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Where to stay in Menorca: The best places

Menorca is a small island of little more than 50 km from one end to the other that besides its idyllic beaches has many attractions to discover.

On this island you have the option of staying in one of the main cities, Mahon or Ciutadella, in one of the inland villages or in a rural hotel, or on one of the wonderful beaches.In general there are two main areas, the south coast and the north coast.

The south coast is the most developed in terms of tourism.this part of the coast has very touristy beaches where the hotels are concentrated and other virgin or semi-virgin beaches where it is not possible to stay.its beaches are very white and fine sand, turquoise water one hundred percent crystalline, and a lot of pine trees.

On the other hand, a large part of the northern coast is a protected area where building is prohibited, but there are still a few beaches with tourist development and hotel offerings, and the landscape in this part of the island is wilder and more rugged than the southern coast.They all share a very beautiful landscape and dazzlingly clear water.

The best areas to stay in Menorca

Below are the towns and beaches to stay in Menorca.The beaches listed are all beautiful, well connected by public transport, and are equipped with sufficient tourist services for an excellent holiday.


Mahón is the capital of the island and where its airport is located.It is a small town with interesting English colonial architecture and is located in one of the largest and most beautiful natural harbours in the Mediterranean.

In the vicinity of Mahon there are very good beaches and many tourist attractions that are worth a visit.

It also has a good range of leisure facilities and everything you could possibly need such as shops, bars, restaurants, cinemas, a theatre, nightlife, etc.

– Hotels in Mahon


Ciutadella is without doubt the most beautiful city on Minorca, situated on the other side of the island, with a delightful old town made up of narrow, winding streets and mansions that once belonged to the Menorcan nobility.

It also has a small and beautiful natural port on which stands its fasting, making it one of the most photographed images of the island.

The area of Ciutadella, both its city and the beaches around it, is the most developed in terms of tourism.It is a perfect option where to stay in Menorca both for the beauty of the city and its excellent beaches.

It should be noted that the best nightlife in Menorca is found in Ciutadella.

– Hotels in Ciutadella

3.Cala Blanca, Cala en Bosch and Son Xoriguer

These three beaches, which are very close to Ciutadella, are home to some of the best holiday hotels on the island.They are good options despite the fact that their beaches are somewhat small and sometimes they are a little short for the amount of people who come to them.

There are no crowds but compared to most Minorcan beaches where it is very quiet, these have a more crowded spot.They have an excellent range of services and a good leisure offer.

– Hotels in Cala Blanca, Hotels in Cala en Bosch, Hotels in Son Xoriguer

4.Punta Prima

Punta Prima situated on the south coast very close to Mahon is a very white sandy beach with intense turquoise waters that are very familiar, quiet and very popular with Menorcans.It is a good place to enjoy a few days on the beach and calm.

– Hotels in Punta Prima


Binibeca is well known for its photogenic fishing village and its white houses.Like Punta Prima it is a very family orientated beach and as it is very close to both Mahon and Sant Lluis it is also very popular with the locals.

– Hotels in Binibeca

6.Cala en Porter

Cala en Porter is located between 2 ravines.It is a comfortable, family beach with a good range of accommodation, both hotels and apartments. It is very well equipped with services of all kinds and is one of the most touristy beaches on the southern coast.

In one of its adjacent ravines is the Cova d’en Xoroi, a spectacular cave that goes into the ravine with views of the sea in many parts of its extension.It is the most famous discotheque on the island, and you can go there for a drink to enjoy the sunsets.

– Hotels in Cala en Porter

7.Son Bou

Son Bou is the longest beach on the island and is also on the south coast and one of the most touristy.It is located in a protected wetland area.

Due to the existence of this protected area, in Son Bou there are no buildings on the seafront.there are only a few hotels right at the beginning of the beach.the rest are completely unbuilt.

is one of the best beaches to stay in Menorca .There are supermarkets, shops, restaurants, bars and even a small water park for the little ones.

It also has the advantage of being almost in the centre of the island, and has public transport.It is ideal for families, couples or groups of friends.

– Hotels in Son Bou

8.Santo Tomás

This beach is located just after Son Bou and is smaller and considerably more peaceful. It is also an excellent beach with good hotels and you can walk to the adjacent beaches of San Adeodato and Binigaus.

Hotels in Santo Tomás

9.Cala Galdana

Cala Galdana is one of the most famous and spectacular beaches in Menorca, it is shaped like a shell and is flanked by a cliff from which you can admire a fabulous view.You will find shops, bars, restaurants, and there is no shortage of options for water sports and walking tours in the area.

Some of these tours will take you to some of the most beautiful unspoilt beaches on the island.Cala Galdana is ideal for families with children, couples and also for singles.

– Hotels in Cala Galdana

10.Arenal d’en Castell

Arenal d’en Castell has a certain resemblance to Cala Galdana.Despite being on the north coast it is a beach with white sand and turquoise water, which is great for bathing.

The usual beach hotels and the occasional cheap apartment complex predominate.

– Hotels in Arenal d’en Castell

11.Son Parc

Son Parc, or Arenal de Son Saura, is a very good, secluded, medium sized beach by Menorcan standards and is situated on the north coast next to Arenal d’en Castell.

It has a protected dune system, and the urbanisation, which extends at one end, has all the necessary services. It is a very quiet beach with a small golf course.

– Hotels in Son Parc


Fornells is a small fishing village situated in a beautiful natural bay on the north coast of Menorca, one of the most charming places on the island and one of the most recommended places to sleep in Menorca .

In Fornells you will find several of the best restaurants on the island, and it is also one of the best places to enjoy the typical dish of the island, the lobster stew, or simply a good seafood.

Fornells is a popular destination for water sports such as kayaking, windsurfing, sailing, water skiing or scuba diving.

Fornells has no beach, but a short distance away, you can get there by bike or even on foot, is Playas de Fornells, an urbanization that overlooks the beach of Tirant.

– Hotels in Fornells

Accommodation in Menorca

Menorca has a wide range of accommodation options as it is a very touristy island, but this is more limited than Mallorca and Ibiza, its neighbouring islands, and Menorca is a biosphere reserve and a large part of its territory is protected, with the consequent prohibition on building.

In the summer months, especially in July and August, the demand is very high and all the hotels are sold out, so it is necessary to book in advance.

Staying on the beach or inland

If you are trying to decide where to stay in Menorca you may be wondering if it is better to stay inland in one of its wonderful rural hotels or in a farmhouse or, conversely, if it is better to stay near one of its wonderful beaches.The truth is that either option is valid, as the ideal way to spend a holiday in Menorca is to rent a car and start discovering its landscapes, its coves and beaches, its restaurants and why not some of its museums.

The best beaches and beach hotels are located in the southern part of the island, sheltered from the storms and winds that hit the northern coast. The most popular beaches and destinations are Cala Galdana, Cala Arenal d’en Castell, Ciutadella and Maó.Inland there is little choice of hotels or agritourism houses, so if you don’t book in advance you may not be able to find accommodation. The main inland villages are Ferreries and Es Mercadal but you can find rural accommodation scattered all over the island and some of them close to the coast.

If you are visiting the island outside the summer, stay in Maó or Ciutadella , the two largest cities, is an option to consider, especially since many of the beach hotels close from October to March.

If you are interested in knowing which is the best area to stay in Menorca you may also be interested in knowing where to stay in Ibiza, where to sleep in Mallorca, where to stay in Barcelona and where to stay in Madrid.

The best places to stay in Menorca


Menorca is a small island.From Ciutadella, located in the west of the island, to Maó, located in the east, there are only 40 km to be covered in 45 minutes, so whatever our accommodation point is, it will be a good base for visiting the island.

Ciutadella is the largest city on the island and has the highest number of hotels.Its great attraction and sign of identity is its natural harbour, and the streets and stately buildings of the old town are another of its must-see attractions.

There are no beaches in the city, but there are some nearby in the same municipality, such as Cala Turqueta, Cala Algaiarens and Cala del Pilar.

Hotels in Ciutadella


Maó is the capital and second largest city on Menorca and is located next to the island’s airport and is also the second largest hotel destination on the island.Its natural harbour, one of the largest in Europe, is its main attraction.

The city does not have a beach but there are beaches nearby including Sa Mesquida, Es Grau and Binibeca Nou.

Hotels in Maó

Cala Galdana

Most of Menorca’s most beautiful coves are small and in undeveloped areas such as Mitjana, Macarella and Macarelleta coves.Those that have been urbanised have been the most beautiful large coves such as Cala Galdana.

It is true that the urbanisation creates a visual impact but the cove continues to be very attractive with its horseshoe shaped beach, its cliffs and its pine forests.

Its calm and shallow waters make Cala Galdana an ideal destination for a summer holiday with children.

Hotels in Cala Galdana

Arenal d’en Castell

Another large and beautiful cove is Cala de Arenal d’en Castell, another ideal destination for family holidays by the beach.

As in Cala Galdana, as well as hotels, there is a wide range of apartments and houses to suit all budgets and needs.

Hotels in Arenal d’en Castell

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