility and its long beaches of fine sand and turquoise waters are the main attraction in this part of the island,

The area of El Cotillo concentrates a large number of tourist apartments and villas of different categories located on the beach.For many visitors this type of tourism is the best, since they can cook like at home and the expense of restaurants is much less.young couples, groups of friends, large families that do not seek luxury, or large expenses, is a perfect option.normally these apartments come fully equipped and are usually townhouses, with good sea views and swimming pools within the same enclosure.for those who prefer a more hotel tourism, El Cotillo also has several complexes of 3 and 4 stars, with all kinds of amenities and very close to the sea.

Hotels in El Cotillo

If you cannot find suitable accommodation on the island of Fuerteventura you can look at staying on the neighbouring island of Lanzarote or on the more popular islands with more hotels: Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

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