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Where to stay in Llanes: The best places

If you are going to spend a few days in Llanes , one of the most beautiful and visited villages in Asturias, you should know a little about the village and its surroundings.We present you the best areas where to stay in Llanes and where you can find the best prices for your accommodation.

Llanes is a beautiful marine village .It is an ideal destination to enjoy excellent beaches, nature, a traditional atmosphere, and a delicious gastronomy.its history as a fishing port since medieval times makes it a gift for the palate to taste its typical dishes from the sea.

This town is located between Oviedo and Santander , not too far from the Picos de Europa.its old town has been declared a historical site and we find remarkable architectural works to visit: The tower of the Castle, the Basilica of Santa María del Conceyu, the Town Hall, the Casino of Llanes, the Idol of Peña Tú, the Casa Palacio of the Counts of Vega del Sella, the church of San Antolín de Bedón, from the 12th century, or the 13th century wall itself are just some of its tourist attractions.

The fantastic beaches of fine sand, which immediately give way to dense vegetation.Llanes makes it possible to go “to the sea and to the mountains” in the same day as it is also very close to the mountains.

In addition, Llanes offers a wide range of outdoor activities thanks to its natural environment.

In summary: Llanes offers almost everything : beaches, mountains, history, art, outdoor activities and sports, good gastronomy, especially if you like seafood, and a very welcoming village that will make your visit a very pleasant one.

Accommodation in Llanes

In Llanes and the surrounding parishes you will find a wide range of accommodation .As it is an area that combines beach and mountain there are hotels of all types and there are also many campsites and houses for rent

We offer you the biggest selection of options where to stay in Llanes you can find and at the minimum guaranteed market price:

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The best places to stay in Llanes

In Llanes you can sleep in the town centre, in one of the towns of the council or in the rural areas.

The village of Llanes

Staying in Llanes is an ideal option to enjoy the beaches and the natural environment of the area while also allowing you to enjoy this beautiful town and its atmosphere.It is a place where you will find all kinds of shops, excellent restaurants, and a fun nightlife.

– Hotels in Llanes

Poo de Llanes

Poo is a small village located 2 km from Llanes. Its natural environment is unique , and its beach and its cliffs make it a very interesting holiday destination.There is a good offer of accommodation for the small ones: hotels, apartments and holiday homes, camp sites and hostels.

– Hotels in Poo de Llanes

Torimbia beach

Torimbia beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Cantabrian coast, a totally natural beach 1000 metres long and 75 metres wide, a protected area with an enormous landscape value.Near the beach there are several places where you can stay.

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The coastal village of Celorio, located 4.5 km from Llanes, is a very touristic village that in summer attracts many tourists who come to enjoy its beaches and its landscapes .In the centre of the village you can find the church and the Monastery of San Salvador.

Celorio is a very quiet village that is very lively in summer.It is a good alternative for to sleep in Llanes as it has a good offer of hotel places, camping, and several bars and restaurants, some of which are only open in summer.

– Hotels in Celorio

Barro de Llanes

Barro is another of the parishes in the council of Llanes, situated 7 km from Llanes between Poo de Llanes and Torimbia beach, with its beautiful beaches with the Playa de Barro being the most important.

This 300 metre long, shell-shaped beach, with white sand and crystal clear water, is one of the most beautiful along the Cantabrian coast.

The area, and its surroundings, is well supplied with hotels and campsites , as well as tourist houses and apartments

– Hotels in Barro de Llanes


Cué is a small parish in the council of Llanes. It is an excellent alternative for to stay in Llanes if you do not find accommodation in the town centre as it is only 2 km away.

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Cheap accommodation in Llanes

If your budget is very tight you are in luck.In Llanes there is a wide range of cheap accommodation that goes from hostels and a good number of campsites in the area, to little cheap hotels.

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Flats and houses for rent in Llanes

Houses and apartments for rent are an excellent option for accommodation in Llanes .The apartments are an excellent alternative to stay in the village while the houses are ideal if you are into rural accommodation.

On this platform you can take a look at the best offer of apartments and villas for rent in the area:

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