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Where to stay in Suances: The best places

You are planning a visit to Suances and need accommodation?the best areas to stay at Suances are near La Concha Beach, and in the centre of the village,rural accommodation is also very popular throughout the area.

Suances is a beautiful coastal village, located in one of the most beautiful places of the central coast of the autonomous community of Cantabria, it is a village recognized by its fine sand beaches, its typical food filled with the traditional flavor of the sea, its points of interest, tourist, architectural, and cultural, and the Ria de San Martín de la Arena, in the mouth of the river Saja.

In this Cantabrian town there are many typical seafaring houses in the area, mainly in the La Cuba neighbourhood, where, in addition to its three viewpoints with charming landscapes, there are several points of architectural and cultural interest Among them, we can highlight the Casa de los Polanco, which dates from the 16th century, next to the Plaza de Viares, the town hall, the shopping area and the church of Nuestra Señora de Las Lindes.

Among the tourist attractions of the municipality are the Castle of Ceruti, the defences of El Torco, the hermitage of Nuestra Señora del Carmen, the convent of Santo Domingo, and the Cave of Las Brujas, an archaeological site with fossils.

Suances has five good beaches : El Sable, los Locos, la Concha, la Ribera, and la Riberuca.both in the interior of the town and in these six beaches there is a hotel offer for the visitors of this town.However the hotel offer is not enough for the demand that the village has so it is convenient to book in advance.

This village has a great sport tradition .Among the most popular activities are beach volleyball, with its international tournament in July, beach handball, scuba diving, fishing and water photography, cycling and surfing.Suances is also ideal for good walks.

Also has a good cultural offer .The Auditorium Bassens (El Espadañal park) offers various cultural proposals such as theatre, musical performances, etc.

Accommodation in Suances

Suances is one of the most beautiful and most popular tourist destinations in Cantabria.Unfortunately its offer of accommodation is a bit limited so its places are filled up quickly.

The big advantage is that although the accommodation is a bit limited in the village, there are nearby towns that offer good hotels in addition to the rural accommodation in the area which is excellent.

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Where to stay in Suances

The best areas to stay in Suances are those near La Concha Beach as well as in the town centre.

Cheap accommodation in Suances

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Flats for rent in Suances

Apartments are becoming more and more fashionable and many people prefer to stay in flats rather than hotels, especially for long stays.The offer of hotels in Suances is somewhat limited, so a flat or a house can be an excellent alternative.

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