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Where to stay in Santander: The best places

The best areas to stay in Santander are the city centre and Playa del Sardinero . Santander is a destination to enjoy in all its extension, its orography is very interesting, with its cliffs, beaches and hills The bay is beautiful, one of the most beautiful in the world, the cultural offer is very varied and abundant, if we go to Santander , we will not be bored at all.

The architectural heritage of the city is elegant and romantic, we can not miss the Cathedral of Our Lady of the Assumption, the Palace of La Magdalena, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the Church of San Francisco, the Palace of the Embarcadero … to name a few.

Enjoy the emblematic Sardinero beach with its Gran Casino is also something not to be missed when visiting Santander. Let’s not forget either its interesting museums: the Maritime Museum, the Prehistory Museum or the Planetarium will delight the family and those who enjoy cultural centres.

And of course, we can’t forget to taste the best gastronomy of this seafaring city.All the seafood dishes from the Bay of Biscay are one of the specialities of the area: crayfish, barnacles, spider crabs, lobsters… as well as hake, bonito, bocartes, scorpion fish…

The culinary delights are completed with excellent beef and typical dishes such as cocido montañés, quesada pasiega, rabas, etc.You can enjoy all this and much more in the bar area of the Cañadío and throughout the centre in general.

In short, in Santander we can enjoy an excellent cultural agenda, with a lot of historical heritage to tour and discover, as well as its excellent beaches.

And if you like photography, Santander will give you the opportunity to take with you some beautiful images of the bay, the cliffs and the nature surrounding the city, as well as typical and picturesque urban prints .

Santander despite being a relatively small city has a good hotel offer which also includes a good variety Whatever your budget you will find options tailored to what you are looking for. Also note that the accommodation in Santander has an excellent value for money.

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The best places to stay in Santander

Santander is a fairly small city that can be explored on foot.Basically there are two big differentiated areas where to stay in Santander : The city centre and the Sardinero Beach

1.The city centre

The city centre is the most recommended area for to stay in Santander during most of the year.It is an area with a lot of life where you will find everything and where you will be close to the main tourist attractions like the Plaza Porticada, the City Hall, the Paseo de Pereda, and very close to the walk along the Calderon Pier, the Palace of the Embarcadero, the Stone Crane or the Monument to the Raqueros.

In the centre of Santander you will also find a wide selection of hotels and hostels (as well as tourist apartments) in all market ranges.

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2.La Playa del Sardinero

La Playa del Sardinero is the other great area you can choose for sleeping in Santander .Without being really far from the centre it is a particularly interesting option for in the months of good weather . Besides the beach in this area you can find emblematic places like the Palacio de la Magdalena or the Carabelas de Vital Alsar.

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Cheap accommodation in Santander

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Flats in Santander

Renting a apartment in Santander can be a good alternative to hotels, this option allows you to enjoy very competitive prices, and more space and the advantages of an apartment.

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