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Where to stay in Merida: The Best Places

Do you want to know which are the best areas to stay in Merida Know a little more about this ancient city, the best areas to book your hotel, and get the best deals on accommodation in Merida .

The city of Merida in Extremadura is the ancient Roman capital Emerita Augusta of the region of Lusitania.That makes its archaeological site , among the best in Spain, has been declared World Heritage Site .

The Roman remains is very large, with buildings as spectacular as Theater , from 16 BC and capacity for 6 000 people or Amphitheater , built around 8 BC and can accommodate up to 16 000 spectators.

Along its streets there are many remains that remind us of its importance in the ancient Empire, such as the Baths, the Portico of the Forum, the Temple of Diana or the Arch of Trajan , without forgetting the modern and colossal National Museum of Roman Art , work of the renowned architect Rafael Moneo, which houses an impressive collection of sculptures and mosaics.

Merida also has attractive buildings from centuries after the Roman presence, such as the Concathedral of Santa Maria la Mayor , representative of a late Gothic, the old Church of Santa Clara, a Baroque work or the old Hospital of Jesus the Nazarene, whose construction began in the early eighteenth century and served as a convent, hospital for the poor and the countryside and prison.

Eating in Mérida allows the taste for simple and natural cuisine , with a rural air and based on typical Extremaduran products.gazpacho, white garlic and salads made with products from the Guadiana river plains, which are also used for broths, creams and pistos, are the most common dishes.

In Mérida the traveller has many activities to enjoy, without a doubt, the most important event is the Classical Theatre Festival , which takes place all summer long.

Mérida is also an important Roman capital during June, when it is decorated to celebrate the “Emérita lúdica” , recreating the life and scenery of its ancestral inhabitants.

Accommodation in Mérida

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The best areas to sleep in Mérida

The best areas to stay in Mérida are in its historic center The city is very small and in its center is where you will find more hotels.

Alternatively the train station area , located very close to the centre, is also very practical, it is really difficult to classify it as a separate area as it is practically in the centre.Its advantages besides being able to walk everywhere from it is that if you arrive by train it is ideal for your transportation.

Cheap accommodation in Merida

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Flats for rent in Merida

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