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Where to stay in Toledo: The best places

If you are planning to visit this city with more than 2,000 years of history and you are looking for information about the best areas where stay in Toledo, take note.we offer you detailed information about each of them.

The best areas to stay in Toledo

Toledo is a city that exudes history and monumentality in abundance, making it one of the favorite destinations for lovers of urban getaways.

Used to receiving large volumes of travelers, has an extensive range of accommodations, which suits all preferences and budgets travelers.

However, the price is different in each of the districts that comprise it, with the most expensive ones being those in the historical centre, the Jewish quarter and the Alcazar area. In contrast, the area of the train station and the northern district have much cheaper prices.

1.Toledo Centre

This area includes the old city centre, which is delimited by the meander that creates the Tagus and embraced by the old walls, which act as a delimiting element.

Without a doubt, the effort is worthwhile, as you can cross beautiful access gates such as Bisagra or the Sun Gate and contemplate marvellous architectural jewels such as the Alcazar or the Gothic Cathedral of Santa Maria, inside which it houses the Cathedral Museum, which contains artistic jewels such as El Greco’s plunder, paintings by Titian or Caravaggio and Luca Giordano’s frescoes.

Among its streets you can also see the Church of Saint Mark, the remains of an ancient Roman road, the Monastery of Saint John of the Kings or the Town Hall building.

The museum offer is also very interesting, being the most important museums the Councils and Visigoth Culture and the one of the Templars.Furthermore, it is not too far from the Jewish quarter, one of the most important in Spain.

It is the best area to stay in Toledo if you want to be centrally located or to sleep among its architectural jewels, always bearing in mind that many streets inside the walls are pedestrianized.

As expected, the hotel offer is quite wide, both in the streets inside and outside the walls.The prices are high, although they vary depending on the season, being higher in spring and autumn.

The average of a 4 star hotel ranges from 70 to 75 euros per night.However, the cost drops as we approach the Tagus.


2.Zone of the Alcazar of Toledo

This zone extends to the east of the historical center, in the highest point of the city, from where the views to the river Tagus and to the city are incomparable, allowing you to immortalize the best snapshots of Toledo.

It is presided over by the alcázar, a Renaissance style building that outlines the skyline of the city, constituting one of the most valuable architectural treasures of Toledo’s heritage.In addition, it houses the city’s library and the museum of the Army, which will allow you to enter the history of this institution.

In this same area you can find the popular Zocodover square.

It has access to the tourist train, whose stop is at one end, and to the most traditional cake shops in the city, where you can buy typical marzipan.

Being in the old town is not too far from other monumental jewels visited as the cathedral, the mosque of Christ of Light, the door of Alcantara or the Arco de la Sangre.

It is also a few meters away from the calle Comercio, where the main shops are located, and from the Cuesta de los Capuchinos, from where you can see Los Cigarrales or typical farms of Toledo.

This neighborhood is one of the favorite places to stay in Toledo for those who want to sleep inside the walled area and be close to the architectural treasures of the city or visit it for business, because it includes the convention center El Greco.

The layout of hotels is quite generous and varied, although prices are higher than elsewhere. Thus, a 4-star hotel costs an average of 60 euros per night.


3.Jewish quarter

It extends to the west of the walled area, adjacent to the old town, and bordered by the River Tagus. It is one of the most magical and special areas for sleeping in Toledo, as it brings together all the essence and legacy of the Jewish diaspora, even though they were not obliged to live there, unlike other cities.

It is organised around the neighbourhood of Santo Tomé, between whose streets there are magnificent buildings such as the synagogues of Santa María la Blanca and El Tránsito, the Gothic monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, the House of the Jew, the door of the Cambrón (the oldest of the city) or the church of Santo Tomé, that keeps The burial of the Count Orgaz, of El Greco.

Here you can also find the Sephardic Museum, El Greco and the Moorish Workshop, which are an unavoidable appointment with the history, art and culture of the city.Other points of interest are the “adarves”, that is to say, the walls that separated this quarter from the Christian one or the underground baths.

It is one of the most recommended areas to stay in Toledo for those who look for sleeping in special and charming quarters, without being too far from the centre. The offer of hotels is quite interesting, although it is true that the prices are high.The average cost of a hotel of 4 stars is around 70 euros per night.


4.Area of the train station-AVE

This area is located on other side of the river Tagus, near the Santa Barbara district and the old town.It is articulated around the train station, which has an impeccable neo-Mudejar style that has made it worthy of the recognition of a Property of Cultural Interest and Spanish Historical Heritage.

In addition, it is the gateway to the city, since it has a connection by AVE to many Spanish cities, mainly Madrid, from where it takes about 40 minutes.

This makes it one of the most recommended to stay in Toledo if you arrive by train or you intend to travel to the capital or other nearby destinations.

It is a little further from the city center, 20 minutes on foot, but is connected to it by the bus line 61, which has a stop at Plaza Zocodover, in the heart of the historic center.

This distance from the city centre also makes it a quieter and less crowded area, ideal for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre or travel with their families.Prices are lower than in the more central districts, so that by booking in advance it is possible to find a 4 star hotel costing around 50.Northern Zone

This district extends to the north of the historical center and the modern center, which integrates several residential areas and urbanizations, like San Bernardo or Valparaiso, and beautiful neighborhoods, like Buenavista, so it is one more area without much hustle and bustle, being very advisable for the travelers who are looking for tranquility.

Although it does not exude the same magic as the historical centre, the truth is that it also treasures some of the most interesting places such as the

Roman Circus, which allows one to enter the Roman legacy in the city, the bullring or large green lungs such as the Cruise and the Three Cultures, which are the largest in the city.

It is excellently connected to the city centre by means of the line 1 (yellow) bus, which stops at the neuralgic Zocodover square.

The hotel offer is not as wide as elsewhere and is mainly concentrated in the neighbourhood of Buenavista.However, the prices are quite affordable, being able to book a luxury hotel, with spa or swimming pool, for about 80 euros per night.


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