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Where to stay in León city: The best places

You are planning a visit to León and need to book accommodation… Discover the best areas to stay in León to make your visit as comfortable as possible, and enjoy the best prices on the market with the options we recommend.

León is the capital of the province of the same name and belongs to the autonomous community of Castilla and León .Did you know that the first Cortes in Europe were created in León in 1188? Today, León offers us a great number of cultural activities and a gastronomic offer with a lot of personality.

One of its main monuments is the unmistakable León Cathedral, whose construction began in the 13th century, in Gothic style.Visit it and after enjoying it, go to the old Convent of San Marcos , a building of great beauty.

Another of the heritage sites of the city is the Colegiata de San Isidoro , an eleventh century basilica, and next to it the Museo de San Isidoro , which is also worth visiting.On the other hand, the Plaza Mayor serves as a meeting point and place to start eating tapas, something highly recommended in this city.

And speaking of tapas, the gastronomic offer is delicious. The Barrio Húmedo and the Barrio Romántico are areas of bars where we can taste a multitude of dishes.tapas are small portions of different culinary creations accompanied by a drink, generally a beer (“caña”) or house wine.the most important are morcillas, cecinas, el botillo, the beans of the Bañeza or the stewed omelette.

León is a historical city that offers many places to discover and gastronomy to enjoy, but not only that. If you are a lover of nature and mountain sports we will have the opportunity to practice them thanks to the numerous offers that exist in extreme sports, risk, hiking, etc. You can also practice these activities without going too far from the city. Enjoy your visit!

León has a good offer of accommodation.You will find an enormous variety of establishments from small family-run B&Bs to luxury hotels, including some Parador Nacional, as well as apartments for rent.

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The best areas to stay in León

León is a small city where distances are not great.Most of the accommodation is concentrated between the train station and the University, and in between is the historic centre which is undoubtedly the best option for to sleep in León

1.Centro de León

The historic centre is the most historic part of the city and where most of the historic attractions are concentrated .It is the most sought after place for to stay in León It is an area with a medieval layout characterized by narrow and winding streets, small squares, very old buildings, and with a very special charm typical of this type of medieval neighborhoods.

In this part of the city you will find a enormous amount of bars and restaurant s. It is the best area to go out for tapas and to go out for a drink in the Barrio Húmedo, which is also the area where the has the largest number of hotels in León

– Hotels in the centre of León

2.The Ensanche

The Ensanche is the area located between the historical centre, more or less from the Plaza Santo Domingo and the Museum of Leon, and the train is the extension of the city that took place at the beginning of the 20th is a modern area of avenues, squares, and with a lot of commercial life. It is one of the most important economic and commercial centres of the city.

is an excellent alternative to sleep in León is a step away from the historic center and the train station is a pleasant and very practical for everything, and that has some accommodation.

– Hotels in the Ensanche (around the Museum of Leon)

3.The train station of León

Staying in León near the train station allows you to be close to your transport and is not far from the historical centre It is obviously better if your hotel is in the Ensanche than on the other side of the station.

– Hotels in the train station of León

4.La Chantría

La Chantría is an area that has developed in the last decades, it is mainly a residential area but it has also many bars and restaurants and it extends to the south of the historical centre and the Ensanche.

It is not a bad option for to stay in León as it has areas very close to the city centre Take the Plaza de Toros as a limit reference of the neighbourhood If you can book in the area between the Plaza de Toros and as close as possible to the centre

– Hotels in the Chantría

5.The University

Between the University area and the historical centre there are also possibilities of accommodation. It is a practical area because it allows you to be close to the whole environment of the centre. The disadvantage is that it is already somewhat far from the train station. However, it is also an interesting area for to stay in León as it is a small city with short distances.

– Hotels near the University

Accommodation for low budget travellers in León

If you are a friend or you are travelling alone and you have a low budget you might want to stay in a hostel or other cheap accommodation in León .

Leon is not a city where accommodation is cheap, you have some youth hostels with shared beds around 20 euros and several cheap hostels with rooms that are sold between 30 and 45 euros night

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Flats for rent in Leon

Tourist apartments are becoming increasingly popular and many people prefer to stay in apartments rather than hotels, especially for long stays. Accommodation in León in a flat is also an excellent idea that can save you some money and gain in space.

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