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Where to Stay at Belfast

What is the best area to stay in Belfast?

Belfast is the capital of Northern Ireland and one of the cities in the world that has shown a rapid economic and cultural transformation.It is also the birthplace of the famous and tragic ship, the Titanic. During the second half of the 20th century, it was a city without attraction for tourists, but in recent years it has experienced a renaissance and has become one of the most popular cities in Ireland.Visitors are drawn to historic sites such as the Titanic Quarter, the city’s Victorian architecture around Donegall Square and the Botanical Gardens, and other highlights include the Waterfront Hall and Belfast Cathedral.

The best area to stay in Belfast is the Cathedral Quarter From this central area, which also covers the city centre, you can walk to the main sights, such as Donegall Square, St Anne’s Cathedral and the Clock Tower, the Albert Memorial Clock.From the square, you can get lost in the narrow cobbled streets and stop at some of the more traditional pubs; you can also reach the lively Mercado de San Jorge, a unique place for its colourful products and vibrant atmosphere.

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The Cathedral Quarter, the best area to stay in Belfast

If you want to stay within walking distance of everything that Belfast has to offer, the Cathedral Quarter, which encompasses the city centre, is the best area for your stay.This area is well connected to the rest of the city so you can explore the surrounding area and return easily.

Named after Belfast Cathedral, the Cathedral district is noted for its cobbled streets and many attractions between Royal Avenue, York Street and Donegall Square, where you can also stop at City Hall.The area is full of architecture and historical monuments, such as the Clock Tower, the Albert Memorial Clock, and St. Anne’s Cathedral, of neo-Roman style, was built by the architect Thomas Drew in 1898.The area also boasts one of Belfast’s oldest and most popular attractions, St George’s Market, built between 1890 and 1896.

The central area is also the epicentre of Belfast’s artistic and cultural expansion, the most prominent example being the iconic Waterfront Hall, a world-class conference, meeting and entertainment centre that attracts the world’s best musicians and artists, with exhibition spaces, bars, restaurants and art galleries.You can also dine in one of the oldest bars or choose one of the area’s chicest restaurants, which has become increasingly common in recent times.

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Other areas to stay in Belfast

Titanic Quarter

This is Belfast’s trendiest quarter and if you choose this area for your accommodation, you will have direct access to the Titanic Belfast interactive centre, the city’s main tourist attraction.Located across the river from the Cathedral district, it tells the story of the transatlantic from its conception in the early 1900s, the stages of its construction and the tragic journey to America when it collided with an iceberg.Through interactive exhibits, the museum brings the Titanic’s history to life. It also pays tribute to Belfast’s rich navigational history through exhibitions, landmarks and guided tours.

If you stay in this area you’ll also have easy access to Titanic Studios, which has been used for the filming of the famous Game of Thrones series, as well as some Hollywood movies.There are also large green spaces for walking and every day, it looks more similar to the City Center, thanks to the expansion of its restaurants, cafes and bars.

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Queen’s Quarter

If you prefer to stay in one of the quieter areas of the city, you should stay in the green spaces around Queen’s University.There are many bus stops to the Centre, which means you can catch a bus at any time, and it’s a bohemian area with a distinctly relaxed atmosphere, dotted with eclectic second-hand shops, cafes, theatres and restaurants.

From this area you can also access the Ulster Museum, which is located within the Botanical Garden and has an elaborate collection of art, archaeology, botany and antiques presented through interactive galleries and exhibitions.The Botanical Garden, a nod to the city’s illustrious past, was founded in 1828 and contains a wonderful variety of tropical flora and exotic tree species. The area has numerous restaurants and cafes, as well as two of the city’s most famous bars, The Botanic Inn or The Bot, established in 1897 and The Eglantine Bar or The Egg.

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