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Hotels with best views of barcelona

A room with a view offers a special charm to celebrate a romantic stay in Barcelona.

However, the few hotels that have rooms with views offer spectacular panoramic views, either over the sea, as the hotel W or the hotel Arts , or over the city from their vantage point in the mountains surrounding Barcelona, as is the case with the hotel La Florida or the hotel Miramar .

These are really the hotels with the best views of Barcelona :

W Hotel

Located at the end of San Sebastià beach, the W hotel offers magnificent views of the sea from all its rooms.The best views are from the side of the hotel facing the beaches of Barcelona and from the other side of the hotel the views are towards the port.

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Hotel Arts

The Arts Hotel is a square hotel offering a variety of rooms with views of Barcelona.From the back you can enjoy impressive views of the city and from the two sides you can see the sea front of the city.

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Hotel La Florida

If you are looking for peace and quiet and views from far away from the city, Hotel La Florida is the place to be.The only problem is that we will be far from the bustle of the city.

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Hotel Miramar

As its name indicates, the Hotel Miramar is a vantage point from which to contemplate the sea and the city’s seafront.located on the mountain of Montjuïc, it is a quiet environment, has the same disadvantage as the Hotel La Florida and is a little isolated.

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Hotel Barcelona Princess

Located next to the sea in the area of Diagonal Mar, the Hotel Barcelona Princess is a cheaper option to stay in a room with good views of Barcelona.

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Hotel Melia Sky Barcelona

Close to the Hotel Barcelona Princess, but further inland, is the emblematic skyscraper designed by Dominique Perrault that houses the Melia Sky Barcelona.

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Hotel Torre Catalunya

Located right next to Sants station, the Torre Catalunya hotel is the dean of hotels with views in Barcelona.

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There are other hotels that offer rooms with views but, without a doubt, the best ones are those on this list.


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