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Where to stay in Port Aventura

Staying in the same park or staying in Salou are the two options to stay in Port Aventura

If you are thinking of visiting the park of Port Aventura you have two options of accommodation to be near the park.The first alternative is to stay in one of the six official hotels in the park which are the Port Aventura Hotel , the El Paso Hotel, the Caribe Hotel,the Gold River Hotel, the Mansión de Lucy Hotel and the Colorado Creek Hotel.While the second option is stay in Salou, the main tourist destination of the Costa Dorada, located near the park.

Salou has a great offer of hotels and resorts, some of them located less than a kilometer from Port Aventura.Choosing your accommodation in Salou will make your stay cheaper and you will be able to enjoy all the services and tourist attractions the city has to offer.

It goes without saying that the main attraction Salou has is its beaches, so it may also be interesting to stay in a hotel near the beach and you will also be within walking distance of Port Aventura.In Best Location Hotels we offer you the best hotels and resorts to stay minutes away from Port Aventura.

In the map you can see located the best hotels to stay near Port Aventura Passing the cursor over the icons that show the category of the hotels, you can access the information and reservation of them.

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Accommodation in Port Aventura

Port Aventura, with more than 3 million visits per year, is the most popular theme park in Spain and the sixth in Europe, located in the municipalities of Vila-seca and Salou in Tarragona, Spain.

The hotels managed by Port Aventura are the Port Aventura Hotel, set in a Mediterranean village on the Costa Dorada; the Gold River Hotel, with an ambience that transports visitors to the far west; the Caribe Hotel, with an air that, as its name suggests, takes you to the Caribbean islands; the El Paso Hotel, which recreates the atmosphere of Mexico; the Mansión de Lucy Hotel and the Colorado Creek Hotel, which recreates a luxury ranch on the Far West.The price of these hotels includes free entrance to the park for two days, which means that if you book one night you have included the entrance fee for the day you arrive and the day you leave, and a ticket for the Ferrari Land Park.

The Port Aventura Hotel is a wonderful hotel for both visiting Port Aventura and staying on a summer vacation.Apart from free access to the park, it offers other advantages such as free parking, a 50% discount on the express pass that allows you to avoid queues at the attractions and the possibility of entering the park 15 minutes before the public.In addition, the rooms have been renovated in 2012, so you can say without fear of error that is the best hotel to stay in Port Aventura.

The Gold River Hotel , set in the American West, is already an attraction in itself with its streets, buildings and all sorts of details such as the ambient sound where the birds sing.Like all the hotels in the park, it has more than one swimming pool for the use of its clients. The Gold River also offers the possibility of staying in small cabins far from the central building of the hotel, to be able to live the true experience of being in the middle of the American West. Like all the official hotels of Port Aventura, it offers free access to the park, discount on the express pass and free parking.

The Caribe hotel in Port Aventura has the 4 star category, like almost all the hotels in the park, but it’s cheaper than the Port Aventura hotel or the Gold River hotel because it’s a bit further away.While at the Port Aventura Hotel and the Gold River Hotel you can enter the park directly, from the Caribe Hotel you have to use a train that passes every 10 minutes and takes about 2 minutes to reach the entrance, or you can go on foot, since it’s only 10 minutes away. Among its attractions is the largest white sand pool in the world.

The Mexican style hotel El Paso is in the same price range as the Port Aventura hotel and is because it offers an all-inclusive service.Like the other hotels, there are swimming pools, entertainers and visits by the park’s characters.

Lucy’s Mansion Hotel is the only five-star hotel in Port Aventura, also set in the Wild West, combining the class and elegance of a 19th century Victorian mansion with all the comforts and luxury of the 21st century.

The Colorado Creek Hotel is the newest hotel in Port Aventura World, just opened in 2023.

Hotels in PortAventura

Accommodation in Salou, near Port Aventura

If the main reason for your visit is to get on the many attractions of Port Aventura, the best thing to do is to stay inside the park, but it is important to consider that you will be a little isolated from the outside world.You have neither the restaurants, nor the shops, nor the beaches, nor the nightlife that Salou has to offer. The reality is that there is no distance between Salou and, as the park is integrated into the urban fabric of Salou, as can be seen on the map.

Salou is currently the main tourist destination on the Costa Dorada.It has a hotel offer of more than 100 hotels as well as a multitude of rental apartments and campsites. The main attraction of Salou has always been the sun and the beaches, along with the nightlife for young people.

The municipality has 4 beaches, the Levante (Llevant) beach of 1,200 metres, the Poniente (Ponent) beach of 1,000 metres, the Capellanes (Capellans) beach of 200 metres and the smallest, the Larga (Llarga) beach of 50 metres.The main one is the Levante beach which has a landscaped promenade, but in all of them you can find fine sand and services such as showers and toilets.

The city is well connected by bus and train, through which you can reach Port Aventura, which is only 5 minutes by car from the centre of Salou, but also Reus, Tarragona and Barcelona.

Hotels in Salou

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