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Where to stay in Birmingham

What is the best place to stay in Birmingham

If you are going to enjoy a few days in Birmingham , the best option is to book a room in the centre, the best area to stay. In this area you will find a wide range of the most avant-garde accommodation and the most famous art galleries and museums in the British city, such as the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, St Paul’s Gallery and the Back to Backs Museum, as well as the City Hall and the Cathedral.

In addition, these tourist attractions are located near the city’s most sophisticated restaurants, where you can try the best Balti, a typical style of cooking in the city that consists of adding enough curry to the dishes, the most chic cafes, clothing stores of different categories and shopping centers like Bullring, the largest and most impressive in the city, located in a huge four-story building covered with shiny glass.As it is a university city (the University is worth visiting, although it is quite far from the centre), the nightlife is guaranteed and in the centre there are many bars and discos that liven up the evening of its inhabitants and those who have come to see the city.

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Downtown Birmingham, the best area to stay

The centre of this modern, cosmopolitan and cultural city is the most interesting option to stay during your stay in Birmingham, in the heart of it is Victoria Square, which houses two of the most emblematic and significant buildings of the city: the City Hall, the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery and the Symphony Hall.The City Hall is in the form of a classical temple and was built in 1832, although it has undergone several restorations since then, and next to it is the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, which houses one of the best collections of Pre-Raphaelite art in the world on permanent display.Next door is the Symphony Hall, one of the most renowned concert halls in the UK, which houses classical music and ballet performances and is located inside the International Convention Centre, which has 11 rooms and capacity for over 2,000 spectators.

Just five minutes from Victoria Square we arrive at the Cathedral Church of Saint Philip, a temple built at the beginning of the 18th century which has been the cathedral of Birmingham for over a century.And, very close to both is the Bullring shopping centre, one of Birmingham’s tourist attractions due to the spectacular nature of the building it houses and because it is the largest shopping centre in the city (it has over 160 shops and 25 restaurants).Bullring’s most eye-catching and photographed shop is Selfridges’ for its futuristic and unusual architecture, as the building is made of large metal peas. Another striking aspect of the shopping centre is the Bull (The Bull) which is located at the entrance of the centre and is one of Birmingham’s most famous statues.

Going back to what makes the city most famous, the buildings, galleries and museums related to art, a few steps from the mega mall is Back to Backs Museum, a set of four restored houses arranged around a courtyard that invites you to a journey through time to learn about the daily life of four families in four different periods (1840, 1870, 1930 and 1970).Furniture, objects, silverware, costumes and souvenirs bring these periods of urban life in Birmingham and other British cities to life.

In addition to the tourist attractions of the monuments described above, there are the canals and the gastronomy, which, although they are not the main means of transport to move around the city, as in the past, are still a focus of interest for tourists and allow you to take a charming walk around Birmingham on board a boat, and the gastronomy is another of the main dishes of the city.South of the historic centre is an area known as the Balti Triangle, which is home to some 50 restaurants that specialise in Balti, a cuisine that uses curry as its main ingredient.

Hotels in Birmingham Centre

The Jewellery Quarter, another option for staying in Birmingham

Jewellery Quarter, is situated to the northwest of the historic centre and is linked to it by tram, bus and underground (the station is called the Quarter) and has three and four star hotels at a more affordable price than those in the heart of the city.This picturesque and unique area of Birmingham, where there are countless workshops and craft stalls, has tourist attractions for the traveller, such as the Jewellery Quarter Museum, which allows travellers to travel through more than 200 years of history in terms of jewellery art and ancient skills that led the city to become the hub of the British jewellery industry, St Paul’s Square, the latest example of the squares built in Birmingham in the 18th century, which houses St Paul’s Church, a Georgian temple, and the famous St Paul’s Gallery, a must for music lovers, as it displays the most complete exhibition of album covers signed by artists of the stature of Queen and David Bowie.The University of Birmingham Law School is also located in this artisan quarter.

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