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Where to stay in Geneva

What is the best place to stay in Geneva?

The Swiss city of Geneva is truly inspiring, and tourists often compare it to a huge box of chocolates: when it comes to deciding what to do and see, there is a huge variety of options.The shores of Lake Geneva have attracted visitors and invaders for millennia, and it is here that the lively city of Geneva stands, surrounded by the incomparable setting of the majestic snow-capped peaks, and is often used as a hub by snowboarders and skiers on their way to the snow-covered mountains of the Swiss Alps.

The best area to stay is , without a doubt, the city center, and is where we recommend you to stay if you decide to visit Geneva This area covers most of the tourist attractions; most of the sites worth seeing are accessible on foot, there are beautiful romantic walking routes, and it is where you can enjoy the impressive architecture that has been built in Geneva throughout its different periods.From the center you can stay in first class hotels and also have wonderful views of the coast and the lake, you can find many museums, art galleries, parks, shops and a bustling nightlife with many restaurants, pubs and discos.

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The center, the best area to stay in Geneva

Geneva is a city that will not fail to surprise you.Under the guise of a cosmopolitan city full of foreigners preparing to work in their various organizations – Geneva is the place for diplomats – it is full of places to discover. The city centre of Geneva is a particularly diverse area, which has many admirers. It surrounds the lake and the river, and contains some of the most important tourist sites in the history of the city, as well as many of its main modern attractions.

Many people choose to stay near the central square of the Old City, Bourg-de-Four, which is the oldest part of the city; it was once used by the Romans as a marketplace, but today it is filled with medieval marble cafes, restaurants, and fountains, giving a unique sense of tradition and antiquity.There you will also find many souvenir shops, ice-cream stands, kiosks and chocolate shops ideal for snacking while enjoying the large, cultured buildings on your walk around the place. Very close to the old town is Geneva’s main shopping street, called Rue du Marche, where absolutely everything is sold, from branded clothing to electronic items. Many tourists head to Geneva to buy world-famous branded watches, and also jewellery – mind you, shops close early in Switzerland!The Reformers’ Wall is also in this part of the centre, in the magnificent Parc des Bastions, which portrays Europe’s leading reformers.

However, one of the main reasons why tourists stay in Geneva is because of its wonderful lake; around it there are lovely walks, which cross the various parks.When you go to the lake, don’t forget to see the Jet d’Eau, the highest monument in the world. It dazzles all visitors, as it sends jets of water almost 140 metres high into the air. The best way to see it is at night, when it is lit up and there are shows at its feet, either by taking a walk or by taking one of the boat cruises that pass by.Once on the lake, it’s a short walk to the picturesque Old Town, a maze of ancient streets and squares filled with authentic cafés, restaurants, museums and art galleries, but the main attraction of the Old Town is undoubtedly the famous St Peter’s Cathedral, situated at the highest point in the area, built in the 12th century and offering magnificent panoramic views of Geneva, as well as being the largest archaeological site north of the Alps.Another very popular place is the Maison du Voyage, built by the Maison family around the 12th century: it is the oldest house in all of Geneva!

It was bought by the city in 1963, and has become a museum that celebrates the history of Geneva, with many historical objects on display to the public.The incredible architecture of these buildings is worth seeing, even if you don’t want to see any shows, and a visit to the Palais des Nations, the European headquarters of the United Nations, which acts as a major centre for world diplomacy, is a must. If you decide to book a guided tour inside the Palais, you will be taken through the gardens, the impressive auditorium, the exhibition rooms and the library.

For those looking to stay in a place where they can learn about Geneva, there are many museums to see in the city centre, the best selection being the International Museum of the Reformation, which looks at the links between Geneva and the European Reformation, the Red Cross Museum, providing evidence of the work it has done for humanity during several wars and natural disasters, and the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, which houses works by internationally renowned Swiss artists.

Geneva’s city centre has plenty to choose from in terms of places to eat and is famous for its international cuisine, and although there are restaurants serving traditional Swiss dishes – such as fondees – for those who want to sample local cuisine, there are also Japanese, Thai, European speciality and seafood restaurants.The old town is also the best place to stay if you are looking for the best pubs and bars nearby, as it is full of traditional establishments offering a wide selection of alcoholic drinks and, while enjoying a cool beer, you will be able to see the best views of the city at your feet.The centre also has the largest number of hotels and hostels in the city, adapted to each person’s budget, as there are hotels to suit all needs and pockets: luxury hotels where you will be served breakfast in your room, hostels where you can prepare your own food if your budget is tight, and even guest houses and apartments for rent.

Hotels in the Centre of Geneva

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