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Where to stay in Gijón: The best places

The best areas to stay in Gijón are concentrated in the centre of the city: the area near Cimadevilla, San Lorenzo beach, and Poniente beach.

The Asturian city of Gijón , capital of the Costa Verde, on the shores of the Bay of Biscay, has a long history and importance since the Romans settled here. Gijón combines a splendid coast with beautiful beaches and the presence of large mountains and valleys.

The old quarter of Gijón, with a seafaring essence, is Cimadevilla and there are many Roman remains such as the thermal baths of Campo Valdés, as well as interesting monuments such as the Birthplace of Jovellanos or the Collegiate Church.

Cimadevilla is like a peninsula surrounded by the two beaches of Gijón : San Lorenzo, the most important and longest one, and the Poniente beach, a rehabilitated area that hosted the shipyards and where the marina remains.

But Gijón is not only history and tradition , but it also offers its most avant-garde face in the facilities of the Laboral City of Culture, space of intellectual creation where the old Laboral University was.

In Gijón, concentrates the best of the Asturian gastronomy , in its numerous restaurants, bars or the so-called chigres.many are the typical dishes, like the delicious cachopo, the pote asturiano, the fabada, chorizos or cabrales cheese among many others, washed down with the inevitable cider.

To fully enjoy this city is possible for all ages. Gijón’s Big Week, the “Semanona” , floods the streets in August with the joy typical of big occasions and those who are looking for big music concerts, have the opportunity to enjoy the best.For children, all year round, the attractions of the Aquarium, an excellent display of marine fauna, not only from the Asturian coast.

Accommodation in Gijón

Accommodation in Gijón is somewhat more expensive than similar cities in Spain, however it is nowhere near as expensive as other cities like Madrid or Barcelona.In Gijón there is a wide range of mid-range accommodation, and some 5-star and luxury options.

To give you an idea, if you book in advance you can find deals on good 4-star hotels for 60 euros a night . You can find the best deals on accommodation in Gijón here:

– Hotel offers in Gijón

The best areas to stay in Gijón

This beautiful city is an ideal size to be visited on foot, so any area of the centre is ideal to book your accommodation in Gijón, it is where almost all the hotels are concentrated and from where you can move on foot to any tourist attraction of the city.

If you want to fine-tune your choice, the best areas to stay in Gijón are Cimadevilla and surroundings, and the beaches of Poniente and San Lorenzo.

The Centre of Gijón

The centre of the city is the best option to stay in Gijón, it is a lively area with all kinds of services you could wish for, from shops to restaurants and bars.

Cimadevilla and surroundings is the choice we would make, but the city is so small that any area in the centre is an excellent option.

– Hotels in the centre of Gijón

San Lorenzo Beach

The most important beach is San Lorenzo, more than a kilometre and a half from , a splendid sand beach along which the promenade stretches.There you will find one of the most visited places, a symbol of the city as the “Elogio del horizonte”, an immense sculpture by Eduardo Chillida.

– Hotels in San Lorenzo Beach

The Poniente Beach

The Poniente Beach is located in the west area of Gijón.With an extension of 500 metres it borders the Natahoyo neighbourhood at one end and with the marina at the other.

Choosing the Poniente Beach and surroundings for to stay in Gijón allows you not only to enjoy the beach but also to be in the centre and very close to the train station.

– Hotels in Poniente Beach

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Cheap accommodation in Gijón

If you are looking for cheap options to sleep in Gijón you will find a good number of cheap pensions that offer rooms from 30 euros per night .If you book in advance you should have no problem finding very decent 3 star hotels from 40 euros.

You can also have a look at this page to find cheap accommodation in Gijón and surroundings:

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Apartments in Gijón

An excellent alternative to hotels for accommodation in Gijón are the apartments.This option which is very fashionable all over Europe also has its niche in this Asturian city.

On this platform you can find apartments for rent in Gijón :

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