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Where to stay in Logroño: The best places

The best places to stay in Logroño are concentrated in the small and compact historical centre of Logroño.It is an ideal city to enjoy its monuments and art , and of course, its wonderful gastronomy , because the wine of La Rioja is famous all over the world, the rich wines season a first class gastronomy, in few places of Spain you will eat as well as here

But it is also cradle of history and traditions preserved since the Middle Ages.Due to the fact that Logroño is one of the important cities on the Camino de Santiago , it acquired great importance in the 11th century thanks to the Jacobean route.

Our visit to Logroño will first take us to the most emblematic monuments that we should not miss. The first point where we will stop will be at the Concatedral de Santa María la Redonda This beautiful 16th century sacred building was built on top of a round Romanesque church.It has two towers called “the twins” although they are really different in height.

Another of the most remarkable heritage elements is the Stone Bridge , which allowed the access of the pilgrims to Logroñ has its origin in the 11th century.and we can also visit the remains of the wall that protected the city. The wall of Revellín and the Carlos I gate.

Along the Rúa Vieja we find numerous references to the Jacobean character of the city, such as the fountain of the Pilgrims or the pilgrims\’ hostel. The churches of Santiago and Santa María de Palacio are good examples of this characteristic medieval atmosphere.

As regards gastronomy, apart from the excellent wines, we can taste typical dishes such as Rioja-style potatoes, stuffed peppers, kid with vine shoots, etc.In the famous Calle del Laurel we will find a great offer in bars with such succulent skewers as migas, champis, rotos… Of course, Logroño is a city to satisfy the senses and the spirit.

Despite being a small city, Logroño has a wide range of accommodation on offer It is a city with a lot of tourist and gastronomic attractions, which is visited by a large number of tourists and where you will find all kinds of possibilities adapted to your budget

Furthermore, the accommodation in Logroño stands out because of its excellent value for money .In low season and if you book in advance for that price you will also find 4 star hotels the night.

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The best areas to stay in Logroño

Logroño is a small city where can be walked to everywhere so you can really choose any area for your accommodation.

1.The historical centre

In any case the most recommended area to stay in Logroño is the historical centre It is where you can find most of the tourist attractions of the city, where there is more nightlife, and where you will find a lot of good restaurants, as well as places to go shopping.

If you want to define exactly the central area of Logroño, take Avenida Gran Vía Juan Carlos I and Avenida Viana as references.the whole area inside (and immediately adjacent areas) is the most central part of the capital of La Rioja.

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2.Calle del Laurel

And if you want to refine your search for the best places to stay in Logroño , there are several places of special interest, one of which is Calle del Laurel, probably the most emblematic street in the city, the place par excellence for to go out for tapas and wine .

This street and its surroundings is a good option for those who want to be close to lively places and with a lot of atmosphere The accommodation options in this area are very numerous

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3Logroño Town Hall

If on the other hand you prefer to be located in the city centre, close to everything what you have to see and do, and also in an area without too much noise at night.The area around the Town Hall is an ideal option for to sleep in Logroño

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4.As the city is so small and the station is near the centre do not hesitate to stay in this part of the city if you find a hotel that suits you.

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Cheap accommodation in Logroño

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Apartments for rent in Logroño

Renting an apartment can be an excellent alternative to hotels to stay in Logroño.More and more people are choosing this accommodation option. It is possible to find very attractive costs, and enjoy more space and the advantages of an apartment. Take a look at the offer we have for you.

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