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Where to stay in Gran Canaria: The best places

Discover the best places to stay in Gran Canaria The island offers a lot of variety and you should get to know the profile of each place, it has very lively beach areas in the south, quiet beaches along its coast, inland villages ideal for rural tourism, and its capital, Las Palmas, which has everything.

Gran Canaria offers so much diversity for visitors that any type of tourist will find what they are looking for on this island.

Gran Canaria is one of the most important and developed tourist destinations in Spain, and as such its accommodation offer is very wide and varied Its hotel plant is very large and includes all-inclusive resorts, and hotels under other regimes that cover all ranges, from the luxury segment to economic options.

The rural accommodation has been developed a lot on the island and is an excellent alternative to the coastal areas.It allows you to enjoy the inland areas with a quiet atmosphere and since the distances from the island are not great also spend the day at the beach without the need for large displacements.

On the other hand many people choose to stay in Gran Canaria in apartments or villas There is an important offer of this type of accommodation that gives a greater degree of flexibility and independence, space, and generally better prices than a traditional hotel.

The best areas to stay in Gran Canaria

The best areas to stay in Gran Canaria For those who are looking for sun and beach, is usually the southern part of the island It is the most developed part and boasts the best beaches on the island.

Basically the Playa del Inglés is characterized by its bustle and nightlife, Maspalomas for its dunes and natural beauty, Meloneras for its exclusivity, and others like Puerto Mogán or Puerto Rico for its tranquility and family atmosphere.

To the southern areas we must add other very interesting options such as its capital Las Palmas , which is a very complete destination with a first class urban beach, Agaete , which offers cultural and nature tourism that combines very well with the beach, and other options scattered along the coast and inland.

1.Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria , the capital of the island, is a beautiful city, very lively , and with many things to see and do.Besides its most important beach, Las Canteras , with its more than 3 km. long and crystal clear water is one of the best urban beaches (if not the best) in Spain .

Do not miss the lively promenade of Las Canteras beach, the most incredible shopping in the Port area, the gastronomy with a taste of the sea in the fishermen’s quarter of San Cristóbal, the bohemian and artistic spirit of Triana, the unbridled nightlife of Plaza España, or the historical and cultural heritage of the quarter of Vegueta .

The offer of accommodation in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria is wide, varied, and with a good quality/price ratio.

Las Palmas is a very interesting option for to sleep in Gran Canaria for those who are looking for a local atmosphere, to be in a city with a lot of atmosphere, endless possibilities for shopping, nightlife, good restaurants, and at the same time be able to enjoy the beach.

– Hotels in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

2.Playa del Inglés

The Playa del Inglés is the most touristic and lively area of Gran Canaria, and where you can find more nightlife Its spectacular beach and the great amount of leisure and activities for all kinds of people make this destination one of the most sought after to stay in Gran Canaria.

The beach is about 3 km long, in fact it is almost 6 km long but from the middle of it the stretch that extends for another 3 km is called the Maspalomas beach.

The clean and calm waters , and its fine sand have made it one of the most popular beaches in the Canary Islands.It has all the services necessary to spend an excellent day at the beach, and its promenade is always very lively.

The Playa del Inglés is an area where a multitude of villas, apartments, hotels, bars, restaurants, shops, shopping centres and discos are concentrated.It is a bustling area , not very suitable for those looking for a quiet place to relax.

However, it is a destination that attracts all type of public from families, couples, and older people looking to enjoy a beach and sunny holiday with all the amenities, to young people looking to go out.It is also a reference point for the LGTB public.

Accommodation in Playa del Inglés is abundant in all ranges, including all-inclusive hotels and super luxury resorts with modest and cheap options.

– Hotels in Playa del Inglés


Maspalomas is a tourist area with an unparalleled natural beauty , its scenery is spectacular, with its incredible dunes , its beach, and the Atlantic sea in the background.It is one of the most popular areas for to stay in Gran Canaria .

In addition, its leisure offer is very complete and its excellent gastronomy , with local specialties like the marinated kid, the wrinkled potatoes, and the freshest fish, along with the best international cuisine.

There is much to do in Maspalomas .An ideal family activity is to take a 4×4 or dromedary ride through its particular desert plagued with dunes. There are also a good number of sports activities, and golf lovers will be able to enjoy this sport in extremely attractive surroundings.

The nightlife and partying are also present although to enjoy the best nightlife you have to go to the neighbouring Playa del Inglés.In Maspalomas you can go out for a drink at night but it has a much quieter and more relaxed atmosphere.

– Hotels in Maspalomas


Las Meloneras is an exclusive area situated in the south of Gran Canaria, right next to the beach of Maspalomas, where time seems to stand still.The is a unique, quiet and elegant atmosphere to be able to disconnect completely and escape from problems.

The Meloneras beach has warm water and soft sand You can reach it from the popular lighthouse of Maspalomas, where the promenade that runs along this pleasant beach begins.

The gastronomy stands out and a lot , thanks to its wide offer of succulent meats, fresh fish and seafood, there is no lack of international food restaurants, where you can find Italian cuisine with fresh pasta and homemade pizzas, Argentinean food with tasty grilled meat, or even African cuisine with incredible recipes to get away from the ordinary.

Rest is one of its greatest attractions, with the thalassotherapy circuits as a highlight: ice fountains for circulation, seawater pools, aromatic oil showers, Finnish saunas, steam baths and a long etcetera.

But in Las Meloneras there is time for everything and the sports is one of their maximum entertainments, with the golf as the standard activity, as it has excellent courses and facilities.

The accommodation that predominates in this area is luxury . It is one of the most elegant holiday areas of Gran Canaria and you can see this in their hotels and villas.

– Hotels in Meloneras

5.San Agustín

The beach of San Agustín is situated in the south of Gran Canaria and is a haven of peace and quiet The best thing about it is that it is close to other popular beaches such as Playa del Inglés, Playa de la Burra or Playa del Veril.

It has a beach of 670 meters long perfect to go with the family for its calm waters and smooth waves.

The promenade is ideal for a long walk, because its end coincides with the beginning of the Playa del Inglés The beach of San Agustín is unique to spend fantastic days on the beach with tranquility , and enjoy the nightlife of the nearby Playa del Inglés .

There are also spa centres and thalassotherapy treatments to live a unique experience and worship the body. San Agustín has everything you need to have a complete holiday without missing anything.

– Hotels in San Agustín

6.Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico is a family resort , one of the most outstanding of Gran Canaria for its golden sand beaches In the past it was a fishing port and today it is a pleasant and quiet place village surrounded by a very beautiful natural environment.

It has a huge avenue perfect for walking with a multitude of cafes, restaurants and shops around to rest, enjoy their cuisine and take a look at their windows.

The underwater world is very present in the activities that can be practiced thanks to its rich marine diversity.Scuba diving, dolphin watching or underwater trips are some of the most outstanding activities.

The sport activities is another of its great attractions.water skiing, windsurfing, or deep sea fishing are some of its main proposals, along with golf, with the courses in the south of the island located just a few minutes away.

Puerto Rico is an ideal option for to stay in the Canary Islands for families as it offers a great number of activities for children.Puerto de Mogán

Puerto de Mogán is a corner of immaculate houses and small fishing boats that move in its quiet sea with other boats and luxury yachts. is one of the most beautiful spots on the island , is very elegant, and has the advantage of being very close some of the best beaches of Gran Canaria .

This old fishing village situated on the southwest coast of Gran Canaria has a special charm, thanks in part to the small water canals on which the houses with their neat facades are built. In fact it is known as , the small Venice of Gran Canaria

It is a real pleasure to walk through its streets with gardens, shops and restaurants, and enjoy its exquisite seafood.As it is a fishing port , whose sailors return home every day after fishing, it is a real pleasure to walk through its streets with gardens, shops and restaurants and enjoy its exquisite seafood.

The fans of the diving and the experienced divers will find here an ideal place to explore the small treasures hidden in its beautiful seabed.

As in Puerto Rico, excursions are offered for to observe the dolphins and deep sea fishing is another activity that takes place in the port.

– Hotels in Puerto de Mogán


Agaete is another old fishing village located in the northwest of Gran Canaria, which has gradually made tourism its main way of life.Its historical centre shows its history through its beautiful architecture that delights us with small historical jewels like the Ermita de San Sebastián or the Church of La Concepción.

This municipality is very special and in it you can do many different things and visit places as interesting as the marina and the Ermita de Nuestra Señora de las Nieves, which has a flamenco triptych whose origins date back to the 16th century.Both are in the Puerto de Las Nieves , very close to Agaete.

The caves of Berbique are very well known, some of them have been carved in the rock by the inhabitants who belonged to this millenary village, and you can take an interesting route to know the area.

The Salt Flats is an area situated to the north of Agaete that is formed by rock formations that owe their origin to volcanic eruptions, and that surround and protect their fantastic and popular natural swimming pools.

Another of the tourist activities in the area is the visit to the Tamadaba Natural Park Situated to the south of Agaete it has an exceptional natural setting.

In short, Agaete is a very interesting option for to stay in Gran Canaria for those who are looking for to combine a cultural and nature holiday with the beaches of the island.

– Hotels in Agaete

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