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Accommodation in Peñíscola: The best places

Peñíscola is located in the province of Castellón, in the Valencian Community, a coastal town with an important historical past to discover and which offers not only sun and beach but also excellent gastronomy.

If there is an imposing monument that dominates the town, it is the Castle-Palace of Peñíscola, also known as the Castle of Pope Luna It was built by the Templars on the remains of an Arab fortress.

The Castle is a Romanesque work built between the years 1294 and 1307.its history is very curious and was the residence of Pope Luna, Benedict XIII of Avignon, who moved there in 1411.this Pope of the Catholic Church lived amidst the ambitions, wars and use of the church as a political arm and executor far from the doctrine.

He was famous for persevering in declaring himself the true Pope, and in fighting his enemies who did not recognize him.The castle dominates the town and is very austere and solid, its attraction is such that it has been used in film and television shoots, the latest and best known being the American series of the HBO network, “Game of Thrones” .

However, it is not only the castle that is part of Peñíscola’s heritage; there are many other places to visit in terms of art and sacred architecture: The parish church of Santa María and the chapels of San Antonio and Virgen de la Ermitana are not to be missed if you like art and history.The Casa de las Conchas or the Parque de la Artillería are also ideal to be discovered.

Its gastronomy is seafood , with rich horticultural products and from the sea praising its dishes.It is a must for anyone who wants to learn about the history of Spain and its stories.

In short, Peñíscola enjoys that coastal medieval air , and reflects a time strongly influenced by the Catholic Church.Peñíscola’s cuisine is very tasty, and if you like seafood you’ll love it.

Where to stay in Peñíscola

In Peñíscola you have a number of options for sleeping, including a hotel, a hostel or an apartment, all of which are valid alternatives depending on your interests. offers you the best alternatives for each type of accommodation.If you need a place for to sleep in Peñíscola we recommend you to search our selection of accommodations that we put at your service. You will have the best price of the market guaranteed.

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Accommodation for low budget travellers in PeñIscola

If you are a friend or are travelling alone and have a low budget you may find the best idea is to stay in Peñíscola in a hostel or other cheap accommodation.

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Flats in Peñíscola

Renting an apartment in Peñíscola can be a good alternative to hotels, as more and more people are opting for this type of accommodation and it is possible to find apartments and houses at very interesting prices, and enjoy more space and the benefits of private accommodation.

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