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Where to stay in Granada: The best places

Are you going to visit Granada? Do you know which are the best areas to stay in Granada? We recommend you the different areas that make up the city centre and the Albaicín district as your first options.

It’s no secret, Granada is without doubt one of the most beautiful cities in the country and competes very closely with the most magical cities in the world.

Whether you want to visit the palace of the Alhambra exclusively or to tour the nearby nature trails, as well as to learn more about the beauty of the Carmens, the majestic cathedral or the impressive Science Park, Granada is a place that no one regrets visiting and everyone wants to return.

To know where to sleep in Granada just have a brief information about how the different neighborhoods are.

The quality of the tourist and cultural attractions of the city of Granada makes it a target for thousands of visitors throughout the year, which is why the offer in the field of accommodation is very numerous and varied making it possible to find the hotel, apartment or cottage you need according to the particular needs and budget of each.

It is also easy to find where to stay in Granada in the different areas of the city as there are a good number in practically all of them.

As a general rule accommodation in Granada is quite affordable and although there is a difference between the high and low season in almost all hotels, as it is a city where the flow of visitors is constant throughout the year, prices do not vary too much and are quite economical at any time if you book well in advance.

The best areas to stay in Granada

With so much on offer, the easiest option to find the ideal accommodation in Granada is to divide the city into areas and focus the search on the places that most interest the visitor.According to this, we can find the main neighbourhoods so that the tourists can enjoy to the maximum each attraction of this wonderful city.


As it happens in almost all the cities, in the centre is concentrated a great part of its elements of greater tourist interest like the Cathedral or the Royal Chapel, and it is one of the most beautiful areas to walk and to know.

The central area is a network of narrow streets and also avenues, with squares, very commercial, and full of bars and restaurants. The best thing of all is that the main tourist attractions are a short walk away.

For those who will be in the city for a short time, this is an excellent choice, allowing the to reach the Alhambra in 25 minutes of pleasant walk (if you decide to go up on foot instead of by bus) and 10 minutes from the Albaicin quarter.

This means that a considerable percentage of the tourist offer is concentrated in this area, making it very easy to find a hotel adapted to the pocket of each client. is without doubt the best area to stay in Granada .


2.District of Ronda

Old residential neighborhood now occupied by many flats, this area is somewhat distant in relation to the others mentioned here.If your priority is to be in the center of all the tourist attractions you should not choose the neighborhood of Ronda to sleep in Granada.

However, it is true that Granada is a small city where distances are collected and in this case we are not an exception.With about one kilometer distance between the center and this district, Ronda can be convenient if you do not mind using public transport or taking a walk to the center .

In exchange for being a little further away from the centre you will have a better value for money in your accommodation and you can get good hotels for around 50 euros a night .



For those who are looking for authenticity and beauty in equal parts, those who want to mix with the neighbourhoods of deepest tradition and want to know something different, the Albaicín is the right neighbourhood.

Its streets have a very outstanding Andalusian air in which the Arab past is evident through the intricate shape of its narrow streets. The summery freshness of this urbanism designed to combat the high temperatures of the south joins the excellent work of preserving the original appearance of the buildings.

The Albaicin has a unique atmosphere that is worth walking through, getting lost in its narrow streets, stopping to eat or eat in one of its small squares, visiting its palaces, or enjoying the spectacular views of the Alhambra that offer their viewpoints , as the San Nicolas .

Choosing the Albaicin to stay in Granada is a totally different experience from that of the city centre.



As mentioned above, distances are not a problem in this beautiful city, so moving a little away from the centre for to save on the price of the hotel is easy and does not mean you have to give up walking to all the visits you want to make.

In this sense, the district of Beiro is an excellent option to stay in Granada because is beautiful in the south with the district center and you can quickly reach all that there is to see in Granada.

In addition, in this area you will find a enormous amount of bars to take the famous and delicious tapas that are served in Granada, cafeterias to stop and rest or tea shops that allow us to introduce us more deeply into the Arab origins of the culture of the city.

One of the key points of this quarter and therefore an advantage worth taking into account is that the bus station , as well as the train station are located in Beiro. Therefore, visitors who wish to escape to other nearby cities or go to the beach, for example, can access transport easily and quickly without having to get up very early.



Sacromonte is not a popular place to stay in Granada but it is very is the popular gypsy quarter where many houses are caves dug into the mountain and where tourists and locals come to watch their flamenco shows.

The neighbourhood itself is a popular tourist attraction in Granada but not a very practical place to stay.In spite of the inconveniences of choosing it as a base camp, it offers you the possibility of sleeping in a cave conditioned as a home in the purest style of the Sacromonte, a unique experience with a large audience.



If we move a little further from the centre walking south, we can stay in the district of Zaidín, in this case we will also find relatively close to the central area of the city but we will manage to reduce the price of the hotels without losing a certain luxury.

The word Zaidin comes from the Arabic Saedin, which means “land between rivers” or “waterspout”, because the area is located between the rivers Monachil and Genil.

It is a district of very humble origin However, the evolution of the city and the introduction of urbanistic elements has avoided that it is a problematic and degraded area.



Those who are looking for enjoy the gastronomy as the main objective of their stay will be delighted to stay in Granada in the district of Chana.This is because, despite the fact that tapas are also present in other areas such as Beiro or in the centre, it is in Chana where you can find the most desired dishes by locals and visitors.

In the many bars present in this district you can eat with a great quality and for a really cheap price thanks to the delicious and abundant tapas that accompany the drinks for free and with a size that could well be a complete ration.

No less noteworthy is the university atmosphere and the alternative air that can be enjoyed in the area especially attractive to young people, being located here the faculty of Fine Arts and being the birthplace of some bands as recognized as Los Planetas or Lagartija Nick.

However, once again we have to mention the proximity of all the points of the city with the center which makes possible the easy visit to the areas of greater interest like the Palace of the Alhambra.



Those travellers who are looking for cheap accommodation in Granada will find many options which are also located near the main tourist attractions of the city.

Those who want to make a cultural visit, those who are looking for nightlife and others who prefer to combine the city with the spectacular nature routes in the surroundings of Granada, will find accessible accommodation in the different districts of Granada without having to go too far from the center .

– Cheap accommodation in Granada


Looking for the most economical alternative when travelling in very large groups or the greatest autonomy for families, the apartments in Granada are a very good option being also quite wide and remarkably economical.

Best area to stay in Granada

Without a doubt, the best area to stay in Granada for a tourist visit are the around Plaza Nueva .Located in the centre of Granada , near the Alhambra and at the foot of the picturesque Albaicín quarter , the Plaza Nueva and the surrounding streets are home to the best tapas bars and the best tourist atmosphere in historic Granada.

The Albaicín quarter or Albayzín, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is the most historic and charming quarter of Granada.

The best rated hotels in Granada are those located in the area near the Alhambra and the Albaicin quarter .

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The Plaza Nueva, the Alhambra and the Albaicin

As we have already mentioned, the Plaza Nueva (paradoxically, the oldest in the city, where tournaments were held and bullfights took place) is the best urban space in Granada to stay because of the atmosphere that can be breathed there, as a regular meeting point for those who want to try the best tapas in the city or have a drink in one of its countless terraces.Next to the Plaza Nueva is the Royal Chancellery, a 16th century building behind which there is a 17th century prison that is now used as the Audience, where you can also find the Church of San Gil and Santa Ana and the Fuente del Toro.

From this central and essential square you can walk up to the admired and visited Alhambra , the most famous Andalusian complex in Spain. This rich palace complex, World Heritage Site, housed the monarch and the court of the Nasrid Kingdom of Granada and is the best representation of the power and splendor of the Nasrid dynasty.In addition to its spectacular architecture, its gardens (notably those of the Generalife) and courtyards (such as Los Leones) and the unparalleled views it offers of the entire city make it an exceptional place and one of the most visited monuments in Spain.

The Albaicín , the oldest quarter of Granada, is another luxury location if we spend a few days in the capital of Granada.Situated at an altitude of between 700 and 800 metres above sea level, on a hill opposite the Alhambra, this neighbourhood is home to numerous monumental sites, especially from the Renaissance and Nasrid periods, such as the Zirid wall from the 11th century, or the Puerta Nueva or the Puerta de las Pesas.

Among the emblematic monuments of the Albaicín are the church of El Salvador, the old Great Mosque of the district, and “El Bañuelo”, a building declared a property of cultural interest that contains the oldest Arab baths in Granada, the best preserved in the whole of Spain.The church of San Pedro and San Pablo, which combines the Mudejar and Renaissance styles, and the Mirador de San Nicolas, from which you can enjoy the impressive views of the Alhambra, are two other essential places.

Within the picturesque Albaicin is a very popular traditional neighbourhood, the Sacromonte , characterised by its cave dwellings which have been home to gypsies and flamenco artists for years, and where many flamenco shows are currently held, attracting thousands of visitors.In addition to the caves, the Sacromonte is famous for its Abbey, where the supposed relics of what would have been the first Christians of Granada appeared, and the canonical headquarters of the brotherhood of the gypsies of this famous district, which appear in the famous “Romancero gitano” by Federico García Lorca.

Near the Plaza Nueva you will also find the Cathedral , a masterpiece of the Spanish Renaissance style, which was built by order of Queen Isabel I after the conquest of Granada and was located on the site of the old mosque.Its façade is impressive, as well as its interior, with a large altar and several chapels, and next to the Cathedral is the Royal Chapel, where are the tombs of the Catholic Kings, Isabel and Fernando, their daughter Juana la Loca, and her husband, Felipe el Hermoso.

In the vicinity of the Cathedral you will find the colourful and genuine Alcaicería, a typical neighbourhood of the Muslim culture, with narrow streets, which today concentrates almost all the souvenir shops and tourist “souvenirs” of the city, with typical products of the Arab crafts, such as the popular Fajalauza pottery, which can be obtained at a good price if haggled with grace.What was once the Arab and Jewish quarter of Granada was also the old silk market.

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