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Where to stay in Madrid: The best places

Madrid is a very vibrant and interesting city that offers many things to those who visit it, from its heritage of centuries of history to one of the funniest nightlife in Europe.

The capital of Spain is one of the of the European capitals that have the greatest number of hotel beds and tourist apartments, it has a great variety in terms of prices In addition to the accommodation in Madrid offers a of the best value for money on the continent .

It is always advisable to book in advance, but unlike other capitals in Madrid you have more room for manoeuvre when it comes to booking your hotel.Bearing in mind that the public transport in Madrid is excellent this should not be a problem.

You should only book in advance if you want to stay in the most central area of Madrid, Sol and surroundings, which is the most sought after.

The best areas to stay in Madrid

The most recommended and most sought after areas are those of the central area, as in almost all European cities. Places like Sol, Madrid de los Austrias, Huertas, or Gran Vía are a total success whatever brings you to the capital of Spain.

In addition to the central areas there are other nearby areas such as Malasaña, Chueca, Chamberí, or Barrio Salamanca, to name a few, which are also a great choice for to stay in Madrid .Puerta del Sol, the best area to stay in Madrid

The Puerta del Sol, located a few steps west of the Plaza Mayor, is the center of Madrid .It is the reference point or zero kilometre for all Spanish roads and is one of the most famous squares in Spain, where the traditional twelve New Year’s Eve bells are celebrated, which all Spaniards follow on TV every New Year’s Eve.

Most of the sights in Madrid, from the Royal Palace to the Prado Museum, are within walking distance.It is a very commercial and bustling area

It is a perfect place for to stay in Madrid By day it is ideal for visiting or shopping, and at night you are a stone’s throw away from lively neighbourhoods such as Huertas, Chueca or Malasaña.

– Hotels in Puerta del Sol

2.Habsburg Madrid, to be close to the tourist visits

Habsburg Madrid, built during the Habsburg dynasty, was the old city centre, with its streets, small squares and churches it is a very central area, with a lot of history and one of the most interesting tourist areas .

You can find well known tourist attractions such as the Almudena Cathedral, the Royal Palace, the Plaza de la Villa, or the Plaza Mayor to name a few.

The whole area of the Plaza Mayor, the Calle Mayor, Cava de San Miguel, the Arco de Cuchilleros, Cava Baja (in the middle of the Latina area), Calle de la Cruz, and the surrounding area is full of inns, inns-type restaurants, places to go for tapas and wine, bars, and cave-like places where musical entertainment is offered.

This is one of the most sought after areas for to stay in Madrid It has everything a tourist could wish for, it is very central (a few steps from Sol), it has an undeniable tourist interest, and it is one of the most popular areas to go out for tapas, dinner or drinks.

– Hotels in Habsburg Madrid

3.Huertas, an ideal option to sleep in Madrid

Huertas also known as the «barrio de las letras» is right next to Sol.

For its location and for the excellent atmosphere of the neighborhood is one of the best options for to stay in Madrid It is full of restaurants and is one of the best places to go out.It is full of restaurants and is one of the best places to go out.

– Hotels in Huertas

4.Plaza de España and Gran Vía, a shopping area with a great cultural offer

Gran Vía is the main street of the city.The whole area from Plaza España following the Gran Vía downwards is full of cafes, restaurants, cinemas, shops, malls, and the headquarters of various banks and companies.

It is of the best areas to sleep in Madrid as it is close to everything, and very well connected by public transport.It is ideally located in the city between the Sol area and Madrid de los Austrias on the one hand, and Malasaña and Chueca on the other.

In the area you have hotels of all types , from luxury hotels to simple hotels for modest budgets.

– Hotels in Plaza España and Gran Vía

5.Argüelles/Moncloa, very popular with students

To the northwest of Plaza España is Argüelles/Moncloa, a compact neighborhood that extends from Plaza España along Calle Princesa.It is a area with a lot of atmosphere full of cafes, tascas, and neighborhood bars.

It is important to note that it is a very large district and some areas are a little far from the center so you will have to use the excellent public transport in Madrid to move.

The area of Argüelles and Calle Princesa is a good option for hotel reservations as you can walk to Sol and Madrid de los Austrias in a walk of about 15 – 20 minutes.

– Hotels in Moncloa and Argüelles

6.Chueca, nightlife and tolerant atmosphere

Chueca is the gay district of Madrid .Centrally located to the north of the Gran Vía, it is an area of narrow streets lined with boutiques, bars, and restaurants of all nationalities and price ranges.

It is a very fashionable neighborhood as it is very attractive to everyone, not only among the gay community. At night it is one of the areas with more nightlife of the capital of Spain

– Hotels in Chueca

7.Malasaña, the most bohemian neighborhood in Madrid

This typical Madrid neighborhood with narrow streets like its neighbor Chueca is famous for being the birthplace of the cultural movement La Movida that marked the youth of the country at the time. Today it is a bohemian and artistic neighborhood

Its alternative nightlife is still very busy.If you want to go out at night of bars and you want to be in a central area Malasaña is a good option for to stay in Madrid

In Malasaña you will find hotels at good prices as well as a good amount of tourist apartments to rent

– Hotels in Malasaña

8.Chamberí, elegant and modern neighbourhood

Chamberí although it was built at the end of the 19th century outside the old city walls as neighbourhood of the working class of the time, today it is a neighbourhood much more elegant than its neighbours Malasaña and Chueca.

The neighborhood is characterized by wide avenues with historic buildings and mansions , many of which now house foreign embassies.The neighborhood offers an attractive selection of restaurants, bookstores, art galleries, and museums.

As the whole city Chamberí is very well connected by public transport. It is an excellent option for to stay in Madrid if you do not find a hotel that fits your needs and budget in more central areas.

It is ideal for those who are looking for a clean, elegant and quiet neighborhood , while well communicated

– Hotels in Chamberí

9. Lavapiés, a good option to stay in Madrid

Until a few decades ago was one of the most deteriorated neighborhoods of Madrid is a very multicultural neighborhood .Many immigrants from all over the world choose it to settle down.

Today the neighborhood has improved a lot although it still has some way to go before it can be considered an attractive area.

Although in general it is not the best neighborhood for to sleep in Madrid , it is not out of place to consider the area that touches the Latina.This area allows you to be close to the center and the liveliest areas of the capital and its hotels are among the cheapest in the city

– Hotels in Lavapies

10.The Prado Museum, to visit the museums

One of the most interesting places for stay in Madrid are the surroundings of the Prado Museum.It is a very elegant area with many things to see and do.

In addition to the Prado Museum itself there is the Cibeles fountain, the statue of Neptune, the Bank of Spain building, the Stock Exchange, the famous Ritz hotel, the Botanical Garden, and the Retiro Park.

This is one of the most recommended areas to book your hotel if you can afford it. The hotels in this area are not exactly cheap. Apart from being in the centre it is a quiet and elegant area with a good selection of bars and restaurants.

You can walk to Sol, and the areas of Huertas and Chueca, both with an intense nightlife, are even closer.

– Hotels near the Prado Museum

11.Salamanca, one of the most exclusive areas in Madrid

Since the city walls were torn down in 1860, this elegant, distinguished and expensive neighbourhood to the east of the centre has been one of the most sought-after areas.

is one of the most exclusive neighborhoods of the capital, where you can find the so-called Golden Mile of Madrid, an area of several streets, including the famous Serrano Street, where you can find shops and luxury boutiques.

The Salamanca district is a good option for to sleep in Madrid for those who want to be relatively close to the center but without being in it in the middle of all the is a quiet area.

Although it is a quiet neighborhood, you can find some of the best restaurants in the city, and some nightlife aimed at a select and generally more mature than other areas.

Madrid’s city centre comprises several neighbourhoods, most of which are compact and passable. There is no single «best place» to stay in Madrid «.where you decide to stay depends largely on your budget and interests.

Most of Madrid’s attractions are within walking distance of each other, and even if you are staying in one part of the city, you can easily reach most of the attractions in other neighbourhoods on foot; more distant attractions can easily be reached with a short underground journey.

Although many of the best hotels in Madrid are located in the vicinity of the Retiro Park, the art museums and around the Historical Centre, there are numerous 4 and 5 star accommodations in Salamanca and other neighbourhoods north of the city centre.

1.Centre of Madrid

The Centre is the geographical and historical heart of Madrid. A labyrinth of medieval streets surrounds the Plaza Mayor, the great main square of Madrid, surrounded by beautiful architecture that is centuries old.

The Royal Palace marks the western border of the Centre, while to the north, the main shopping street of Gran Vía separates the Centre from the districts of Malasaña and Chueca.

The varied dining options around the Plaza Mayor (and nearby Puerta del Sol) range from fast food outlets and small tapas bars to gourmet food markets and some of Madrid’s oldest and most distinguished restaurants.

Accommodation is a mix of boutique hotels, budget options and 5 star establishments.

  • Outstanding places in the centre of Madrid: San Francisco el Grande, San Pedro el Real, Puerta de Toledo, the Basilica de San Miguel and the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía.

Hotels where to stay in the center of Madrid

  • The Walt Madrid: a few steps away from the famous Gran Vía, the Walt Madrid offers luxurious rooms with modern facilities such as flat screen TV with satellite channels, free wireless internet connection, minibar and private bathroom.Guests can enjoy a variety of wines, natural juices, teas and famous tapas in the hotel bar, perfect for all types of travelers.
  • Los Amigos Vip Rooms: Los Amigos Vip Rooms offers well-furnished rooms and suites, equipped with flat screen TV, soundproofing, minibar and laptop safe.It is located a few hundred meters from the Plaza Mayor.24 hour reception is available to help guests with everything they need.courtesy Wi-Fi throughout the property.ideal for all types of travelers.
  • Hostal Central Palace Madrid: this charming hostel offers spectacular views of the emblematic Royal Palace and offers spacious rooms with modern facilities, a 24 hour reception, free wireless internet and a parking lot nearby.A complimentary breakfast is available at selected room rates and is suitable for individuals and couples.


Located south of the highly revered and vibrant campus of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Argüelles is a fast-paced community that oozes with university atmosphere.’, »

Calle Princesa, the main street of the neighborhood, is dotted with college students and recent graduates who love to hang out in the area, for its cheap tapas bars, inexpensive nightclubs and green spaces.

Home to several major city attractions, the area is known for its Spanish clothing stores and department store chains.Plaza de España, one of the neighborhood’s green spaces, is known for hosting craft fairs.

  • Other highlights: Arch of Memory, Parque del Oeste, San Antonio de la Florida Chapel, Temple of Debod and Prince Pio.

Hotels where to stay in Argüelles

  • T3 Tirol: Located in the heart of the elegant area of Moncloa-Argüelles, the T3 Tirol offers well-equipped rooms with comfortable beds, free wireless internet connection throughout the establishment, a well-equipped gymnasium and a restaurant with bar.A complimentary breakfast buffet is available every day and is suitable for all types of travellers.
  • Exe Moncloa: Located next to the Moncloa Interchange station, this elegant hotel has a small outdoor swimming pool, a bar-restaurant with a variety of cuisine, a gymnasium, a meeting room and a beautiful solarium with spectacular views of the city.Every day a free breakfast is served, ideal for all types of travellers.
  • Rosales Apart-Hotel: with well-equipped rooms and independent apartments, the Rosales Apart-Hotel offers a 24-hour reception, a restaurant and an exclusive selection of wines.The useful tourist information desk can suggest activities and attractions in the area, ideal for all types of travellers.


The neighbourhood taverns, the multi-storey residential buildings with beautiful balconies and the humble shop windows make visiting Chamberí a somewhat traditional experience.

It is full of city people, the area is home to many bakeries, cafes and unpretentious bars, hardware stores and tobacco shops.Plaza Olavide, a round plaza in the middle of it all, is one of the liveliest and greenest places in the neighborhood.

This is also a great place to hang out with a newspaper and your morning coffee to enjoy the slow pace of life and the street musicians who fill the air with their Spanish sounds.

  • Other highlights: Andén 0, Sorolla Museum, Geominero Museum, Enrique Herreros Park, Palacio del Marqués de Fontalba General del Estado and Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales.

Recommended hotels in Chamberí

  • Great Versailles: Located in a quiet area in the center of Madrid, the Great Versailles is a classic style establishment with fully furnished and carpeted rooms, equipped with satellite TV, minibar and private bathroom.The hotel cafeteria serves drinks and tapas all day long and is ideal for all types of travellers.
  • Hostal Trevinca: Located in the quiet atmosphere of Chamberí, Hostal Trevinca offers free wireless internet connection and a 24 hour reception that can help guests plan various activities and excursions in the neighbourhood.
  • Agora Juan de Austria: a short walk from Bilbao’s metro station, Agora Huan de Austria is an elegant property with spacious and well equipped rooms.
  • 3.Chamberí

  • Latina is the «tapas center» of Madrid. while one side of the neighborhood includes historic stone buildings, narrow streets and old-world charm, the other is full of a bohemian atmosphere and many young people coming in and out of the many shops, restaurants, bars and bars in the neighborhood.
  • The attractions in Centro and Retiro are a 10-15 minute walk from La Latina.

    If you are here on a Sunday or a holiday, be sure to visit the streets south of the main metro station as they are transformed into a huge open air market with stalls selling antiques, clothing and art.

    • Other highlights: San Francisco el Grande, Plaza de los Carros, Campo de la Cebada, Museo de San Isidro and Jardín de las Vistillas.

    Hotels where to stay in La Latina

    • Saga Rental La Latina:A few hundred meters from Puerta de Toledo, Saga Rental La Latina offers nicely decorated independent apartments, cable TV, dining area, washing machine and private bathroom.A 5 minute walk from the establishment you can find numerous restaurants, shops and bars.ideal for all types of travelers, including large groups of up to 5 members.
    • BNBHolder Vintage & Deluxe LATINA: luxury apartments with a vintage decoration and multiple facilities such as flat screen TV, free wireless internet connection and washing machine.This establishment is a pleasant walk from the Plaza Mayor and Puerta del Sol…Guests can enjoy breathtaking views of the city from their rooms…Suitable for families and large groups of up to 6 members.
    • L&H La Latina: a few steps from Puerta de Toledo metro station, the L&H La Latina offers well-furnished studios and apartments within walking distance of the historic Royal features include TV, kitchen, wardrobe and private bathroom.ideal for all types of travellers.


    The elegant gay quarter of Madrid, Chueca, is an area populated by narrow streets and eclectic shops.

    Full of a distinct urban atmosphere, Chueca offers a glimpse into the other side of Madrid’s culture.’, »

    Despite his orientation, an evening with his new (or existing) friends at Plaza Chueca is perhaps one of his best memories of Madrid.

    • Other highlights: Museo del Romanticismo and Museo de Historia de Madrid, Gran Vía.

    Hotels where to stay in Chueca

    • Hostal MH Fuencarral: a few steps from the bustling streets of the Gran Vía, this modern hotel offers modern rooms with modern facilities such as LCD TV, air conditioning and private bathroom with free toiletries.there is free Wi-Fi connection throughout the establishment.several famous tapas bars and cafes are within walking distance of the hotel.ideal for all types of travelers.
    • Only YOU Boutique Hotel Madrid: This 4 star boutique hotel offers uniquely designed rooms with colonial style interiors, a lounge with cocktails and gourmet meals, 24 hour room service and a world class spa and wellness centre.
    • Vincci The Mint:With an extraordinary rooftop terrace overlooking some of Madrid’s most famous structures, Vincci The Mint welcomes guests to enjoy a unique experience from the moment they enter the establishment and check into their rooms at the hotel’s reception.


    A mix of trendy bars and luxury art galleries, is where everyone meets to have a good time: the young, the old, the artists and even the pets and their owners.

    A regular neighborhood during the day, Malasana is transformed into a thriving nightlife center at night.Plaza Dos de Mayo is the common square in the area where they meet all kinds of places.

    Conde Duque, located on the west side of Malasaña, is a remarkable cultural and performing arts centre named after the huge pink fort that originally existed in the same place.

Recommended hotels in Malasaña

  • Woohoo Suites Madrid: The rooms at the WooHoo Suites Madrid have an extra large bed, soundproofing, flat screen TV and a private bathroom. Guests can relax with a cup of tea or coffee in the shared lounge or ask for information at the reception desk 24 hours a day for excursions around the neighbourhood.
  • Hotel Atlántico: Located on the famous shopping streets of Gran Via, the Hotel Atlántico offers soundproofed rooms with a classic décor and a range of modern facilities.», «
  • Petit Palace Triball: The Petit Palace Triball is located in an elegant 19th century building with well-equipped rooms and excellent facilities, and offers free bicycle rental and wireless internet connection throughout the establishment.Perfect for all types of travellers, including large groups of up to 6 members.

7.Paseo del Prado

No visit to Madrid is complete without a visit to the Paseo del Prado district.

And most importantly, if you haven’t visited the Golden Triangle of Art and Culture that extends through this fascinating district, you will definitely have to come back and do it.Frequented by a large population of locals and tourists alike, the neighborhood also has several other notable art centers.

As night falls, choose to spend the night in one of the many rooftop bars in the area to enjoy a tasty cocktail and a fascinating view of the city skyline.

Recommended hotels on Paseo del Prado

  • NH Collection Madrid Paseo del Prado: with its fascinating views of the Neptune fountains, the NH Collection Madrid Paseo del Prado offers its guests an international restaurant, a fully equipped gym and bright rooms in a 19th century neo-baroque palatial building that still retains some of its original attributes.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel, Madrid Prado: Located in the heart of Madrid’s famous Art Triangle, the Radisson Blu Madrid’s extravagant amenities include a full-service spa and wellness center, a Turkish bath, an indoor relaxation pool and a cardiovascular gym.
  • Mercure Madrid Centro: located in front of the Prado Museum, the Mercure Madrid Centro offers sophisticated rooms with air conditioning, comfortable beds, minibar and private bathroom.the rooms, themed on the history of Spain, also include flat screen TV with satellite optional hot breakfast is available every day.suitable for all types of travellers.


Huertas, which was also home to many illustrious literary figures, is Madrid’s old literary quarter.

A truly out-of-the-ordinary experience not to be missed, the cobbled streets of the neighborhood are covered with quotes from prominent authors and writers from all over the goes without saying that this is also where you’ll find the largest number of bookstores, both new and second-hand.

While you bury yourself in the pages of a genius novel during the day, at night you will love to join the locals and other tourists in a wonderful session of cocktails and live music.

Huertas is one of the city’s bohemian enclaves, and in addition to a varied collection of bars for all tastes and budgets, it offers some of the best restaurants and open-air bars in Madrid in the attractive

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