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Where to stay on Lanzarote: The best places

Do you know which is the best area to stay in Lanzarote? The choice depends on what you are looking for. This island has several very different areas ranging from very lively and nightlife, to other very quiet, family, and close to natural parks, as well as other very popular among the surfing community.

Lanzarote is one of the islands that make up the archipelago of the Canaries.Its privileged climate makes it an especially interesting place for all those who are looking for an escape from the sun and the beach.

However, the place deserves to be highlighted because it is a Biosphere Reserve , a title granted by Unesco in 1993.Nature makes its way into every corner of the island, from the peak of Las Peñas del Chache to the waters of its beaches or the wild corners of the Timanfaya National Park.

The island of Lanzarote, traditionally dedicated to agriculture and fishing, is today a highly appreciated tourist destination. All this is supported by the excellent communications provided to its visitors by its airport in Guacimeta and the ports of Playa Blanca and Los Mármoles.

To enjoy the island, it is not only important to know where to sleep in Lanzarote , but also to understand the characteristics of the main types of accommodation in this region.

As it is a first class holiday destination, Lanzarote offers the visitor a with a wide range of options that will allow anyone to find that type of hotel, apartment or country house with which to live a dream stay on the island.

The coastal areas, the main attraction for tourists, are the ones that concentrate a good part of the hotel offer in this region, where it is possible to find hotels of all categories and types imaginable.However, the traditional hotels, some of them with the possibility of hiring full board, still occupy the bulk of the offer in the area.

If the prices of the all-inclusive can be expensive for some visitors, they have within their reach a great offer of apartments or houses with which to enjoy the island in a more economical way.

The demand for these spaces has grown in recent years at the same rate as their supply, so you should not lose sight of the possibility of enjoying them.On the other hand, the areas of the inland of the island with its natural landscapes of great value also allow you to find rural houses of all types.

Although its climate is quite mild throughout the year, the seasonality is noticeable in the prices of accommodation in Lanzarote.The summer months are high season, something that happens also during the Christmas season.

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The best areas to stay in Lanzarote

Below you have some of the the most popular areas to stay in Lanzarote .if you have any questions do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.


Arrecife is the most important city, since is its capital and the main administrative and cultural centre.It is the best place to go out of shopping , has an excellent gastronomic offer , and next to Puerto del Carmen is where there is more nightlife.

On the other hand, its communications are very good to move around the rest of the island or to move to other islands of the Canaries.From its port there are regular routes to Tenerife, Gran Canaria or Fuerteventura, something that will fill any stay in the area with possibilities.

As for the accommodation offer , the one in Arrecife is one of the most varied of the whole island. This city offers its visitors hotels in all categories, some even all-inclusive, and a good number of apartments and other types of accommodation.

– Hotels in Arrecife

2.Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is the most touristically developed area and the one that welcomes more visitors every year. It is composed of a coastline with a succession of excellent beaches that exceed 7 km in length.

Its coastline is considered one of the most attractive of the whole island and it is protected from the winds that usually blow in the rest of the island, so that the days at the beach are very pleasant.

To its excellent beaches we must add that is the point that offers more leisure activities In few places you will find a similar level of restaurants, sports and water activities, shopping, and to go out for a drink.It is not surprising that is the most popular option to stay on Lanzarote,

Puerto del Carmen is recommended for all types of tourists from families to couples looking for tranquillity , but it is also the destination number , one of the young people who want to enjoy the beach and go out at night .Next to Arrecife it is the place with the most nightlife on Lanzarote

To all this we must point out that Puerto del Carmen has a very varied offer of accommodation for all budgets and demands.

– Hotels in Puerto del Carmen

3.Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is another of the municipalities that have turned to tourism in recent years, and now directly rivals Puerto del Carmen as another major arrival area of visitors to the island.

This area of Lanzarote is presented as a quiet place with very good beaches very popular among families and water sports lovers This area is especially valued for windsurfing, a sport that attracts a good number of visitors

On the other hand, it should not be overlooked that is only 6 km from Arrecife.Choosing it for to sleep in Lanzarote allows you to do it in a quiet and pleasant place or without having to give up the possibility to approach the capital and take advantage of its great offer of leisure.

For those who want to be in a beach area with all the services necessary and close to the possibilities and the atmosphere of Arrecife , this destination is an excellent option to stay in Lanzarote.This is helped by the good offer of all kinds of hotels, including some all-inclusive, and tourist apartments.

– Hotels in Costa Teguise

4.Playa Blanca

Playa Blanca is a small town in the westernmost part of Lanzarote that has experienced significant growth in recent years by the hand of the tourism sector.The reason is that it is one of the closest towns to the natural spaces that make Lanzarote famous and has some of the most beautiful beaches of the island.

National parks like Timanfaya, Los Volcanes , or places like the salt mines of Janubio are very accessible from Playa Blanca, so those who come to the island trying to know closely the charm of its natural spaces and enjoy the best beaches usually choose it for to stay in Lanzarote .

The most usual is to choose areas like Playa dorada or Playa Flamingo where you can find the largest offer of hotels and other types of accommodation.Wherever you stay, don’t forget to visit the Papagayo Beaches, a series of fantastic coves that are worth enjoying.

As far as the accommodation offer is concerned, is one of the points where you will find a greater quantity and variety of .The luxury complexes with all inclusive and facilities full of possibilities are joined by independent apartments and villas that complement a really complete offer of accommodation .

– Hotels in Playa Blanca

5.Playa Famara

This is one of the natural areas most interesting of the whole island of Lanzarote.Famara, located in the north of the island , is a mountainous massif in which the highest point of the whole town is located, the Peñas del Chache, a volcanic rise that is about 671 metres above sea level.

The environment is a privileged place to enjoy outdoor sports and activities in the middle of nature , and it is particularly appreciated for the practice of sports such as surfing, kite or windsurfing .Playa Famara can be considered one of the best preserved corners of nature on Lanzarote.

Despite the fact that its beaches have hardly any tourist development, they have easy access and quite adequate equipment, at least the most known and popular ones.Playa Famara is one of the most spectacular beaches on Lanzarote … and if you don’t believe it, visit it!

Its location means that the temperature is a little milder than in other areas due to the presence of the trade winds, all this combined with a level of tranquillity and little urbanization that is complicated to find in other places.

In Playa Famara you will not find such an abundant offer of accommodation as in other more crowded places.In fact it is quite limited, in this area the best option is to rent a villa or a rural house.

– Hotels in Playa Famara

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6.Puerto Calero

Puerto Calero is famous for having one of the most important marinas This area began to be built in 1986, and since then it has not stopped growing, creating all kinds of services.

The surroundings of its marina have seen how different leisure options have increased, such as restaurants, shops, and all kinds of bars, something that makes the stay here comfortable in every way.On the other hand, Puerto Calero is not too far from Puerto del Carmen , so it is possible to move around to take advantage of its atmosphere.

This marina can boast of offering the visitor a great variety of accommodation options .Villas and private apartments have become particularly important in recent years, but there are also all-inclusive hotels and other simpler ones with a level of comfort and facilities perfect for a break of any kind.

– Hotels in Puerto Calero

7.San Bartolomé

To find the tranquility of the interior is possible discovering the traditional town of San Bartolomé This area occupies the whole central part of the island and is the municipality where the airport is located, so its communications are excellent.

The village of San Bartolomé is an option for to sleep in Lanzarote if you like rural tourism and if you have your own vehicle the proximity to the airport, Arrecife, and beach places like Puerto del Carmen and Costa Teguise will allow you to combine the tranquility of the countryside with days at the beach and nights out.

– Hotels in San Bartolomé

8.Playa Honda

Playa Honda, located within the limits of San Bartolomé, is a very well situated coastal area.

has the longest beaches in Lanzarote Some, like Guacimeta , are so close to the airport runways that you can see the planes taking off and landing as if you were under their wings.Playa Honda itself is a quiet stretch of white sand of almost two kilometres that offers the possibility of enjoying the surf or the wind surf , because of the constant wind that it receives.

The place is full of bars and restaurants , and has a promenade that gives a lot of life to its beaches.

– Hotels in Playa Honda


When it is not the high season, Arrieta is transformed into a quiet coastal town with only 300 inhabitants.

Another of the main characteristics of Arrieta is that it is very close to numerous natural spaces that show the steepest side of Lanzarote This makes it possible to enjoy excursions in the area to see ravines, valleys and mountains.

Arrieta, in addition, allows the whole family to enjoy the sea, as the beach mentioned above usually offers a calm waters that ensure bathing even children.In spite of this, the wind is usually a constant in the town, something that must be taken into account.

The area does not have large hotel facilities. However, it is an ideal town to stay in apartments and quiet villas from which to enjoy the natural environment in a relaxing way.

– Hotels in Arrieta


This town is located in the extreme north, it still preserves the essence of a small fishing village .

Órzola is very popular because it is the starting point of the excursions to the island of La Graciosa and because of its spectacular virgin coves that you must visit at least once in your trip to Lanzarote.

As it is a small town with a small population, the accommodation in Órzola is mainly composed of tourist apartments and villas located in the middle of nature which usually have sea views.

– Hotels in Órzola


The cheap accommodation in Lanzarote is not difficult to find outside the high season.Another thing to consider is that the average price varies a lot depending on the area you choose, if you stay in the interior or in small towns in the north you will find it easier to find cheaper prices than in the more popular places.

You can also have a look at this portal which has some (small) offers:

– Cheap accommodation in Lanzarote


One of the most popular forms of accommodation in Lanzarote are the apartments and villas from private individuals who rent them out to tourists.The offer is abundant and ranges from simple apartments to very nice villas with swimming pool.

It is an alternative way to consider for to stay on Lanzarote that can bring you savings, more space, and flexibility.

Best area to stay in Lanzarote

Lanzarote , the eternal spring with its 21 degrees average temperature, must be the closest thing to paradise on earth.its volcanic origin makes its landscapes unique and surprising. Lanzarote as a whole was declared a Biosphere Reserve in 1993 and within its natural heritage highlights the Natural Park of Timanfaya.The beaches and the sea, with an average annual temperature of 19.5 degrees, are another reason why the island of Lanzarote has become a top tourist destination.

The southeast area of the island, with the beaches more sheltered from the wind and waves, is the best area to stay in Lanzarote . Arrecife is the capital of Lanzarote and is an important point to stay because of its privileged location. You can visit many historical monuments and rest on its beautiful beaches. If you want a more lively tourism, Puerto del Carmen has a great offer of nightlife. If you are a sports enthusiast, in Costa Teguise you can practice them in its spectacular beaches.And in Playa Blanca you will discover the main attractions of the island, such as the Timanyafa National Park, the Laguna Verde, as well as enjoying some paradisiacal beaches.

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Best places to stay in Lanzarote

Playa Blanca

In the south of Lanzarote you will find the jewel in the crown, Playa Blanca, which is probably the most interesting tourist attraction on the island, and the most emblematic places, such as Timanfaya National Park, La Geria, Las Salinas de Janubio, La Laguna verde, Los Hervideros and the charming village of Yaiza.Each tourist spot has its own charm but it is worth visiting these sites and taking away a great souvenir of the island.

The beaches in this area are the best. We highlight the Papagayo Beach, a protected natural area with a huge cliff, white sand and crystal clear waters.On the promenade of Playa Blanca you will find all kinds of restaurants, shops and bars.

We recommend you to stay in the area of Playa Dorada or Playa Flamingo, which is where the main hotels of the island are located.

Hotels and apartments in Playa Blanca

Puerto del Carmen

in the southwest of Lanzarote is the main tourist area of the island.The best beaches are Playa Grande, Los Pocillos and Matagorda, ideal for spending a day on the beach with family or friends, as they have all the necessary services, such as showers, toilets and beach bars where you can eat a fish of the day.’, ‘If you are a water sports lover, these beaches offer all kinds of sports activities: windsurfing, sport fishing, scuba diving, etc.

On Avenida de Las Playas you will find a large number of shops and shopping centres, restaurants, bars, pubs, discos and a lively nightlife.Puerto del Carmen is undoubtedly the ultimate destination for tourists who come in search of a party, both in the area of Varadero and the Avenida de las Playas you will find all kinds of places with live music, discos, chill outs in front of the sea … so if you come with the desire to go out, Puerto del Carmen is your destination.

Puerto del Carmen has a modern hotel infrastructure and in recent years the offer has grown exponentially and you will find a wide variety of hotels located on the seafront, many apartments for rent and private villas.

Hotels and apartments in Puerto del Carmen

Costa Teguise

Teguise is situated in the east of the island and is one of the most popular destinations for families and sportsmen visiting Lanzarote.If you want to practice surfing, kite or windsurfing you will find several schools along the Playa de las Cucharas and the Avenida del Jabillo.

It is worth visiting the Pueblo Marinero designed by the Canarian artist, César Manrique, which is a complex of typical Canarian architecture, with white and green houses surrounded by exotic vegetation.

In the municipality of Tenguise, you will find Famara beach, one of the most spectacular beaches of Lanzarote, which starts in the village of Caleta de Famara and extends for several kilometres.

As a curiosity, the King of Spain has a house in Costa Teguise, a gift from King Hussein of Jordan.

Hotels and apartments in Costa Teguise


The capital of Lanzarote is located on the east coast of the island and is a beautiful port city that enjoys an intense cultural life.It is a beautiful port city that enjoys an intense cultural life. The seafaring atmosphere is breathed by all its streets in the historic center, full of shops and restaurants where you can taste the authentic Canarian cuisine, such as mojo picon and wrinkled potatoes. The neighborhood of San Ginés is the most popular for its many museums and historic buildings.In Arrecife you can also visit several defensive castles: the San Gabriel Castle, linked to the capital by the Bridge of the Balls and the San José Castle, now converted into the International Museum of Contemporary Art (MIAC), where you will find a valuable collection of 20th century works by artists such as Chillida, Miró, Picasso and Tàpies, among others.

Arrecife has a long promenade and one of the most beautiful sights in the city is the Playa del Reducto, located between Punta del Camello and Fermina Island.A corner that cannot be lost is the Charco de San Ginés, a kind of lake formed by the entrance of sea water, where small boats rest, surrounded by fishermen’s houses. This place has a special magic and is one of the most visited places in Arrecife.

It is highly recommended to stay in this area because it can serve as a base camp, and its location will allow you to move both north and south of the island, without traveling long distances.Most of them are family hotels, with all kinds of facilities, swimming pools, gyms, entertainment activities and usually have the ‘all inclusive’ package. In Arrecife there are also many apartments for rent and villas at a very good price if you go with friends or large families.

Hotels and apartments in Arrecife

If you don’t find your suitable accommodation on the island of Lanzarote you can look at staying on the neighbouring and quieter island of Fuerteventura, or on the more popular islands with more hotel offerings: Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

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