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Where to stay in Bath

Where is the best place to stay in Bath?

The city of Bath is particularly well known as one of the most beautiful cities in the UK.It has some of the best architectural and historical treasures in Europe, so if you decide to stay in Bath, the first thing you’ll notice is its strong medieval heritage and Georgian architecture, with the warm feeling that it could all come from the ancient world.Although it is a relatively small city, it has as many treasures and as much character as any major city and the lush hills that surround it provide the perfect backdrop. In Bath you will be able to find a wide range of things to do and see, activities and select accommodation that will make you want to return to the city again and again.

As in most cities, the best area to stay in Bath is the city centre. All the important and famous historical sites are located in this part of the city and as well as being the most cultural area, the centre is also the place where you will find the most active and lively life and if you stay here you will be able to enjoy all the hotels, bars and restaurants you can imagine.

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The centre of Bath is the best area to stay

Most tourists who visit the major cities in the UK – such as London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow – have also visited Bath, and comment that there is much more to see and actually in a much more attractive setting.The best thing about Bath is that although it is classified as a city you will never feel like one, as it is full of open spaces, not very populated and surrounded by magnificent scenery. The area we recommend you to stay in is the centre, easy to explore on foot to admire its beautiful Georgian splendour, take advantage of its many independent shops, its unique museums and the diversity of its pubs and restaurants.

The city centre is full of exceptional architectural displays, and if you are staying in the city to learn about history, the first place you should go is undoubtedly the Roman baths, the city’s greatest jewel, over 2,000 years old, and visited by over 4 million tourists every year, full of natural and mineral hot springs from springs in England, which provide about one million litres of water every day.The main bathing area is about half the size of an Olympic swimming pool, is spectacular… and has a formidable exhibition of Georgian and Roman architecture around it.the rooms inside the historic building will also give you some information about the history and origin of the baths.

Right next to the baths is Bath Abbey, the last Gothic church in the country, built in the 15th century.This impressive and imposing church stands in front of the city and was built with delicate stained glass and golden columns that illuminate any figure that stands in its way. Near the church is the fantastic Pulteney Bridge, considered one of the most beautiful and romantic bridges on the planet, and one of the only four bridges that has shops in its entire right area.The streets along the river are impressive too, as they wind around the city behind the water, and will offer you some incredible and romantic walks… ideal for couples and newlyweds.

If you stay in the centre of Bath you will be able to enjoy many beautiful parks, most of them with breathtaking views.the Parade Gardens are one of the most spectacular, as they overlook the river; there are usually musicians playing to entertain the bathers.If you want to enjoy a quiet cultural stay, the best thing to do is to go to Great Pulteney Street, which has many popular museums, including the Houlburne Museum of the Arts, where you can find pieces for sale from some of the most talented artists in England, as well as wonderful exhibitions on glass, porcelain and silver.The Fashion Museum is another interesting building to visit, as it has collections of historic dresses that belong to the city, and the Lunn Rally Museum will show you Bath’s oldest house.

If you’re visiting Bath in the summer, don’t forget to walk to the Pulteney Weir, where you can go boating and sunbathe with a drink in hand.Depending on the weather, you may be able to see the Royal Crescent in the distance, a magical semi-elliptical crescent formed by a row of residential houses that were once the best and wealthiest families in the area.

If you are staying in Bath and want to enjoy a good dose of entertainment, there are plenty of cinemas, theatres and restaurants in the centre… Street musicians are constantly on the move and play all over the centre, and the traditional local pubs offer live music very often.This area also has the best selection of restaurants, offering absolutely everything from American to Indian food, and is a great place for those who want to visit a nightclub – most of them are underground – and perhaps even enjoy a game of rugby, as they have one of the best teams in the country! The centre of Bath also has the largest number of accommodation facilities, of all types and categories… it goes without saying, for the select few, that some of the best hotels in the UK are located along the river.

Hotels in Bath City Centre

Other areas to stay

The North

This area of the city is also worth mentioning as it is home to many famous recreational sports. There are many golf courses – in fact, some of the best in Europe – and beautiful parks such as Victoria Park, the city’s largest.The pub s in this area are also nice and run by very friendly people, and offer all day long traditional pub meals -meat, hamburgers, fish…-.Although the accommodation is not as spectacular as in the centre, if you decide to stay in this area you will also find very nice and pleasant hotels to stay in.

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