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Where to sleep in Tarifa: The best places

Tarifa, with its splendid beaches, is one of the most popular spots in Europe for surfing, windsurfing and kiting.Located in the province of Cadiz, this historic town is well known for being a very important passenger seaport, as it connects Africa with Europe. The importance of its location did not go unnoticed by the inhabitants of the ancient civilizations , and was already visited by Phoenicians, Romans and Greeks in antiquity.

In Tarifa you can do almost everything, from visiting the historical heritage to practice water sports, through the enjoyment of a gastronomy based on seafood, not in vain Tarifa is well known among surfing lovers, so it can be a good opportunity to practice this sport.

Among the most representative architectural works we can find the Puerta de Jerez that gives entrance through the Medieval Walls.13th century and commemorates the conquest of the city by Sancho IV in 1292.

Other places to visit are the Church of San Mateo , built on a mosque, or the Castle of Guzmán el Bueno , which has been a very important medieval fortress throughout the centuries and today you can visit and contemplate the magnificent views from it.

The gastronomy of the city is another great attraction, due to its importance as a port and communication route, it has influences from many countries and cultures.

The sport also has a great presence in the city, especially the surfing, windsurfing, and kitesurfing Tarifa is considered one of the most important places to practice this water sport in Europe.

Accommodation in Tarifa

In Tarifa you will find a good variety of types of accommodation .The prices are reasonably affordable if you book in advance, but keep in mind that this is an area that is in great demand due to its popularity as an area for windsurfing and kiteboarding.

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The best areas to stay in Tarifa

Tarifa is a town with almost 40 kilometers of coast with fantastic beaches almost virgin where there is hardly any accommodation available

Most of the available accommodation is concentrated in the town centre of Tarifa.

Therefore the best option for to stay in Tarife is the town centre. Other interesting options are the area of Punta Paloma and Valdevaqueros, and Bolonia Beach , always taking into account that the offer in these areas is very limited.


Tarifa is a small town with a small historic quarter delimited by medieval walls and which preserves a town planning layout based on narrow whitewashed streets full of little shops.

This city has become very popular among windsurfers and kitesurfers The city boasts the atmosphere of this world with shops specializing in these sports and workshops.There are also a number of bars and restaurants, and some discos for when you return from your day at the beach.

The beach area of Tarifa is quite unspoilt so outside this town the accommodation offer is quite limited. Our advice is to stay at this point , where you will have services and what you may need, and move to the beaches during the day.

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Punta Paloma and Valdevaqueros

Valdevaqueros beach is another interesting option for to stay in Tarifa , very close to the town of Tarifa is a beach of more than 4 km long and 120 meters wide on average, which extends from Punta de la Peña to Punta Paloma and is also famous for its large sand dune.

This beach is also one of the most popular in Europe for kitesurfing and windsurfing. On the beach you will find several beach bars and some windsurfing and kite surfing schools , and little more as it is in a deurbanized area.

In the surroundings of Playa de Valdevaqueros there are a few accommodation possibilities Almost everybody who comes to visit this area is staying in Tarifa or Zahara de los Atunes.

– Hotels in Punta Paloma and Valdevaqueros

Bolonia Beach

Another option for to sleep in Tarifa is Bolonia Beach .With its almost 4 kilometers long and 70 meters wide on average, it is an excellent virgin beach with crystal clear waters that also attracts many people who love windsurfing and kiting.

Like the area of Valdevaqueros the offer of accommodation is really limited .If you want to stay in this area you should book well in advance, or simply stay in Tarifa or Zahara de los Atunes and go to this beach to enjoy it.

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Cheap accommodation in Tarifa

If you are looking for affordable accommodation, in our cheap accommodation search engine you will find affordable options in the region.Compare the offers of cheap accommodation in Tarifa on the following specialized portal:

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Flats in Tarifa

Renting an apartment can be a good alternative to hotels for accommodation in Tarifa .

Many surfers stay for a while and is always cheaper to rent an apartment than a hotel for a short time.It is possible to find very attractive costs, and enjoy more space and the benefits of an apartment.

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