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Where to stay in Segovia: The best places

Do you intend to visit Segovia? if you are going to visit this interesting city and you are planning to spend some nights there we give you some advice where to stay in Segovia and the places where you can find the best prices in the market.

Segovia is a surprising city, one of those with which you can enjoy sightseeing and discovering corners.Not in vain the old city and its aqueduct are World Heritage Site since 1985.

The aqueduct of Segovia is the most important Roman civil engineering work in Spain.It is 818 meters long at its most visible part, more than 170 arches, and 29 meters is an impressive construction and an achievement at that time.

Another must see is the Alcazar de Segovia , a royal palace built before 1122.It is an impressive and beautiful construction, the typical fairy tale castle, which was the preferred residence of illustrious monarchs such as Alfonso X and Henry IV. If we visit it we can also enjoy visiting its towers of Homage and John II and the museum of the Royal College of Artillery.

But it is not only these two impressive monuments that we will find. Monastery of San Antonio el Real , with its coffered ceilings in the Mudejar style, The Cathedral of Santa María , a masterpiece of Basque-Spanish Gothic, called “La Dama de las Catedrales” or the Walls of Segovia , are other of the city’s tourist attractions, in addition to numerous churches, palaces, monasteries, convents, museums…

And if all this Art and Heritage has left you hungry, you are in luck. Segovian gastronomy is based on rich roasts, stews and cocidos with a lot of character and traditional flavour.And if you want a bit of sport, the adventure tourism offer in the surroundings will take you through its forests, caves and mountains. Segovia is, without a doubt, a city 10 to enjoy to the maximum in an atmosphere that breathes history.

Accommodation in Segovia

The accommodation in Segovia has a excellent value for money The quality of its hotels is excellent and the prices are very interesting and not at all expensive.

There is also a good variety of hotel types which makes it easy for anyone, whatever their budget, to find a good place to stay in Segovia .We recommend that you take a look at the hotels on offer in this city on the following website:

– Hotels in Segovia

The best areas to stay in Segovia

You don’t have to go to much trouble to choose a good area to sleep in Segovia .It is a small and compact city where almost all the accommodation is concentrated in its historic centre.

Cheap accommodation in Segovia

If you are looking for cheap accommodation in Segovia you will find some youth hostel with beds in shared rooms p or under 20 euros , and several simple hotels with rooms under 30 euros (at least in low season).

On this website you can find some hostels, pensions, affordable hotels, and other economic options that may interest you:

– Cheap accommodation in Segovia

Flats in Segovia

Renting a flat can be an excellent alternative option to hotels for accommodation in Segovia .More and more people are choosing this accommodation option, and it is possible to find very interesting prices, and to enjoy more space and the benefits of an apartment. It is an option to consider.

Book apartments in Segovia on this website:

– Apartments for rent in Segovia

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