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Where to stay in Zahara de Los Atunes: The best places

Discover the best options where to stay in Zahara de Los Atunes This small town on the coast of Cadiz with its dream beaches is a popular destination that quickly exhausts its hotel rooms during the summer months.

Zahara de los Atunes is a charming fishing village located in the province of Cadiz, 73 kilometers from Cadiz capital and 30 from Tarifa.its privileged location in the Costa de la Luz , with its fantastic beaches , its unspoiled landscape, its exquisite cuisine, its nightlife, and a number of tourist attractions make it a very popular destination.

The main attraction of this town are without a doubt its fantastic beaches of white or golden sand, and crystal clear waters. The beach of Zahara de los Atunes with its 8 km long is an excellent beach with a blue flag.also in the vicinity there are others like Playa de los Alemanes, Cañillos, Pajares in Barbate, or Cañuelo in Tarifa, to name a few.It is a pleasure to walk around the small historic town of where we can see its castle and the remains of its walls, visit the Parish Church of Nuestra Señora del Carmen (from the S.XVII), and see the Jadraza Palace, residence of the Dukes of Medina Sidonia, or the Chanca Palace.

In Zahara de los Atunes you can enjoy a number of activities related to nature and the sea , such as surfing, windsurfing and other sailing sports, diving, kayaking, hiking, horseback riding, paragliding, fishing, whale watching, and quieter sports like golf.

It is a destination ideal for both families and young people .There is a wide range of restaurants (don’t forget to try the almadraba bluefin tuna and the retinto meat), beach bars that serve excellent fried fish, and a good number of bars and places to go out at night.

Where to sleep in Zahara de Los Atunes

In this town of Cadiz you have different options to choose your accommodation.You can choose a hotel, a small hostel, or rent a flat, all are valid options, but keep in mind that in the summer months demand is high, and prices go up a lot

In we present the best possibilities where to stay in Zahara de los Atunes .

Hotels in Zahara de Los Atunes

Despite being a small town, has a good hotel plant in relation to its population, but still does not give enough to the large number of tourists who welcomes in summer To ensure a place where to stay in Zahara de los Atunes at this time is absolutely necessary to book well in advance.

Although in the months of winter you can find good hotels for 50 euros , those same hotels multiply their prices, and if you do not book in advance you can find without free places in the whole village or with prices above 200 euros the night .

We have at your service the largest platform in the world (with the most varied offer in accommodation) and that offers the minimum price guaranteed. Also the best thing is that they offer free cancellation in most of their establishments.

Book your hotel in Zahara de Los Atunes here:

– Accommodation in Zahara de Los Atunes

Cheap accommodation in Zahara de Los Atunes

If you search in advance you can find cheap hotels for just over 40 euros a night If your budget is very tight and you can not find something that fits your needs, we propose an alternative that you can go luxury.

In this link you will find the best cheap accommodation in Zahara de Los Atunes surroundings:

– Accommodation for low budget travelers in Zahara de Los Atunes

Villas and apartments for rent in Zahara de Los Atunes

Renting a villa or apartment in Zahara de Los Atunes can be a good alternative to hotels.More and more people are choosing this accommodation option, and it is possible to find attractive costs, and to enjoy more space and the advantages of an apartment.

In addition to the fact that for price and availability you may have no choice but to rent an apartment, there is also the possibility of renting a villa if you are a large group.Some of them have a swimming pool and a barbecue, adding to your holidays. A flat or a house can be an excellent alternative for to stay in Zahara de los Atunes

You can have a look at a good offer of the apartments and villas offered in the following link:

– Apartments for rent in Zahara de Los Atunes

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